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If you make UPI payment, fraud can happen to you too, do not make this mistake

By Akshay - January 08, 2024 06:12 PM

If you make UPI payment, fraud can happen to you too, do not make this mistake: Cases of online fraud are increasing nowadays. Due to the fear of fake calls, lakhs of rupees are withdrawn from the bank account in a moment. But a girl from Mumbai with her intelligence foiled a UPI Fraud Call attempt. A fake call was made to the woman claiming to be related to LIC transaction. But with his smartness, he saved himself from becoming a victim of fraud.

This is how the fraud attempt failed

The girl shared her scary experience with other people by sharing a note on X and warned them. She wrote, "Oh my God, someone recently tried to fraud me through UPI." He told that a person called him and said that his father had allegedly given him his number. The caller, calling him son, claimed that his father had to pay Rs 25,000 for his LIC policy, but he did not use virtual mode for payment. After which, trusting that person, she agreed to help.

Sent 50 thousand instead of 5, then asked for 45 thousand back

The caller insisted on confirming his Google Pay details as his father did not use it. While talking, the caller proceeded with the transaction process, transferred the amount and pressurized him to confirm the receipt. The girl became suspicious when she was allegedly sent Rs 50 thousand instead of Rs 5 thousand. Taking advantage of the mistake, the fake caller appealed to return Rs 45 thousand. He said, "Hey son, I sent Rs 50 thousand instead of Rs 5 thousand. Can you send me back Rs 45 thousand? After this incident, he got suspicious and when he paid attention, he came to know that he had only received the message of the amount. The amount has not arrived on Google Pay.

Tried every trick to commit fraud

Meanwhile, the caller instructed him to open the Google Pay app. During this time, he got the message of receiving money on Google Pay. He told the caller that he had received the notification of Google Pay but did not receive the money. The fraud caller appealed to her to show her skin shorts. During the conversation, the girl showed wisdom and insisted on waiting for her father's return before taking any step. She said, "I will call you from his number to resolve this matter, wait for my father to arrive." After which the fraud caller disappeared.

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