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ICC Cricket Schedule, Rankings and All Records

ICC Upcoming Matches, Fixtures - 2023

The ICC Cricket Schedule provides a comprehensive list of upcoming cricket matches, events, and tournaments organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). It includes fixtures for various formats such as Test matches, One-Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 (T20) matches involving different cricketing nations. The schedule serves as a valuable resource for cricket enthusiasts, players, and teams, helping them stay updated with the dates, venues, and teams participating in the exciting world of international cricket.

ICC Upcoming Matches, Fixtures
1SUN16-Jul-202309:30 AMSL vs PAKTESTGalle International StadiumPakistan won by 4 wkts
2SUN16-Jul-202305:30 PMBAN vs AFGT20Bangladesh won by 6 wickets (DLS method)
3THU20-Jul-202303:00 PMJER vs AUTT20Grange Cricket ClubJersey won by 8 wkts
4THU20-Jul-202301:30 AMITA vs IRET20GoldenacreIreland won by 7 runs
5THU20-Jul-202308:00 PMSCO vs GERT20GoldenacreScotland won by 72 runs
6FRI21-Jul-202303:00 PMGER vs AUTT20GoldenacreGermany won by 9 wkts
7FRI21-Jul-202303:00 PMDEN vs IRET20Grange Cricket ClubIreland won by 9 wkts
8FRI21-Jul-202308:00 PMSCO vs JERT20Grange Cricket ClubScotland won by 14 runs
9SAT22-Jul-202304:30 AMJPN vs PHIT20Amini ParkJapan won by 53 runs
10SAT22-Jul-202309:00 AMPNG vs VANT20Amini ParkPapua New Guinea won by 9 wkts
11SUN23-Jul-202304:30 AMJPN vs VANT20Amini ParkJapan won by 21 runs
12SUN23-Jul-202309:00 AMPNG vs PHIT20Amini ParkPapua New Guinea won by 117 runs
13SUN23-Jul-202303:00 PMAUT vs IRET20Grange Cricket ClubIreland won by 128 runs
14SUN23-Jul-202303:00 PMITA vs JERT20GoldenacreItaly won by 25 runs
15SUN23-Jul-202308:00 PMDEN vs GERT20Grange Cricket ClubGermany won by 6 wickets
16MON24-Jul-202309:30 AMSL vs PAKTESTSinhalese Sports ClubPakistan won by an innings and 222 runs
17MON24-Jul-202303:00 PMDEN vs AUTT20Grange Cricket ClubDenmark won by 8 wkts
18MON24-Apr-202302:00 AMJER vs IRET20GoldenacreIreland won by 9 wkts
19TUE25-Jul-202304:30 AMPHI vs VANT20Amini ParkPhilippines won by 6 wkts
20TUE25-Jul-202309:00 AMPNG vs JPNT20Amini ParkPapua New Guinea won by 6 wkts
21TUE25-Jul-202303:00 PMITA vs DENT20Grange Cricket ClubItaly won by 26 runs
22TUE25-Jul-202303:00 PMSCO vs AUTT20GoldenacreScotland won by 166 runs
23TUE25-Jul-202308:00 PMGER vs JERT20Grange Cricket ClubJersey won by 51 runs
24WED26-Jul-202304:30 AMPNG vs VANT20Amini ParkPapua New Guinea won by 39 runs
25THU27-Jul-202303:00 PMIRE vs GERT20Grange Cricket ClubMatch abandoned without a ball bowled
26THU27-Jul-202303:30 PMENG vs AUSTESTThe Oval Australia won by 43 runs
27THU27-Jul-202307:00 PMWI vs INDODI Kensington Oval,BridgetownIndia won by 5 wkts
28FRI28-Jul-202308:00 PMSCO vs IRET20Grange Cricket ClubScotland won by 8 runs
29SAT29-Jul-202307:00 PMIND vs WIODIThe Oval West Indies won by 6 wkts
30TUE01-Aug-202307:00 PMIND vs WIODIBrian Lara Stadium, TaroubaIndia won by 200 runs
31THU03-Aug-202308:00 PMIND vs WIT20Brian Lara Stadium, TaroubaWest Indies won by 4 runs
32SUN06-Aug-202308:00 PMIND vs WIT20 Providence StadiumWest Indies won by 2 wkts
33TUE08-Aug-202308:00 PMIND vs WIT20 Providence StadiumIndia won by 7 wkts
34SAT12-Aug-202308:00 PMIND vs WIT20Central Broward Regional Park Stadium Turf GroundIndia won by 9 wkts
35SUN13-Aug-202308:00 PMIND vs WIT20Central Broward Regional Park Stadium Turf GroundWest Indies won by 8 wkts
36THU17-Aug-202307:30 PMUAE vs NZT20Dubai International StadiumNew Zealand won by 19 runs
37FRI18-Aug-202307:30 PMIRE vs INDT20Malahide Cricket ClubIndia won by 2 runs (DLS Method - due to rain)
38SAT19-Aug-202307:30 PMUAE vs NZT20Dubai International StadiumUnited Arab Emirates won by 7 wkts
39SUN20-Aug-202307:30 PMUAE vs NZT20Dubai International StadiumNew Zealand won by 32 runs
40SUN20-Aug-202307:30 PMIRE vs INDT20Malahide Cricket ClubIndia won by 33 runs
41THU24-Aug-202301:30 PMAFG vs PAKT20 Mangaung OvalPakistan won by 1 wkt
42FRI01-Sep-202309:30 PMSA vs AUST20Australia won by 8 wkts
43FRI01-Sep-202310:30 PMENG vs NZT20Emirates Old TraffordEngland won by 95 runs
44SUN03-Sep-202305:30 PMSA vs AUST20Australia won by 5 wkts
45SUN03-Sep-202307:00 PMENG vs NZT20New Zealand won by 74 runs
46TUE05-Sep-202310:30 PMENG vs NZT20Trent BridgeNew Zealand won by 6 wkts
47THU07-Sep-202304:30 PMSA vs AUSODIThe Oval Australia won by 3 wkts
48FRI08-Sep-202305:00 PMENG vs NZODISophia GardensNew Zealand won by 8 wkts
49SAT09-Sep-202304:30 PMSA vs AUSODIThe Oval Australia won by 123 runs
50SUN10-Sep-202303:30 PMENG vs NZODISt Stithians Main OvalEngland won by 79 runs (34 Ovs per side due to rain)
51SUN10-Sep-202303:00 PMIND vs PAKODIR.Premadasa StadiumPakistan need 236 runs
52TUE12-Sep-202303:00 PMIND vs SLODIR.Premadasa StadiumIndia opt to bat
53TUE12-Sep-202301:00 PMSA vs AUSODIJB Marks OvalSouth Africa won by 111 runs
54WED13-Sep-202312:30 PMENG vs NZODIThe Oval New Zealand need 224 runs
55THU14-Sep-202305:15 PMSL vs PAKODIR.Premadasa StadiumSri Lanka won by 2 wkts - 42 overs match, DLS Target 252
56FRI15-Sep-202303:00 PMIND vs BANODIR.Premadasa StadiumBangladesh won by 6 runs
57FRI15-Sep-202301:00 PMSA vs AUSODISouth Africa won by 164 runs
58FRI15-Sep-202312:30 PMENG vs NZODILord'sNew Zealand need 125 runs in 83 balls
59SUN17-Sep-202310:00 AMSA vs AUSODISt Stithians Main OvalSouth Africa won by 122 runs
60WED20-Sep-202312:30 PMENG vs IREODI HeadingleyToss delayed due to rain
61THU21-Sep-202312:00 PMBAN vs NZODIMatch starts at Sep 21, 08:00 GMT
62FRI22-Sep-202301:30 PMIND vs AUSODIIndia won by 5 wkts

