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Why Uganda Team Asked to Change Its T20 World Cup Jersey?

By Rohit - May 30, 2024 - Last updated on May 30, 2024 06:03 PM
Why Uganda Team Asked to Change Its T20 World Cup Jersey?

Image: Uganda cricket team jersey

The Uganda national cricket team has been making significant strides in the international cricket scene. As they prepared to make their debut in the T20 World Cup, a surprising turn of events led them to alter their carefully selected jersey design. This article delves into the reasons behind the change, the reaction from fans, and the implications for the team's branding and identity.

The Original Jersey Design: A Symbol of National Pride

In early March, the Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) concluded a public competition to select the team's T20 World Cup jersey. Among the shortlisted designs, Elijah Mangeni's creation, inspired by Uganda's national bird, the grey crowned crane, emerged victorious. The design featured a striking feathered pattern, symbolizing the bird's elegance and the nation's rich cultural heritage.

ICC's Request for Design Alteration

As the team geared up for the World Cup, the International Cricket Council (ICC) reviewed the jersey designs. The ICC, which oversees international cricket regulations, identified an issue with the Uganda team's original design. They requested changes to ensure the sponsor logos were more prominently displayed. The feathered pattern, though beautiful, was seen as potentially distracting and could obscure the logos' visibility.

Details of the Design Changes

The Uganda Cricket Association, faced with limited time before the team's departure to the West Indies, made necessary adjustments. The revised jersey maintained the essence of the original design, but the feathered pattern was subdued to highlight the sponsor logos better. Only faint outlines of the wings remained on the jersey and trousers, preserving a semblance of the initial concept.

Unveiling the New Jersey and Fan Reactions

The altered jersey was unveiled during a ceremony before the team's departure. Fans, who had eagerly anticipated seeing Mangeni's winning design, were taken aback by the changes. Social media buzzed with questions and concerns, prompting the Uganda Cricket Association's public relations officer, Musali Denis, to issue a statement.

"We had to compromise on the winning design to meet ICC requirements," Musali explained. "We lost about 20 percent of the original design, but the rest remains intact."

Implications for Team Identity and Branding

Maintaining National Symbols in Sports

The initial design's inspiration, the grey crowned crane, holds significant cultural and national symbolism. Maintaining national symbols in sports attire is crucial for fostering a sense of pride and unity among fans and players. Despite the necessary changes, the Uganda team managed to retain elements of the crane's imagery, ensuring that the jersey still resonates with its intended meaning.

Balancing Aesthetics and Regulations

The situation highlights the delicate balance between aesthetic appeal and regulatory compliance in sports attire. The ICC's guidelines are in place to ensure uniformity and clarity, particularly concerning sponsor visibility. While these regulations are essential, they sometimes necessitate compromises that can impact the original artistic vision.

Fan Engagement and Communication

The fans' reaction to the jersey change underscores the importance of transparent communication between sports organizations and their supporters. By promptly addressing fan concerns and explaining the reasons behind the design alterations, the Uganda Cricket Association demonstrated their commitment to maintaining a positive relationship with their fanbase.

Uganda's T20 World Cup Campaign

As tournament debutants, Uganda's journey in the T20 World Cup is highly anticipated. Their first match against Afghanistan in Guyana on June 3 marks a significant milestone for the team. The focus on their performance, coupled with the story behind their jersey, adds an intriguing layer to their World Cup narrative.

The Role of Sponsors in International Cricket

Financial Support and Brand Visibility

Sponsors play a vital role in the financial stability and growth of cricket teams. Their contributions fund various aspects of the sport, from grassroots development to international competitions. In return, sponsors seek visibility and association with successful teams. The ICC's emphasis on ensuring clear sponsor logos is a testament to the symbiotic relationship between sponsors and sports teams.

Navigating Sponsorship Conflicts

Occasionally, teams may face conflicts between maintaining their identity and meeting sponsor demands. The Uganda team's jersey alteration serves as a case study in navigating such conflicts. By working collaboratively with the ICC and sponsors, teams can find solutions that satisfy both parties while preserving their unique identity.


The Uganda cricket team's journey to the T20 World Cup is a story of pride, compromise, and adaptation. The alteration of their jersey design, though a minor setback, highlights the broader challenges teams face in balancing aesthetics, regulations, and sponsor visibility. As Uganda embarks on their World Cup campaign, they carry with them not just the hopes of their nation, but also a tale of resilience and unity.

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