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Best cars in india within 10 lakhs

By Ravi - October 28, 2023 04:46 PM

Best cars in india within 10 lakhs

Automobile manufacturers have also started producing vehicles that are budget-friendly and can be afforded by middle-class families. After much research, here we are with the top 10 cars under 10 lakh in India. The following vehicles are ranked not only on the basis of price but also on the basis of quality, drivability, features and value.

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Cars Mileage Price In india
1. Hyundai Venue 17.5 to 23.4 kmpl 7.53 lac onwards
2. Hyundai i20 19.6 to 25.2 kmpl 7.07 lac onwards
3. Kia Sonet 18.2 to 24.1 kmpl 7.49 lac onwards
4. Maruti Brezza 19.8 to 19.9 kmpl 7.99 lac onwards
5. Maruti Suzuki Baleno 22.3 to 30.61 kmpl 6.42 lac onwards
6. Tata Altroz 18.33 to 23 kmpl 6.34 lac onwards
7. Swift Dzire 23.2 to 24.1 kmpl 6.23 lac onwards
8. Honda Amaze 18.3 to 24.7 kmpl 6.65 lac onwards
9. Hyundai Grand i10 Nios 25 kmpl 5.42 lac onwards
10. NISSAN Magnite 17.7 to 19.26 kmpl 5.97 lac onwards

1. Hyundai Venue

  • Ex-showroom price- 7.53 lac onwards

  • Body type- Compact SUV

  • Engine displacement- 998 to 1493 cc

  • Mileage- 17.5 to 23.4 kmpl

  • Fuel type- Petrol and CNG

Recent improvements in Hyundai Venue have made it more fashionable and attractive. The interior is of the highest caliber, and each section is distinctive for its excellent fit and finish. Voice commands are also available in the Venue. Well, without an efficient transmission, a good engine is useless. There are not one, not two but three transmission options available for the Venue.

The Hyundai Venue is another example of how feature-packed Hyundai vehicles are. The only criticism is the limited rear seat in the car, which is uncomfortable for three people and does not seem ventilated. The all-new Venue will continue to be an excellent choice in the compact SUV market due to several first-in-segment innovations, attractive styling and a range of powertrain options.

2. Hyundai i20

  • Ex-showroom price- 7.07 lac onwards

  • Body Type- Hatchback

  • Engine displacement- 998 to 1493 cc

  • Mileage- 19.6 to 25.2 kmpl

  • Fuel type- Petrol and Diesel

Hyundai i20 With its more than 19 variants and five powertrain options, the Hyundai i20 attracts different audiences. Thanks to its distinctive styling, the i20 now looks sharp, sporty and thoroughly modern. The i20 is one of the most spacious hatchbacks in the market currently. The wide network of sales, maintenance and spare parts offered by Hyundai is one of the main benefits of buying a Hyundai i20.

With its attractive design and host of best-in-class features, the new Hyundai i20, which eschews the word elite, changes the game. It has the same amount of interior space as before, but considering how much everything else has advanced, one might expect a bit more material quality.

3. Kia Sonet

  • Ex-showroom price- 7.49 lac onwards

  • Body type- Compact SUV

  • Engine displacement- 998 to 1493 cc

  • Mileage- 18.2 to 24.1 kmpl

  • Fuel type- Petrol and diesel

The Kia Sonet has a contemporary attractive style with a wonderful blend of youthful looks and strong stance. Its light steering with honest feedback makes it quite easy to drive. In terms of quality and fit/finish, the Kia Sonet is really in line with segment standards.

The only drawback of the Armor is that the large C-pillar and small rear windscreen make it difficult to see backwards. The Kia Sonet is a powerful vehicle due to its attractive exterior, feature-rich interior and wide range of powertrains available. There is a Sonet for everyone due to the variety of trims available.

4. Maruti Brezza

  • Ex-showroom price- 7.99 lac onwards

  • Body type- Compact SUV

  • Engine displacement- 1462 cc

  • Mileage- 19.8 to 19.9 kmpl

  • Fuel type- Petrol

The Maruti Brezza is a significant improvement over the older model. It now has an almost completely redesigned design, a variety of brand new features, a smooth ride and is more than practical to drive when traveling through the urban jungle. Driving is elegant and simple due to the light controls and compact proportions. The high seating provides a commanding driving position with excellent peripheral vision.

The cabin feels airy with plenty of storage space. The only drawback is the lack of punch in the engine. The mid-range would have been more thrilling. Available in 11 variants, it also offers ample options for customers to choose from, with its top-end variant priced at around Rs 13 lakh. Additionally, it offers multiple options to the buyer with its 11 variants

5. Maruti Suzuki Baleno

  • Ex-showroom price- 6.42 lac onwards

  • Body type- Hatchback

  • Engine displacement- 1197 cc

  • Mileage- 22.3 to 30.61 kmpl

  • Fuel type- Petrol and CNG

The new Maruti Suzuki Baleno is the result of the corporation listening to its customers and making several significant upgrades that have delightfully transformed the vehicle. The new Baleno has more features, is more comfortable and drives better. The Baleno comes loaded with features and is equipped with a host of contemporary equipment.

