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List of Top 10 Cleanest City of India in 2024

By Akanksha - February 01, 2024 11:09 PM

Swachh Survekshan, or the Cleanliness Survey have not yet revealed the list of India's cleanest cities for 2024. Swachh Survekshan: What is it? The Sanskrit term Swachh Survekshan means Cleanliness Survey. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs conducts the annual Swachh Survekshan cleanliness survey (MOHUA). Voters in this year's Swachh Survekshan poll chose Indore as the Cleanest City in India for 2024. In terms of cleanliness, Surat comes in second, while Navi Mumbai comes in third for 2024.

what is Swachh Survekshan?

As part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission), the Indian government conducts an annual cleanliness survey known as Swachh Survekshan. The initiative's goal is to evaluate and assign a ranking to towns and localities according to their efforts in sanitation and hygiene. Swachh Survekshan incentivizes towns to enhance their waste management, sanitation, and general cleanliness by fostering a healthy sense of competition.

The poll assesses several factors, such as garbage collection, the absence of open defecation, public opinion, and the use of best practices in sanitation and hygiene. It is essential in raising people's knowledge of the value of hygiene and cleanliness and instilling a feeling of accountability in local government, communities, and individuals.

List of Top 10 Cleanest City of India in 2024

Rank City State Swachh Survekshan Score 2023-24
1 Indore Madhya Pradesh 7140.51
2 Surat Gujarat 7092.36
3 Navi Mumbai Maharashtra 6755.06
4 Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh 6560.45
5 Bhopal Madhya Pradesh 6492.86
6 Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh 6451.54
7 New Delhi Delhi 6355.68
8 Mysore Karnataka 6305.77
9 Chandigarh Union Territory 6272.74
10 Ahmedabad Gujarat 6222.26

1. Indore, Madhya Pradesh


Image Source: Twitter

Indore is the cleanest city in India for the seventh year running. A thorough waste management system that includes resource recovery, composting, door-to-door collection, and segregation is essential to its effectiveness. Campaigns for public awareness increase citizen engagement even further.

2. Surat, Gujarat


Image Source: Twitter

The "Diamond City of India" stands out thanks to its high rating for cleanliness. Surat has made infrastructure upgrades related to waste management and sanitation a priority, which has resulted in notable advancements in recent times.

3. Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Navi Mumbai

Image Source: Twitter

This projected Mumbai satellite metropolis has a sophisticated infrastructure for the collection, removal, and treatment of trash. Navi Mumbai serves as an example of how well-thought-out design and efficient waste management may result in a hygienic and safe urban setting.

4. Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh


Image Source: Twitter

Cleanliness is a strong suit for Visakhapatnam, which is well-known for its immaculate beaches and green areas. The city's commendable score is a result of its garbage segregation and composting programs.

5. Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh


Image Source: Twitter

Bhopal had a stunning transformation, going from being one of the most polluted cities to a top contender for cleanliness. This change has been made possible in large part by efficient waste management programs and public awareness initiatives.

6. Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh


Image Source: Twitter

The biggest city in Andhra Pradesh has consistently improved in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. Initiatives like waste-to-energy plants and door-to-door rubbish collection are assisting Vijayawada in moving up the cleanliness scale.

7. New Delhi, Delhi

New Delhi

Image Source: Twitter

Keeping the capital of India clean is difficult because of the city's high population and pollution issues. Nonetheless, as seen by its better rating, New Delhi has made considerable efforts to enhance its waste management procedures and sanitary infrastructure.

8. Mysore, Karnataka


Image Source: Twitter

The streets and public areas of this culturally rich city are renowned for being spotless. Mysore deserves to be in the top 10 because of waste segregation and composting programs that have been put in place.

9. Chandigarh, Union Territory


Image Source: Twitter

Chandigarh's well-organized design and spotless streets are evidence of its effective waste management system. Recycling, composting, and door-to-door collection are essential to keeping Chandigarh clean.

10. Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Image Source: Twitter

Gujarat's biggest metropolis has significantly improved its cleanliness. Ahmedabad has risen in the rankings as a result of waste management initiatives and public awareness efforts, demonstrating its dedication to a cleaner future.

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