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What is Night Watchman in Test Cricket?

By Kaif - February 25, 2024 - Last updated on Feb 25, 2024 01:16 PM
What is Night Watchman in Test Cricket?

There are many words in cricket like bowled, LBW, wide. But one of these words 'Night Watchman' is used only in Test cricket. So let us know what is Night Watchman in Test Cricket?

What is nightwatchman mean in cricket?: Cricket, which is called a gentleman's game, is popular in all the countries of the world. At present, the craze for cricket among people is increasing with time. But there are many people who like cricket, but they do not know much about some rules and names of cricket. On this basis, we are going to tell you why there is a night watchman in Test cricket, the initial form of cricket. Also, which night watchman has created history by scoring a century in Test cricket history?

What is Night Watchman in Test Cricket?

  • Let us explain further in details. Actually, this is a plan to save our specialist batsmen from getting out. The job of the nightwatchman is to go to the pitch and face the balls and remain there without losing a wicket till the end of the game. There is no rule for his coming to the crease. Usually when the light starts decreasing at the end of the day. When the players are tired after playing all day, the night watchman is sent to field them with a fresh mindset the next day. Captains often adopt this path to protect their top order.
  • A nightwatchman in cricket is a bowler or lower-order batsman who arrives much earlier than required to help his team watch the day's play and reserve a better batsman for the next day's play. There are 11 players in a cricket team and the general order of batsmen while batting is according to quality.
  • Bowlers are generally not expected to make major contributions with the bat, but when the day is winding down and fatigue is setting in, the captain may sometimes send the bowler instead of the batsman and replace him for the next day's play. Can give instructions on how to play safely. , The role does not require the nightwatchman to score many runs, but to play defensively and prevent the loss of further wickets.

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Nightwatchman: But there is a lot of controversy over this rule. Some people say that it is wrong to send a time pass player to bat when there are talented batsmen. It is against the spirit of the game. Some people say that when bowlers get tired after bowling all day long, then why not get the bowling done by specialist batsmen? Some say that if a batsman is in the playing eleven because of his batting skills then he should not run away from the situation.

Top 5 Best Nightwatchman Performances

  • Naseem-ul-Ghani - 101: Pakistan vs England, 1962
  • Tony Mann - 105: Australia vs India, 1977
  • Syed Kirmani - 101: India Vs. Australia, 1979
  • Mark Boucher - 125: South Africa vs Zimbabwe, 1999
  • Mark Boucher - 108: South Africa vs England, 1999
  • Jason Gillespie - 201: Australia vs Bangladesh, 2006

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the role of night watchman in cricket?

A nightwatchman in cricket is a bowler or lower-order batsman who comes in much earlier than necessary to help his team finish the day's play and reserve a better batsman for the next day's play.

Which night watchman scored most runs?

Jason Gillespie played an inning of 201 runs against Bangladesh in 2006. Which is the highest score by a Nightwatchman

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