History of International Cricket Council (ICC).

History of International Cricket Council - ICC is the controlling and regulatory body of cricket competitions around the world. It was founded in 1909 as the Imperial Cricket Conference by representatives from Australia, England and South Africa. In 1965 its name was changed to 'International Cricket Conference', and in 1989 it took its current name (International Cricket Council). It organizes world championship events such as Cricket World Cup, Women's Cricket World Cup, ICC World Twenty20, ICC Women's T20 World Cup, ICC Test Championship, ICC Twenty20 World Cup Qualifier, Under-19 Cricket World Cup.

How many members of International Cricket Council (ICC).

ICC has two membership categories: Full Members and Associate Members. Full Members are the governing bodies for cricket in a country or a group of associated countries representing a geographical area. They have the right to play official Test matches, ODIs and T20Is, and have full voting rights at meetings of the ICC. Associate Members are the governing bodies for cricket in a country or a group of associated countries that do not qualify as Full Members, but where cricket is firmly established and organised. They have limited voting rights at meetings of the ICC.

As of August 2022, there are 108 ICC members, with 12 Full Members and 96 Associate Members.
The Full Members are:

NoCountryTeamsGoverning BodyMember Since
1AustraliaMen, Women, U19Cricket Australia15 June 1909
2EnglandMen, Women, U19England and Wales Cricket Board15 June 1909
3South AfricaMen, Women, U19Cricket South Africa15 June 1909
4IndiaMen, Women, U19Board of Control for Cricket in India31 May 1926
5New ZealandMen, Women, U19New Zealand Cricket31 May 1926
6West IndiesMen, Women, U19Cricket West Indies31 May 1926
7PakistanMen, Women, U19Pakistan Cricket Board28 July 1952
8Sri LankaMen, Women, U19Sri Lanka Cricket21 July 1981
9ZimbabweMen, Women, U19Zimbabwe Cricket6 July 1992
10BangladeshMen, Women, U19Bangladesh Cricket Board26 June 2000
11AfghanistanMen, Women, U19Afghanistan Cricket Board 22 June 2017
12IrelandMen, Women, U19Cricket Ireland22 June 2017

