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Who will leave Ligue 1 at the end of the 2022/2023 season: a preview

By Guest - 2023-05-26 14:13:22
Who will leave Ligue 1 at the end of the 2022/2023 season: a preview

The current season of the French Ligue 1 is entering the homestretch. In the fight for the championship, PSG is unlikely to giveup first place. In terms of the struggle for survival, the intrigueis more impressive. Angers was relegated ahead of schedule, and forTrois and Ajaccio, relegation is only a matter of time. One of thefour following clubs will receive another ticket to the lowerdivision: Nantes, Auxerre, Brest and Strasbourg.

By examining the form of each of the four relegation contendersin detail, it is possible to determine who has the best chance ofstaying in Ligue 1 next season. If you want to bet on Frenchfootball and earn money, we recommend doing it on pinup uz.


The Canaries are having a highly volatile season and are indanger of being relegated from Ligue 1 at the end of it. After atleast 34 rounds, Nantes was in the relegation zone in 17th place.With a nine-point lead over No. 18 Ajaccio, the Yellow-Greens weretwo points behind No. 16 Auxerre. Having suffered 14 defeats andthe same number of draws, Antoine Comboiret's wards won 6victories. Toulouse, Brest, Auxerre, Montpellier, Ajaccio andLorient managed to overcome the brainchild of Waldemar Kit. At thesame time, the lion's share of winnings came in 2023.

From April to mid-May, the Canaries did not win a single victoryin the championship. In the four remaining rounds, Nantes will faceToulouse, Montpellier, Lille and Angers. In three matches, the“yellow-greens” can definitely get hold of test points. So thechances of salvation for Alban Lafone and the company are quitegood.



"Burgundians" by the 34th round in the tournament settled downon the 16th line and were ahead of the relegation zone by only twopoints. At the same time, Auxerre was only one point behind the15th Brest and the 14th Strasbourg. Having won 8 victories and 10world matches, the guys of Christophe Pelissier lost in 16 cases.In 2023, the brainchild of James Zhou managed to win against Lyon,Lorient, Troyes, Ajaccio and Nantes. It should also be noted thatfrom January to mid-May, the White-Blues lost in 7 of 18 League 1battles.

It is worth noting that the "Burgundians" do not often win, butthe team gets credit points very regularly. In addition, the"white-blue" impose a fight on quite formidable and eminent rivals.If Auxerre continues like this, he can avoid being relegated.


"Pirates" by the 34th round of the championship were on the 15thline. Ahead of the 16th Auxerre by one point, Brest was inferior tothe 14th Strasbourg only in additional indicators. Having won in 8fights and lost in 15, the guys of Eric Rua tied 11 times. At thesame time, the Red-White-Blacks had one of the strongest defensesin the bottom nine. The lion's share of victories is the brainchildof Michel Guillot this year. Angers, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Nice andNantes managed to beat Brendan Chardonnay and the company.

Due to the fact that Brest is regularly scoring points in thespring period, most likely, the Pirates will be able to maintaintheir residence in the French football elite for the next season.At the same time, the inhabitants of the Stade Francis Le Bleushould not relax in the remaining battles with Auxerre, Clermont,Marseille and Rennes.


RKS spend quite unstable season. However, thanks to victoriesover Ajaccio and Reims in April, and Nantes in early May,Strasbourg is in 14th place and ahead of 15th Brest in additionalindicators. At the same time, the gap between the Blue-Whites andthe relegation zone was insignificant and amounted to only threepoints. With 8 victories and 11 draws, Frederic Antonetti's teamlost in 15 battles. It should also be noted that the brainchild ofMark Kelle has the best attack in the bottom seven.


In the remaining rounds, RKS will play with Nice, Troyes, PSGand Lorient. The blue-whites can score points with everyone exceptthe Parisians. Given the misfires of competitors, Strasbourg isvery likely to remain in League 1.

Our forecast

Nantes, Brest and Strasbourg are capable of adding and gainingthe necessary number of points to maintain their residence in theelite of French football. Auxerre has a rather difficult calendarat the end of the championship. The Burgundians will play Brest andToulouse away, as well as PSG and Lance at home. It is unlikelythat the brainchild of James Joe will be able to get hold of alarge number of credit points, which is why the inhabitants ofAbbe-Deschamps are likely to drop in the class.

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