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India vs Pakistan Match in 2024: How many matches will both teams play in 2024

By Akshay - January 02, 2024 05:13 PM

India vs Pakistan Match in 2024: New Year is being celebrated with great pomp all over the world. Bidding farewell to 2023, people have strongly welcomed 2024. In the world of cricket too, all the other teams including India are busy in their new mission.

Amidst the celebrations of the New Year, all the other teams in the cricket world including India are busy in their new missions. In cricket, fans always eagerly wait for the great match between India and Pakistan. Fans got to see 3 big matches between India and Pakistan last year i.e. in 2023. India's dominance was visible in all three.

India and Pakistan clash only in ICC tournaments.

But now this question will be in the minds of the fans that how many great matches can be seen between India and Pakistan in the new year i.e. 2024? However, let us tell you here that since 2012, India and Pakistan come face to face only in ICC tournaments or Asia Cup.

Due to political tension between the two countries, the bilateral series is not being played. The last series was played in 2012, when the Pakistani team toured India. In such a situation, it is also important to understand that there is only one ICC tournament in 2024.

There may be a match between the two teams in June

The ICC T20 World Cup is to be played in June, hosted by West Indies and America. In such a situation, this is the only tournament in which a competition can be seen between India and Pakistan. However, it is not yet clear whether both the teams will be in the same group in the tournament or not.

But meanwhile, news website Guardian said in one of its reports that the big match of T20 World Cup 2024 between India and Pakistan can be held in New York City of America. This match can take place on 8th or 9th June. In such a situation, it is almost certain that the fans will see this one match in 2024. After this, if both the teams reach the semi-finals or finals, then there can be a second clash there too.

Pakistan was badly washed in the last three matches

Actually, last year two matches between India and Pakistan were played in September under the Asia Cup. One of these matches was canceled due to rain. But in the second match, the Indian team had won by a huge margin of 228 runs.

About 33 days later, the third match was played in Ahmedabad under the World Cup, in which the Indian team won by 7 wickets. In this way, out of these last 3 matches, India won 2 and one match was cancelled. During this period, the condition of Pakistan appeared worse.

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