The Associate Members are:-

Country Teams Government Affiliate Membership Associate Membership Region
Argentina Men, Women, U19 Argentine Cricket Association N/A 1974 Americas
Austria Men, Women, U19 Austrian Cricket Association 1992 2017 Europe
Bahamas Men, Women, U19 Bahamas Cricket Association 1987 2017 Americas
Bahrain Men, Women, U19 Bahrain Cricket Association 2001 2017 Asia
Belgium Men, Women, U19 Belgian Cricket Federation 1991 2005 Europe
Belize Men, Women, U19 Belize National Cricket Association 1997 2017 Americas
Bermuda Men, Women, U19 Bermuda Cricket Board N/A 1966 Americas
Bhutan Men, Women, U19 Bhutan Cricket Council Board 2001 2017 Asia
Botswana Men, Women, U19 Botswana Cricket Association 2001 2005 Africa
Brazil Men, Women, U19 Brazilian Cricket Confederation 2002 2017 Americas
Bulgaria Men, Women, U19 Bulgarian Cricket Federation 2008 2017 Europe
Cambodia Men, Women, U19 Cricket Association of Cambodia N/A 2022 Asia
Cameroon Men, Women, U19 Cameroon Cricket Federation 2007 2017 Africa
Canada Men, Women, U19 Cricket Canada N/A 1968 Americas
Cayman Islands Men, Women, U19 Cayman Islands Cricket Association 1997 2002 Americas
Chile Men, Women, U19 Chilean Cricket Association 2002 2017 Americas
China Men, Women, U19 Chinese Cricket Association 2004 2017 Asia
Cook Islands Men, Women, U19 Cook Islands Cricket Association 2000 2017 East Asia-Pacific
Costa Rica Men, Women, U19 Costa Rica Cricket Federation 2002 2017 Americas
Croatia Men, Women, U19 Croatian Cricket Federation 2001 2017 Europe
Cyprus Men, Women, U19 Cyprus Cricket Association 1999 2017 Europe
Czech Republic Men, Women, U19 Czech Cricket Union 2000 2017 Europe
Denmark Men, Women, U19 Danish Cricket Federation N/A 1966 Europe
Estonia Men, Women, U19 Estonian Cricket Association 2008 2017 Europe
Eswatini Men, Women, U19 Eswatini Cricket Association 2007 2017 Africa
Falkland Islands Men, Women, U19 Falkland Cricket Association 2007 2017 Americas
Fiji Men, Women, U19 Cricket Fiji N/A 1965 East Asia-Pacific
Finland Men, Women, U19 Cricket Finland 2000 2017 Europe
France Men, Women, U19 France Cricket Association 1987 1998 Europe
Gambia Men, Women, U19 Gambia Cricket Association 2002 2017 Africa
Germany Men, Women, U19 German Cricket Federation 1991 1999 Europe
Ghana Men, Women, U19 Ghana Cricket Association 2002 2017 Africa
Gibraltar Men, Women, U19 Gibraltar Cricket Association N/A 1969 Europe
Greece Men, Women, U19 Hellenic Cricket Federation 1995 2017 Europe
Guernsey Men, Women, U19 Guernsey Cricket Board 2005 2008 Europe
Hong Kong Men, Women, U19 Cricket Hong Kong N/A 1969 Asia
Hungary Men, Women, U19 Hungarian Cricket Association 2012 2017 Europe
Indonesia Men, Women, U19 Cricket Indonesia 2001 2017 East Asia-Pacific
Iran Men, Women, U19 Islamic Republic of Iran Cricket Association 2003 2017 Asia
Isle of Man Men, Women, U19 Isle of Man Cricket Association 2004 2017 Europe
Israel Men, Women, U19 Israel Cricket Association N/A 1974 Europe
Italy Men, Women, U19 Italian Cricket Federation 1984 1995 Europe
Ivory Coast Men, Women, U19 Côte d’Ivoire Cricket Federation N/A 2022 Africa
Japan Men, Women, U19 Japan Cricket Association 1989 2005 East Asia-Pacific
Jersey Men, Women, U19 Jersey Cricket Board 2005 2007 Europe
Kenya Men, Women, U19 Cricket Kenya N/A 1981 Africa
Kuwait Men, Women, U19 Cricket Kuwait 1998 2005 Asia
