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ICC has prohibited Usman Khawaja from wearing shoes read full story

By Rohit - February 05, 2024 01:00 PM

In a recent development, Australian cricket sensation Usman Khawaja is embroiled in a controversy regarding his footwear selection. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has barred Khawaja from donning shoes featuring messages tied to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, citing them as political. Despite the prohibition, Khawaja stands firm in his position, expressing his resolve to contest the ban and underscoring his dedication to the principles of freedom and equality.

Australian cricket sensation Usman Khawaja has stirred up controversy with his pro-Palestine shoes, reigniting discussions on free speech and neutrality in sports. Khawaja, during a training session, boldly displayed messages like 'Freedom is a human right' and 'All Lives Are Equal' on his footwear, drawing attention to the plight of Palestinians.

Khawaja's Voice: In a heartfelt video, Khawaja challenges the notion of suppressing universal values like freedom and equality based on political considerations. He defends his actions as a means to amplify the voices of the voiceless, particularly emphasizing the impact on innocent children in conflict zones. Khawaja insists that his message is humanitarian, not political.

ICC's Ruling and Khawaja's Compliance: Citing regulations against on-field political statements, the ICC has prohibited Khawaja from wearing the shoes during matches. Respecting the decision, Khawaja pledges to seek approval for future use, maintaining that the messages convey a humanitarian, non-political stance.

Team Captain Clarifies: Addressing initial speculation, Australian captain Pat Cummins clarifies that Khawaja opted not to wear the shoes in the first Test, acknowledging the spotlight on ICC rules and Khawaja's desire to avoid unnecessary controversy.

Historical Precedent: Khawaja's situation mirrors cricket history, recalling England's Moeen Ali's 2014 ban for wearing pro-Gaza wristbands. This raises important questions about balancing personal expression with adherence to sports regulations.

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