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Will 2022 champion team Jamaica Thalawas not be seen in CPL

By Vipin - 2023-12-24 10:58:38
Will 2022 champion team Jamaica Thalawas not be seen in CPL

Jamaica Thalawas, the 2022 champion team of the Caribbean Premier League i.e. CPL, is withdrawing from the tournament. Jamaica Thalawas team will not be seen in the 2024 season of CPL. A new franchise is going to replace this team. Jamaica Thalawas' journey from CPL has not ended due to rules or any ban, rather the team owner has said that his manager is unable to run the franchise. That's why he is withdrawing his name.

Jamaica based franchise is going to be replaced by Anti and Barbuda based franchise. It is learned that the owner of Jamaica Thalawas, Florida-based Guyanese entrepreneur Chris Persaud said that the decision has been taken because the management could not agree on the smooth running of the franchise. With this team's option exhausted, the franchise has been forced to sell Thalawaz back to the CPL.


Antigua based franchise will replace the current team

The Antigua-based franchise will replace the current team in 2024, the name of which has not been decided yet. A team from here, Antigua Hawksbills, has played in the first two seasons of the tournament. However, their performance remained weak and they won only three matches in two seasons. Because of this, St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots replaced that team in 2015, but once again the Antigua based team will be seen in the Caribbean Premier League.

Antigua and Barbuda Senate Sports Minister Daryl Matthews revealed plans to launch a new CPL franchise for the upcoming CPL tournament. "We can very simply and conservatively expect the Antigua and Barbuda based CPL franchise to generate approximately US$6 million per year," he said. CPL was already looking to launch an Antigua based team, for which the 2025 season was fixed.

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