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The Longest Tunnel in the World

By Ravi - January 27, 2024 04:40 PM

The first modern tunnel was built in London under the waters of the Thames in 1843. Dug twenty-three meters below the river surface and 396 meters in length, it was built using "shield" technology. Since then, humans have tried to find out how much and what is possible from a well-designed tunnel built using advanced technologies. New projects are increasingly building longer and longer tunnels to allow automobile traffic. Today we all have become accustomed to passing through long tunnels

1. The Laerdal tunnel

Its 24.5 kilometer long Laerdal Tunnel is the longest tunnel in the world, crossing several mountain formations between Laerdal and Aurland in western Norway. Construction work began in 1995 and ended in late 2000. Due to its length, which takes 20 minutes to cover, the lighting is designed to relieve any tension between drivers. The resulting light gives the impression of daylight, and is so spectacular that it has inspired some people to hold their weddings inside the tunnel.

2. The Yamate tunnel

At 30 meters below ground, Yamate in Japan has a total length of 18.2 kilometers. Construction began in 1992 and the first section opened in 2007, with the full length opened in 2015. The Yamate Tunnel comprises the Central Circular Route of the Tokyo Toll Road, much of it under the city's Yamate Street.

3. The Zhongnanshan tunnel

The Zhongnanshan Tunnel crosses the Qianling Mountain Range between Bator and Beihai in southern China for a distance of 18 kilometers. It was the longest tunnel in Asia for seven years after its inauguration in 2007. It is part of the Xi'an Ankang Highway, which connects Chang'an and Zhashui counties. Being located at the bottom of the Qianling Range, it is 1,640 meters below ground level at some points.

4. Jinpingshan tunnel

Jinpingshan Tunnel in China has a total length of 17.5 kilometers and is located in Sichuan Province. The tunnel leading to Jinping Dam is the highest in the world and is not open to general traffic: it can only be passed by authorized vehicles. For this reason there is relatively little information about the tunnel. Part of it is at a depth of 2,375 meters as it is located directly beneath Mount Jinpingshan, making it the second deepest tunnel in the world.

5. The San Gottardo tunnel

Switzerland's San Gottardo Tunnel is part of the A2 motorway between Basel and Chiasso. When construction was completed, it was the longest tunnel in the world at 16.9 kilometers. It was built from the 1970s to the 1980s, and finally opened in September 1980. Nearly 900 traffic accidents occurred between its inauguration and the end of 2005. The most serious incident occurred in 2001, resulting in a fire that required redesign of the system. Prevent any such accidents.

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