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WTC Final: We can beat any side, anywhere, says Cheteshwar..

By Rohit - May 20, 2021 - Last updated on Nov 29, 2021 05:24 PM WTC Final: We can beat any side, anywhere, says Cheteshwar..

India has the ability to beat any side in the world: Pujara

The 33-year-old will once again be a crucial factor as India look to win the inaugural WTC crown. During a chat with TOI, Pujara spoke on the pandemic, the Indian teams bench strength in recent times and more.

  1. Has there been any change in your training methods since the pandemic started?

  2. When it comes to my batting - you cant have different methods. But when it comes to training, you have to figure out different ways to do it, especially when you are in quarantine. You have to speak to the trainer to figure out different ideas to keep yourself fit and occupied. The quarantine ahead of every series becomes the most challenging part. The positive thing is that players are eager to train even during the quarantine and that helps us stay in the best shape once we start practice.

  3. Whats your take on the NZ attack. Who will be the bowler to look out for?

  4. I dont want to name any particular bowler in their line-up. Their bowling attack is very well-balanced. We have faced their bowlers before and have a fair idea of how they operate, the angles they use and we will be prepared.

  5. You guys lost a series to the Kiwis last year. Will that give them a psychological edge?

  6. I dont think so. When we played the Kiwis in 2020, it was in their backyard. That wont be the case in the WTC final since its a neutral venue for both teams. None of the teams will have a home advantage. We have our bases covered and if we play to our potential - then we have the ability to beat any side in the world.

  7. India lost their last Test in Southampton in 2018. Were there any lessons learnt that can help you in this game?

  8. It is difficult to assess one particular game. We were in a commanding position (against England in 2018) and had our chances. But I wont assess that Test with the WTC final because we are playing a different side this time. The only thing which we need to take from any game is the positive aspects and thats what I always believe in.

  9. In the last decade that you have been part of the Indian team --- is this the strongest bench strength it has ever had?

  10. Absolutely. The amount of talent in the Indian circuit is humongous. Be it our bowling or batting -we have the backup for the players. The Australia series earlier this year was an example. We had so many injuries, but the backup options did well for us to win the series. Everyone in this Indian team is hungry to do well and thats the sign of a good side.

  11. India last won a Test series in England back in 2007. Do you reckon this is the best chance for the side to win a Test series in England?

  12. For sure, we have the team to win in England. We have been doing well in overseas conditions recently. The confidence in the team is high. In every department of the game - our side has high-quality players and if we are able to execute our plans on the given day - the results will be in our favour against England.

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