Lesotho Men, Women, U19 Lesotho Cricket Association 2001 2017 Africa
Luxembourg Men, Women, U19 Luxembourg Cricket Federation 1998 2017 Europe
Malawi Men, Women, U19 Cricket Malawi 1998 2017 Africa
Malaysia Men, Women, U19 Malaysian Cricket Association N/A 1967 Asia
Maldives Men, Women, U19 Cricket Board of Maldives 1998 2017 Asia
Mali Men, Women, U19 Malian Cricket Federation 2005 2017 Africa
Malta Men, Women, U19 Malta Cricket Association 1998 2017 Europe
Mexico Men, Women, U19 Mexico Cricket Association 2004 2017 Americas
Mozambique Men, Women, U19 Mozambican Cricket Association 2003 2017 Africa
Myanmar Men, Women, U19 Myanmar Cricket Federation 2006 2017 Asia
Namibia Men, Women, U19 Cricket Namibia N/A 1992 Africa
Nepal Men, Women, U19 Cricket Association of Nepal 1988 1996 Asia
Netherlands Men, Women, U19 Royal Dutch Cricket Association N/A 1966 Europe
Nigeria Men, Women, U19 Nigeria Cricket Federation N/A 2002 Africa
Norway Men, Women, U19 Norwegian Cricket Board 2000 2017 Europe
Oman Men, Women, U19 Oman Cricket 2000 2014 Asia
Panama Men, Women, U19 Panama Cricket Association 2002 2017 Americas
Papua New Guinea Men, Women, U19 Cricket PNG N/A 1973 East Asia-Pacific
Peru Men, Women, U19 Peru Cricket Association 2007 2017 Americas
Philippines Men, Women, U19 Philippine Cricket Association 2000 2017 East Asia-Pacific
Portugal Men, Women, U19 Portuguese Cricket Federation 1996 2017 Europe
Qatar Men, Women, U19 Qatar Cricket Association 1999 2017 Asia
Romania Men, Women, U19 Cricket Romania 2013 2017 Europe
Rwanda Men, Women, U19 Rwanda Cricket Association 2003 2017 Africa
Saint Helena Men, Women, U19 St Helena Cricket Association 2001 2017 Africa
Samoa Men, Women, U19 Samoa International Cricket Association 2000 2017 East Asia-Pacific
Saudi Arabia Men, Women, U19 Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation 2003 2016 Asia
Scotland Men, Women, U19 Cricket Scotland N/A 1994 Europe
Serbia Men, Women, U19 Serbian Cricket Federation 2015 2017 Europe
Seychelles Men, Women, U19 Seychelles Cricket Association 2010 2017 Africa
Sierra Leone Men, Women, U19 Sierra Leone Cricket Association 2002 2017 Africa
Singapore Men, Women, U19 Singapore Cricket Association N/A 1974 Asia
Slovenia Men, Women, U19 Slovenian Cricket Association 2005 2017 Europe
South Korea Men, Women, U19 Korea Cricket Association 2001 2017 East Asia-Pacific
Spain Men, Women, U19 Cricket Spain 1992 2017 Europe
Suriname Men, Women, U19 Suriname Cricket Board 2002 2011 Americas
Sweden Men, Women, U19 Swedish Cricket Federation 1997 2017 Europe
Switzerland Men, Women, U19 Cricket Switzerland 1985 2021 Europe
Tajikistan Men, Women, U19 Tajikistan Cricket Federation N/A 2021 Asia
Tanzania Men, Women, U19 Tanzania Cricket Association N/A 2001 Africa
Thailand Men, Women, U19 Cricket Association of Thailand 1995 2005 Asia
Turkey Men, Women, U19 Turkish Cricket Board 2008 2017 Europe
Turks and Caicos Islands Men, Women, U19 Turks and Caicos Cricket Association 2002 2017 Americas
Uganda Men, Women, U19 Uganda Cricket Association N/A 1998 Africa
United Arab Emirates Men, Women, U19 Emirates Cricket Board 1989 1990 Asia
United States Men, Women, U19 USA Cricket N/A 1965 Americas
Uzbekistan Men, Women, U19 Cricket Federation of Uzbekistan N/A 2022 Asia
Vanuatu Men, Women, U19 Vanuatu Cricket Association 1995 2009 East Asia-Pacific

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