Will this storm of Team India last till the finals

By Vipin - 2023-11-03 15:11:54
Will this storm of Team India last till the finals

Only one and a half months had passed since the havoc that Siraj wreaked in the final of the Asia Cup, when once again the Sri Lankan batsmen were bundled out for only 55 runs on Mumbai wickets in the league match of the World Cup.

Just a day before this match with India in the World Cup, Sri Lankan head coach Chris Silverwood had expressed the hope that his team would learn from the defeat in the final of the Asia Cup and want to compete with full enthusiasm and give a tough challenge to the Indian team. Will enter the field. But except their bowler Dilshan Madushanka, no one did anything special in the match and the result was the same as in the final of the Asia Cup.

However, Chris Silverwood is also well aware of the sharpness of Indian bowling. He praised the Indian bowlers and said, To be honest, any team in the world would want to have a bowling attack like this.

A few days ago, Bangladesh head coach Chandika Hathurusinghe had also said that "the way the Indian team is playing is scary. These words have rarely been used for the Indian team in the history of cricket. Yes, the West Indies team of the seventies-eighties and the Australian team of different eras had also performed similarly as the Indian team is doing in this World Cup.

India's victory discussed till Pakistan

On this performance of India, Pakistan's legendary bowler Shoaib Akhtar said, India has now become a ruthless team. Now you start praising your fast bowlers because today there was noise on every ball in Wankhade Stadium. Every Indian was very happy and I was very happy for Shami because he has come into form. Took so many wickets in three matches. Has taken 45 wickets in 14 World Cup matches. Siraj is running freely.


On Bumrah, Shoaib said, Bumrah is lethal. Bumrah has given this comfortable situation to Shami and Siraj. Due to his bowling, Bumrah has given both of them the opportunity to play freely. Bumrah's skill set is very amazing.

Whereas Wasim Akram said, Shami has taken 45 wickets. He is so successful because he bowls the ball on the seam as soon as he arrives. Has expertise in rotating the ball both in and out with good speed. His swing is not like Bumrah but his ball is seamed. The batsmen go on the back foot on his balls.

Former Australian all-rounder Shane Watson had said just before this match that seeing this Indian team reminds him of the 2003 and 2007 World Cup champion Australian team.


Why not, Team India has shown in its seven consecutive wins in this tournament that it has the world's best finisher Virat and a list of strike bowlers along with powerful batsmen who score lots of runs like Rohit, Shubman, Rahul. Is. The most interesting thing is that all the top order batsmen of the Indian team, which is known for its batsmen, are in excellent form. So after returning from injury, Jasprit Bumrah is in his best form.

He is a master of swinging his balls in both directions, so at present no one in the entire cricket world has the expertise to bowl yorkers continuously like him. The situation is that the opposition team is able to score an average of less than four runs on his balls and he is also the highest wicket-taker from India in this tournament.

Mohammed Shami created history

If we talk about Shami, then hardly any other Indian bowler would have performed the way he is performing in this World Cup. In just three matches, they have taken 5, 4 and 5 i.e. a total of 14 wickets and these two bowlers are highly discussed among all the teams playing in the World Cup. These are the same bowlers who were looking for an opportunity while being out during the first four matches of this World Cup.

If Hardik Pandya had not been injured, he might have remained sitting on the bench. But as soon as he got the chance, he demonstrated that now he would not be dropped from the team.

In the very first match, he took five wickets against a strong team like New Zealand and in the second match, England sent four batsmen back to the pavilion and now once again he took five wickets.


Shami also made a record of taking more than four consecutive wickets in ODI matches. The situation is that the number of wickets taken by the bowler who had no place in the team only 11 days ago has now increased to 14 and he has come at the fourth position in terms of taking the most wickets in this tournament.

Jasprit Bumrah is third with 15 wickets, while Zampa, Jansen and Afridi have 16 wickets each. Currently, Sri Lankan bowler Dilshan Madhushanke is at the top of this list with 17 wickets.

He has also become the most successful Indian bowler in the World Cup, breaking the record of 44 wickets held by Javagal Srinath and Zaheer Khan. Shami has taken 45 wickets in 14 World Cup matches so far.

After the match, Shami said, Because of the hard work we are doing and the rhythm in which we are going, you are getting to see the storm. Looking at the rhythm in which we all are bowling, it seems that maybe No one should enjoy it. We are bowling with each other as a unit. You are getting to see the results of that.

On his bowling, Shami said, I am trying to do my best. I try to stay in good rhythm, if the rhythm is lost in a big tournament, it is difficult to get it back.

What did Captain Rohit say


The 'Player of the Match' may have been Mohammed Shami, but after the match, Mohammed Siraj received the most praise for the captain. Rohit had no words for the amazing performance of his bowlers. He said, "What can we say about bowlers. Then he said, "Siraj is an excellent bowler and when he does his job, it becomes very easy for us.

Siraj vs sri Lanka

When it comes to Siraj, looking at his performance it would not be wrong to say that Sri Lanka is becoming his favorite team. Only one and a half month ago, he had shown his excellent skills with his fuller, length and angled balls and had forced Sri Lanka to surrender by taking six wickets in the final of the Asia Cup.


Sri Lanka has been his favorite team in terms of performance. Of their total wickets, 19 i.e. about 30 percent have been of Sri Lankan batsmen.

When he is in his best form, he proves to be very lethal for the top order batsmen. In this match also, Siraj dismissed three top order batsmen without taking any wicket in just seven balls. His record also shows this. Siraj has taken 63 wickets in 37 ODIs so far. In these, he has dismissed openers and one down batsmen 36 times (57%).

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