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Hero introduced multipurpose three wheeler

By Ravi - January 28, 2024 03:29 PM

Hero introduced multipurpose three wheeler

Hero MotoCorp has introduced an electric vehicle that operates as both a three-wheeler and a two-wheeler. In simple words, a three-wheeler can also be converted into a two-wheeler scooter. Its video has also surfaced. Hero has named it SURGE.

Hero has introduced the concept model of Surge S32 (Surge) multipurpose three-wheeler at Hero World 2024 held in Jaipur. It will work as a three-wheeler as well as an electric scooter. This scooter can be attached and detached from the three wheeler in a few minutes.

The scooter remains inside the three-wheeler

This is the SURGE S32 series of this vehicle. Actually, there is a two-wheeler or scooter hidden inside this cargo three-wheeler. Initially it is a three-wheeler with seating for two people on the front seat, but when the scooter grows out of it. The seating capacity is then transferred to the scooter seat.

According to the company, it takes 3 minutes to convert from three-wheeler to two-wheeler. The company will launch a total of 4 variants of this series, S32 PV, S32 LD, S32 HD and S32 FB. The S32 LD has been showcased at Hero World 2024.

SURGE S32 will get a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour

Surge S32 gets different parameters for three-wheeler and two-wheeler. When the S32 LD is a three-wheeler, it gets a power of 10 Kw. For this it has been connected to an 11 Kwh battery. Its maximum speed is 45 kilometers per hour. In terms of two-wheeler parameters, it gets a power of 3 Kw. For this it has been connected to a 3.5 Kwh battery. Its maximum speed is 60 kilometers per hour.

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