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Why 12 Year Old MS Dhoni Ian Bell Incident are Getting Viral?

By Akanksha - July 3, 2023 - Last updated on Jul 03, 2023 11:04 PM
Why 12 Year Old MS Dhoni Ian Bell Incident are Getting Viral?

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Cricket, a gentleman's game known for its spirit and sportsmanship, occasionally finds itself embroiled in controversies surrounding dismissals. Recently, the contentious dismissal of Jonny Bairstow during the second Ashes Test ignited a heated debate among fans, audiences, and pundits alike.

This incident brought to light a striking resemblance to a previous incident involving MS Dhoni and Ian Bell, an incident that was hailed as the epitome of the "Spirit of the Decade" by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

In 2011, during the Trent Bridge Test between England and India, Ian Bell was involved in a run-out incident that sparked a major controversy. On the last ball before the tea break, Bell was run-out under contentious circumstances. Praveen Kumar, the Indian fielder, prevented a boundary and threw the ball back in, causing the stumps to be knocked over. Bell was initially ruled out, but TV replays confirmed it was not a boundary, leading to his run-out.

The Indian team faced backlash and was booed off the field, as many considered the dismissal to lack spirit and sportsmanship. However, MS Dhoni, the Indian captain, chose to retract the appeal during the tea break. This act of sportsmanship by Dhoni received widespread praise, despite being within the rules of the game to uphold the appeal. The incident earned Dhoni and the Indian team the prestigious ICC "Spirit of the Decade" award, highlighting the importance of fair play and the spirit of cricket.

Fast forward to the present, and the controversial dismissal of Jonny Bairstow during the Ashes Test has reignited the debate on the spirit of cricket. In this incident, Bairstow was dismissed due to a combination of clever wicketkeeping by Australia's Alex Carey and a lapse in concentration by Bairstow. While the laws of the game clearly validated the dismissal, Ben Stokes, the opposing captain, expressed his opinion that he would have withdrawn the appeal in such a situation.

Stokes, in an interview with the BBC's Test Match Special, emphasized that he personally wouldn't have wanted to win a game through such a dismissal. His remarks echoed the sentiments of many who believe in upholding the spirit of cricket above all else. Despite Stokes' comments, the dismissal stood, and Australia ultimately capitalized on the opportunity, using it as a turning point in the match that eventually led to their victory.

The similarities between the Bell-Dhoni incident and the Bairstow dismissal are striking. Both incidents involved run-outs under contentious circumstances, with the fielding team capitalizing on the opponents' lack of awareness. While Dhoni chose to prioritize fair play and withdrew the appeal, Stokes expressed his inclination to do the same.

These incidents highlight the ethical dilemmas faced by cricketers in competitive situations. They raise questions about the boundaries of the game, the interpretation of the laws, and the responsibilities of players to uphold the spirit of cricket. While the laws of the game support the dismissal in both cases, the actions of Dhoni and the sentiments expressed by Stokes shed light on the importance of ethical decision-making and the desire to win games with integrity.

Cricket, like any sport, is not immune to controversies, and dismissals often become focal points for heated debates. The recent dismissal of Jonny Bairstow during the Ashes Test has reminded fans and players alike of the past incident involving Ian Bell and MS Dhoni. These incidents serve as reminders of the ethical dilemmas faced by cricketers and the importance of upholding the spirit of cricket.

While the laws of the game provide the framework for decision-making, players have the opportunity to showcase their sportsmanship and integrity by going beyond mere adherence to rules. Both the Bell-Dhoni incident and the Bairstow dismissal have evoked discussions about the true spirit of cricket and the desire to win games without compromising the values that make cricket a revered sport.

As cricket continues to evolve, it is essential to reflect on these incidents and ensure that the spirit of cricket remains at the heart of the game. With players like MS Dhoni and Ben Stokes setting examples of fair play, the spirit of cricket can endure and inspire future generations of cricketers to uphold the values that make this game so special.

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