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Candy Crush came into trend because of MS Dhoni

By Akshay - June 26, 2023 03:59 PM

MS Dhoni played Candy Crush in flight A video of captain MS Dhoni, who made Chennai Super Kings champions in IPL 2023, has gone viral on social media. MS Dhoni was seen sitting in a flight where he was seen playing Candy Crush game. Candy Crush game has started trending because of MS Dhoni. This game has also made its place in the trend list of Twitter.

A video of captain MS Dhoni, who made Chennai Super Kings the champion in IPL 2023, is going viral on social media. The former captain of the Indian team is seen playing Candy Crush game in flight. MS Dhoni is one of the most loved cricketers of India and his style becomes a style statement. The same happened this time also.

MS Dhoni

Candy Crush game has started trending because of MS Dhoni. Along with MS Dhoni, Candy Crush has also made its place in Twitter's trends list. Let us tell you that it is seen in the video that the air hostess goes to MS Dhoni after decorating some chocolates in a tray and asks him to take his favorite chocolates. MS Dhoni then keeps his tab and talks to the air hostess with a chocolate.

During this, it was seen that the Candy Crush game was open on Dhoni's tablet. What was it then, this game started trending. The craze for this game increased among the fans. A huge amount of new users were added to this game and soon it became a hit among the game fans. Let us also tell you which game other players of the Indian team like to play in their spare time.

Let us tell you that Indian players have told in many interviews that most of the players including Virat Kohli and Yuzvendra Chahal like to play PlayStation, in which most of them play football. The names of Harmanpreet Kaur along with Cheteshwar Pujara are also included in this. Harmanpreet Kaur had said in an interview that after completing their training at NCA, many players along with Yuzvendra Chahal started playing PlayStation. Then the next day till 5 in the morning he kept playing FIFA on the play station.

On the other hand, Ravindra Jadeja is very fond of horse riding in his spare time. Many legends including Yuvraj Singh, Sachin Tendulkar enjoy playing golf whenever they get a chance. Most of the Indian cricketers have accepted that they love playing football on the play station.

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