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Why you should play Paradise Trippies

By Uday - 2022-05-05 22:02:56 Why you should play Paradise Trippies

Paradise Trippies is one of the biggest collections of non-fungible tokens in the crypto market. Caleta Gaming’s Paradise Trippies slot game has brought a new spin to the non-fungible token (NFT) space because the rewards are not cash or cryptocurrency but in the form of NFTs.

This is a huge development for both the online casino and NFT industries because most people didn’t realise that they have the potential to grow alongside each other. The gambling industry knew that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were always meant to connect with the gambling industry. However, they didn’t realise that NFTs have the potential to enter the space as well.

The project between Caleta and Paradise Trippies will involve them using the NFT artwork from the latter to use as in-game assets and rewards. These NFTs will most likely grow in value in the future which is a promising possibility because people can sell them in the future and earn even more from winning.
With that, let’s dive into what makes the connection between NFTs and the online casino game industry so compelling.

Non-fungible tokens are one of the most popular assets now

NFTs are usually a hot topic when it comes to any social media platform because people are enamoured with its strengths. You can see people like professional athletes and celebrities getting into NFTs because they believe in the project and its similarity to traditional art pieces. However, NFTs are much deeper than you might think.
NFTs are not exclusively art pieces because they can be audio like music or snippets, video clips, event tickets, games, and many more. Remember that NFTs are located in the Ethereum blockchain which is one of the biggest parts of the crypto market. Ethereum is mostly seen as the second-most popular cryptocurrency in the world to Bitcoin. This means that Paradise Trippies has a huge platform and thankfully, it has stood out with the number of NFTs that they have created.
When you look at the Paradise Trippies game, you should look at how NFTs are naturally accepted as one of its foundational pieces. All of these NFTs are the artwork type but that is not stopping Paradise Trippies from possibly adding more types in the future.

This can be the first foray into NFTs

Playing the Paradise Trippies slot game can be the chance to foray into NFTs. This is a huge deal for anyone in the NFT space because if more people are looking to invest, the more the scene will grow. Paradise Trippies is one of the best NFT-related projects on the internet at the moment and that will continue to improve.

Some people dive head-first when it comes to NFTs but Paradise Trippies is a better entry point for ones who are interested. This is largely due to the team behind the Paradise Trippies believing that the online gambling community can have the first taste of the fun with NFTs from this game. If Paradise Trippies continues to rise in popularity, similar projects can come in and truly create monumental shifts in both the NFT space and the online gambling scene.

The NFT space continues to grow

When you look at the NFT space, it has continued to grow further with time. Many prominent people have shown their support for the NFT industry with a large number of pro athletes, celebrities, and tech personalities being public with their appreciation for the crypto-based assets.
You should see this NFT industry keep growing which will lead to further interest from the rest of the crypto world. Other platforms will most likely thrive as well including the crypto exchanges where digital assets are traded. The Paradise Trippies slot game will benefit from this as well because it will keep growing as one of the best that the crypto world can offer.

Paradise Trippies is a landmark play-to-earn game

In the ever-growing crypto market, play-to-earn games have earned a huge spot. They are one of the most promising parts of the market because people love to earn their way to winning rewards like NFTs or cryptocurrency. It mainly works on the blockchain which will be where the rewards come from.
This play-to-earn model is simple because it involves players possibly getting a valuable in-game asset. This can be seen in games like CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity which are known as the original play-to-earn games in the crypto space. It encourages constant gameplay because the more people play, the more chances to earn rewards.
You should also remember that these games are decentralised which means that the developer will not control everything. They can change certain parts but for the most part, you won’t have to deal with them. The assets will be distributed among the player base as they can continue to generate value for other players and the developer.
While Paradise Trippies is a tweaked variation of the play-to-earn model, it is still one of the best examples of the model working out for the best. The NFT rewards are awesome and it is just the beginning of this kind of game. You will most likely see more play-to-earn games because Paradise Trippies has served in its role as a landmark title pretty well. You should also look at the other games in the market like Axie and CryptoKitties which were influential.

Paradise Trippies has high-quality NFTs

Since there are loads of NFTs available around the internet, you can start with the Paradise Trippies slot game. Most people will know of the NFTs that they can see on platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, Larva Labs, and many more. These are all crucial to the NFT space but there are other options now with the rise of Paradise Trippies.
The game has one of the best NFT collections on the internet because it had 10,000 pieces. They all vary in value but they were all high-quality NFTs. They were designed by Rui Duarte and Joe Ruiz who are both awesome illustrators in their own right.
Duarte is a storyboard and comic artist who entered the NFT world by creating the art of Bulls on the Block. On the other side, Ruiz is a Georgia-based painter and illustrator who was a disciple of the San Francisco Art Institute. He has been an illustrator for many popular books, games, and print work for the past three decades.

5 reasons why you should play the Paradise Trippies slot game

The online gaming and crypto space have innate connections but this new foray into NFTs crossing with slots is a project that has shown promise and it will most likely grow into a huge part of both industries. Let’s talk about the best reasons why the Paradise Trippies slot game is a good choice as a starting point for investing in NFTs, especially if you’re interested in both industries.

It is available on top platforms like Bitcasino

You will most likely have a good time playing casino games when you go to the best platforms. Thankfully, most gamblers are aware of the best platforms on the internet. However, there are only a few online casino sites that have fully embraced the crypto market. Among those sites is Bitcasino which fully accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a mode of payments and offers them as rewards.

It should not be a surprise that Bitcasino is the platform where you can primarily play the Paradise Trippies slot game. Bitcasino has shown full support for Caleta Gaming and the game with NFT integration, different promotions, campaigns, and a Pirate Ship casino as well.

