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What is Ankara Messi ?

By Bhavya - June 9, 2023 - Last updated on Jun 09, 2023 05:19 PM
What is Ankara Messi ?

What is Ankara Messi?

Ankara Messi is a phrase that has become popular in recent years to describe the incredible skills of Lionel Messi. The phrase is a mispronunciation of the Catalan word "encara," which means "still." It was first used by commentator Joaquim Maria Puyal to describe Messi's performance in a Copa del Rey match against Getafe in 2007. In that match, Messi scored a hat-trick, including a stunning solo goal in which he dribbled past several defenders before scoring. Puyal was so impressed by Messi's performance that he kept repeating the phrase "encara Messi" over and over again.

The phrase "Ankara Messi" has since been used to describe any time Messi performs a particularly impressive piece of skill. It has also been used to compare Messi to other great players, such as Diego Maradona and Pele.

The Origin of Ankara Messi

The phrase "Ankara Messi" originated in a Copa del Rey match between Barcelona and Getafe on January 27, 2007. Barcelona won the match 5-2, and Messi scored a hat-trick. In the build-up to his second goal, Messi dribbled past several Getafe defenders, including the goalkeeper. As he approached the goal, commentator Joaquim Maria Puyal exclaimed, "Encara Messi!" This Catalan phrase means "still Messi," and it was used to express amazement at Messi's incredible skill.

The phrase "Ankara Messi" quickly went viral, and it is now used by fans all over the world to describe Messi's brilliance. It is a testament to Messi's talent that a single word can be used to capture his greatness.

Why is Ankara Messi So Popular?

There are several reasons why the phrase "Ankara Messi" has become so popular. First, it is a catchy and memorable phrase. It is easy to say and easy to remember, which makes it perfect for use in social media and online forums. Second, the phrase is a positive and uplifting one. It is used to celebrate Messi's greatness, and it is a reminder of the joy that he brings to football fans all over the world. Finally, the phrase is a bit tongue-in-cheek. It is a way of acknowledging that Messi is so good that he is almost superhuman.

The Legacy of Ankara Messi

The phrase "Ankara Messi" is a lasting reminder of Lionel Messi's greatness. It is a phrase that will be used for years to come to describe his incredible skills and his ability to bring joy to football fans all over the world.

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