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Twitter reaction to the Mitchell attack on Warner and Bailey

By Akanksha - December 04, 2023 03:58 PM

The cricketing world has been shocked by Mitchell Johnson's harsh assault on former teammate David Warner and national selector George Bailey.

Johnson wrote an editorial in The West Australian stating that Warner does not deserve a farewell series because he participated in the 2018 Cape Town ball-tampering affair.

Mitchell attack on Warner and Bailey

Johnson, who represented Australia in 265 matches across all forms, questioned Bailey's honesty and professionalism, querying whether the national selector was too close to the playing group.

Fans, commentators, and past players of cricket have all responded strongly to the remarks. While there has been discussion over whether Warner should have been included in Australia's squad given his recent performance, many have felt Johnson went too far with the personal jab.

Veteran cricket writer and former Australian team official Malcolm Conn stated, "I have always liked Mitch and respect his achievements but for someone so fragile to criticism as a player, I'm staggered what he continues to hand out now he's jumped the fence."

Johnson had "continued his old man ranting at clouds era," according to cricket correspondent Tom Morris, who described Bailey's attack as "particularly staggering and bizarre."

Michael Clarke, a former captain of Australia, expressed amazement at the remarks, claiming that he had not noticed any serious "beef" between them throughout his time playing with the two.

“In every sporting team. Not everybody gets on. Not everyone is best friends,” Clarke stated on the Big Sports Breakfast.

"They took hard shots at each other in the nets; Dave and Mitch are powerful characters.

Twitter reaction to the Mitchell attack on David Warner and Bailey

Image Source: Twitter

"I could not sit here and say they had beef with one another when we played, even though I saw that."

Like Johnson, Clarke went from being a player to a commentator, and he felt former players who worked in the media needed to voice their opinions.

Laurie Daley, Big Sports Breakfast co-host, however, pointed out to him that Johnson's criticism of Warner was unduly personal.

“Yeah (that’s why I wonder if) maybe I’ve missed something here ... Mitch hasn’t played for years now so maybe there is beef, I don’t know,” Clarke remarked.

In a position such as this, if you have an opinion it is founded on your experience or what's best for the team, then follow your gut.

However, it ought never to be intimate. I try not to personalize things, and if it comes over, please attempt to apologize since that is not what you intend.

Twitter's reaction to the Mitchell attack

Daniel Brettig, a seasoned cricket journalist, was one of many who highlighted Johnson's track record, having also openly criticized Test captain Pat Cummins in the beginning of 2022.

When questioned on Sunday about the former fast bowler's remarks, Bailey expressed worries over Johnson's health.

“I’ve been sent little snippets of it,” Bailey remarked

“I hope he’s okay.

“My only observation would be if someone can show me how being distant and unaware of what players are going through and what the plans are with their team and the coaching staff, how that’s more beneficial, I’d be all ears.”

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