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Know why IPL 2023 will be the most special

By Arjit - March 20, 2023 04:38 PM

IPL 2023: will be special this time in many ways. For the first time in the history of the Indian Premier League, the impact player rule will be seen this season. At the same time, after the Kovid restrictions are over, the league will again return to the old format.

16th season of Indian Premier League (IPL 2023)

The countdown for the 16th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2023) has begun. IPL is all set to return to its old colors after a long time. The restrictions related to Kovid 19 are now completely over and this time there is going to be a strong temper of thrill

However, this time IPL is going to be completely different and full of entertainment from the rest of the season. For the first time in the history of IPL, the rule of Impact Player will be seen, which is going to make this league full money. What will be new this season and why will IPL 2023 season be the most special, let us tell you and explain.

Impact Player Rule Will Be Seen For The First Time

For the first time in IPL 2023, the impact player rule is going to be implemented. According to the impact player rule, both the captains will have to name four substitute players at the time of the toss. The team will be able to choose any one player from these four players selected by the captain as the impact player.

However, the only condition is that the impact player has to be brought on the field before the end of 14 overs of the innings. That is, this new rule and the 12 players coming on the field will turn the tide of the match at any time and will change both the face and the nature of the match.

The Old Format Of IPL Returning Again

For the last three seasons, the IPL was being organized at select grounds due to the Covid restrictions. However, this time again IPL is going to return to its old color. As per the old format, each team will once again play half of its matches at home and half at the home of the opposition team. This means that after a long wait of three years, again every team will be able to enjoy the advantage of playing on the home ground.

Star Players Will Have An Army This Time

In IPL 2023, more than one fan is going to grace this league. Players like Sam Curran and Cameron Green shattered all the records of the Indian Premier League in the auction held in December. Karan became the most expensive player sold in the history of the league, while Mumbai Indians also spent a whopping amount of 17.5 crores for Green. Ben Stokes will be seen playing this season for the first time under Dhoni's captaincy. At the same time, Indian fans are also eagerly waiting for the stormy batting of Harry Brooks.

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