It has a spacious interior with space for three people on the rear seats, making long distance journeys less tiring. The motors are fast, and well-tuned engines can rapidly reach 6000 rpm. The only drawback to an otherwise superb ride is the external/road noise that filters into the cabin.

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6. Tata Altroz

  • Ex-showroom price- 6.34 lac

  • Body type- Hatchback

  • Engine displacement- 1199 to 1497 cc

  • Mileage- 18.33 to 23 kmpl

  • Fuel type- Petrol and diesel

The Tata Altroz, thanks to the new turbo-petrol engine, is a very well-equipped luxury hatchback that will appeal to a wide range of customers. Although the 1.2-litre three-cylinder petrol engine gave almost acceptable performance for city driving, it failed to give you much more than that. This hatchback has a great stance and crisp design lines that give it a great look.

Additionally, the cabin is quite spacious, and the rear seats have ample legroom. Driving in traffic is easy with light controls. This hatchback is quite easy to drive thanks to the available powertrains, but rough or uneven roads are noticeable at low speeds.

7. Swift Dzire

  • Ex-showroom price- 6.23 lac onwards

  • Body type- Sedan

  • Engine displacement- 1197 cc

  • Mileage- 23.2 to 24.1 kmpl

  • Fuel type- Petrol and CNG

It's hard to find fault with the Dezire's all-round package. Additionally, Maruti added a stylistic upgrade with the latest revision in the shape of the revised fascia. Overall, the Dezire is still a car with a strong motor, which is incredibly efficient, its handling is composed, and it's spacious and comfortable.

The Dezire offers ample head, leg and shoulder room with comfortable seats. Additionally, regardless of speed, it provides a smooth, absorbent ride quality. Its proportional design is also a big plus, where unlike other sedans, the rear doesn't end abruptly. Swift also contributes a strong service network.

8. Honda Amaze

  • Ex-showroom price- 6.65 lac onwards

  • Body type- Sedan

  • Engine displacement- 1199 to 1498 cc

  • Mileage- 18.3 to 24.7 kmpl

  • Fuel type- Petrol and Diesel

For those looking for a premium, safe, comfortable and spacious compact sedan that is also fuel-efficient, the Honda Amaze is worth a try due to minor updates and an extensive list of goodies. Its spacious interior and extremely comfortable rear seat are among its best features, while taller passengers may find rear headroom quite limited.

The huge range of functions is further enhanced by the large boot space. It is a very comfortable ride due to its simple controls and excellent vision. Amaze remains one of the best in terms of comfort, size, ride quality and diesel engine operating efficiency, and considering it's a Honda, hassle-free maintenance

9. Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

  • Ex-showroom price-5.42 lac onwards

  • Body type- Micro Car

  • Engine displacement- 998 to 1197 cc

  • Mileage- 25 kmpl

  • Fuel type- Petrol, CNG, and Diesel

Hyundai has done a good job of executing its plan of adding Nios, which means Nios in Latin, to the Grandi10 badge. As the name suggests, the automobile offers a little more than its competitors. Be it the amenities, the room, the comfort, or a luxurious cabin. With this new turbo-petrol version, it has been upgraded by increasing the enthusiasm and linear power delivery.

The i10 Nios offers a comfortable setup thanks to its spacious front and back seats. It has a very busy ride and is not at all enjoyable to drive. However, it has high-end interiors, is packed with technology, and offers the comfort of an automatic (AMT) with the option of a diesel engine as well as CNG.

10. NISSAN Magnite

  • Ex-showroom price- 5.97 lac onwards

  • Body type- SUV

  • Engine displacement- 999 cc

  • Mileage- 17.7 to 19.26 kmpl

  • Fuel- Petrol

With its cutting-edge design, the Nissan Magnite is a vehicle that stands out in the crowd. One of the best features of this car is its spacious interior and spacious seats, which can comfortably seat three passengers at the rear. Its excellent ground clearance makes it easy to navigate rough roads and overcome tall obstacles.

Its sturdy construction adds to the list of features and gives the impression that one is driving a powerful and sturdy vehicle. The only flaw in its design is the suspension's tendency to make loud noises when traveling at high speeds. In conclusion, the Nissan Magnite seems to be a device with excellent potential from Nissan. It has a ton of features, a great turbo engine and a CVT gearbox that is perfectly tuned. For those looking to upgrade from their first SUV or hatchback, the Nissan Magnite is a wise choice.

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