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Irfan Pathan apologizes to Sunil Gavaskar on live TV

By Akanksha - January 28, 2024 05:46 PM

Sunil Gavaskar Mesmerized by Irfan Pathan's Commentary on KL Rahul's Batting. After being enthralled by the former India all-rounder's superb commentary on KL Rahul's batting, Sunil Gavaskar was in no mood to accept Irfan Pathan's apologies on live television. Rahul's balance during his 101-run innings against South Africa in the first Test at Centurion was being explained by Pathan. Pathan's assessment of his batting was so accurate that Gavaskar was left speechless, mesmerized by every word that came out of his mouth. Assuming he had been ranting for too long, Irfan softly apologizes to Gavaskar by saying, Sorry, sir.

Irfan Pathan apologizes to Sunil Gavaskar on live TV

First of all, Sunny Sir had explained to him how to play underneath his head in terms of technique. Whether a hitter should extend his legs forward or backwards when playing the ball is a topic of constant debate. Rahul is doing the necessary thing by letting the ball come to him. Apart from that, though, his bat stance was a fantastic feature of his hitting. The bat is angled slightly behind his hands rather than parallel to them. You get that little bit more time as a result. If not, you'll make mistakes and have to play the ball with your toes. The likelihood of an edge rose there. During the lunch, Pathan stated.

Sir, I apologize, he said, and Gavaskar responded, No problem. However, you have time if you maintain that bat angle. For young males, this is essentially a masterclass. You can handle the bat gently if there is assistance on the field.

Next, Gavaskar chimed in, stating that he also had to learn from listening to Pathan, which is why he won't accept Irfan's apologies. I'm always the one to emphasize the fundamentals, like turning ones into twos, grounding the bat, and playing in unison with the V. Being an ocean of information, Gavaskar did not feel bad about acknowledging that Pathan's simile overwhelmed him.

He apologized, but I won't take it because I also learned something new today. You will always learn as long as you continue to study the game, and that can only be to your advantage. This is such a profound technical insight; I had never considered it. Given his versatility, I am not that shocked. From the perspective of a bowler, he has examined Rahul's batting, Gavaskar said.

Imagine that Pathan, hearing something as precious and priceless as this, as he appropriately articulated, became the highlight of his day, month, and year. Gavaskar has been involved with cricket for at least 50 years, first as a player and then as a broadcaster, expert, commentator, and writer.

Thank you Sunny Sir for the encouraging remark. I'm filled with gratitude today, and it's not just any day. Made my year, for sure, Pathan wrote on X.

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