Since Bitcasino operates under Yolo Group, the Director of Casino Tauri Tiitsaar talked about the partnership. He said, ‘We are only beginning to explore the possibilities of gaming in the metaverse, and that’s why it is so exciting to partner with Paradise Trippies. This is one of the hottest NFT collections, and we see huge potential for delivering web 3.0 entertainment to its community’.

The platform has been a beacon of hope for crypto enthusiasts who also love gambling. This can come in different forms as games are present on the site but esports betting has become a huge part of the platform as well. This is an awesome development for Paradise Trippies because they are part of a platform that is thinking forward and they are doing everything to help the project take off.

The NFT community can join the online gambling scene

The NFT community has long been isolated in their own bubble. Loads of people on social media have been wrongfully criticising them when they don’t fully understand what NFTs are capable of. With the use of Paradise Trippies, the NFT space can improve further because more people can enter the scene through the gambling world.
Slots are the most popular casino game in online gambling platforms and it is a good entry point for anyone who wants to thrive in online gambling. Combining with NFTs is a match made in heaven because the asset’s community is passionate and ready to consume any piece of content that involves NFTs.
Paradise Trippies’ lead creator Jon Booth already talked about this as he wants to help the two industries grow together. He said, ‘Paradise Trippies has quickly built a passionate community, and we are looking forward to welcoming holders to Paradise very soon. We’ve partnered with Bitcasino because no one has a better track record of delivering world-class gaming to the crypto community’.
This will be a crucial point in the rise of games like the Paradise Trippies slot game because if it continues to gain attention and fame, you can expect more NFT projects will be created to replicate what Caleta and the team have done as of late. This kind of growth is rarely seen in other industries but since it’s a byproduct of NFTs and online gambling, the model behind this project is already a good development.

Caleta Gaming is a proven game developer

Apart from the Paradise Trippies slot game, Caleta Gaming has been a top-tier developer for top casino games. With the likes of China Charms, Fright Night, and Magic Forest, you will have a portfolio of awesome titles. Caleta knows what they are doing when it comes to creating high-quality games and that kind of track record should be respected.

It is rare to see a developer as consistent as Caleta because they have done a good job of creating games of different kinds. That is an important part of creating these online casino games and since Paradise Trippies is a gigantic project, Caleta was the right choice. They are willing to work on the games when issues arise. That kind of adaptability is crucial to any developer because you can see that they listen to their players.

Caleta Gaming wants to be innovators

It should not be surprising that Caleta took this project because they want to be part of innovations. With the rare NFT reward system, Caleta can become one of the first online casino game developers that truly embraced the use of NFTs and other crypto assets. Since the crypto industry is seen as one of the building blocks of the future, Caleta’s willingness to create the game is monumental.

They offer tons of features on their games that give players the best experience possible. As the technology evolves, you should look at the devs and their plans to improve their games in the future. Caleta has already done that in their previous games and they are set to do it again with Paradise Trippies.

Slot games are some of online gambling’s most exciting offers

Slot games are one of the most popular games on the internet. You can see this in almost every online casino as they always promote slots on their front page and game sections. This is important to know because, in terms of popularity, slots are the number one title across the industry. This is why it was pretty smart to use slots as the genre for the linked game for Paradise Trippies.

Slots are not only present in online casinos because they are also arguably the most well-known game in land-based casinos. They have a wide reach which means that even if people aren’t aware of NFTs, they might have the chance to play the Paradise Trippies slot game and learn more about the game’s rewards.

Slots and NFTs can have a harmonious relationship because the experience of playing the game is fun and easy. It is important to recognise this because some people are aware of slot games’ value but aren’t giving this game a chance. They need to try it out because combining NFTs with one of the most exciting parts of online gambling is crucial.

Hopefully, more people can realise that this partnership is what’s best for both parties because slots and NFTs will keep improving with the lessons they learned from this. It is a process between the two industries but it does deserve a closer look because it will continue to grow and if you get it early, you might win NFTs that can prove to be useful in the long term future.

Paradise Trippies is a top-tier slot game

When you play the Paradise Trippies slot game, you will realise that it is one of the best slot games out there. Like the other top games in the scene, it is easy to understand since all you have to do is make your wager and then press the start button. That will spin the reels and you will get the result a few seconds later. You can try over and over again until you hit a proper pattern and win an NFT for yourself.

It is also one of the best-optimised games because it runs well on most platforms. Some people have trouble with other slot games on mobile but Paradise Trippies and Caleta did a fine job of helping players from different platforms thrive. Mobile and PC are the two most common platforms that run smoothly there which is good for all of the involved parties.
The overall design of the slot game is pretty solid because the game runs smoothly and the animations are pretty. That is rare nowadays because many slot games opt for simple designs. Paradise Trippies does not do that because it is an eye-catching game that is awesome to look at when you’re playing. Functional design is also present since all of the buttons that need to be pressed are prominent but they don’t intrude on each other. Remember that there are bonuses for this game as well which can improve your experience when playing this.

It is worth it to keep playing

Even if you have already started playing Paradise Trippies, you should recognise the number of positives that you can get from this game. You will have a thrilling time playing the game itself and when you win the rewards, you will get an NFT for yourself. That is important because if you have an NFT, you will have the chance to use it or even sell it in the future.

As you continue in your NFT Paradise Trippies journey, you should try to keep playing the game because you will have one of the best games on the internet. Hopefully, more people can recognise this game because it is good for the three parties involved in creating the game but it will also be monumental for the development of the relationship between the crypto world and the online casino space.

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