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What are Pakistanis saying about being out of Asia Cup after losing to Sri Lanka

By Vipin - 2023-09-15 13:55:46
What are Pakistanis saying about being out of Asia Cup after losing to Sri Lanka

The match was decided on the last ball of the last over at the R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo, when Cherith Asalanka scored two runs.

There is a lot of disappointment in Pakistan regarding this defeat. People are saying that how will this team be able to win the Cricket World Cup starting next month. India had also defeated Pakistan by 228 runs in the Asia Cup and after that their morale was broken.

Former Pakistan cricketer and former president of Pakistan Cricket Board, Rameez Raja said after Pakistan's defeat, "Actually, the big defeat that Pakistan had against India has had a deep impact on the team psychologically and even now." The players are carrying it. It seemed that the entire team was playing under pressure. Their focus was more on ensuring that no mistake was made.

Rameez Raja said, "Mohammad Rizwan dropped an important catch. If this catch had not been missed, the result would have been different. Babar Azam and the top order also did not have that kind of confidence but Rizwan played very well.

Rameez Raja

Pakistan attacks but there is too much delay. Agreed that the pitch in Sri Lanka is difficult for the Pakistanis but this is where technique comes in handy. We have a lot of work to do on the selection of players. Why is Fakhar Zaman being kept in the team? His dismissal is putting pressure on batting.

India broke morale

Rameez Raja said, “There is pressure on Babar Azam. Of leadership as well as performance. People are questioning his captaincy. What is happening is that the mainstream is being ignored. Can't give long chances to out of form players. Why is Fakhar Zaman being given so many opportunities? Shaheen Shah Afridi is also not able to perform as per his talent. I will say again that Babar Azam's team has recovered from India's defeat.

Former captain of Pakistan cricket team, Mohammad Hafeez said, "Pakistan had started the Asia Cup as the number one team in the world but in this tournament, they lost everything. Sri Lanka has shown an amazing game. Shadab is in absolutely bad form. They should be considered. Shaheen also could not throw the new ball properly. Spin bowling is not able to take wickets. Why was Osama Mir not given a chance in any match? 60 percent of Pakistan's victory is due to bowling, but mistakes are visible on this front.

Former Pakistan cricketer and coach Rashid Latif also targeted his team fiercely on this defeat. Rashid Latif said, "The two players who did not play were sent before Iftikhar. The player of the place he belongs to should get that place. How do they want to feed Haris, Nawaz and Iftikhar?


Pakistan's fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has also cursed his team a lot. Shoaib Akhtar said, "Zaman Khan tried to make the match but Pakistan is out of the tournament. Unfortunately, the match between India and Pakistan did not take place in the final of Asia Cup. Pakistan should no longer have confusion regarding the Final 11. Pakistan's middle order lacks strength and the batting lineup is also weak. Pakistan's openers are not playing and many important players are unfit. This is very shameful for Pakistan. I think India has a good chance to win.

Lesson for pakistan

Abdul Ghaffar, sports editor of Pakistan's English newspaper Dawn, has also expressed deep disappointment about his team.

Abdul Ghaffar said, "To be honest, Pakistan team could not leave its mark anywhere in the Asia Cup. The selection issue is not being resolved in our team right now. Instead of a fast bowler, an all-rounder is included in the team. I think if Pakistan wants to achieve something in the World Cup, then take this defeat as a lesson.

Abdul Ghaffar said, "The decision has not been taken yet as to who should be sent to bat at which number." India defeated you badly but the same Sri Lanka restricted India to 214 runs. Babar Azam will have to understand that there should be a proper logic behind who should be used in what form. Part-timers should be thrown out of the team. There is a need for a specialist in the team.

Abdul Ghaffar has written, "We had lost this match in the first 10 overs and middle overs and not in the last two balls. Zaman Khan had given some hope but Sri Lanka played well. Sri Lanka deserved this victory and had to play in the final with India. Sri Lanka had given a tough competition to India and Pakistan had suffered a shameful defeat from India. There are many flaws in Pakistan's playing eleven itself.


A Pakistani named Faisal Syed has targeted Babar Azam and cited his performance in the Asia Cup. He has written, "Babar Azam, please see your performance. 151 runs against Nepal. This match took place in Pakistan. 17 runs against Bangladesh. This match also took place in Pakistan. 10 runs against India. This match took place in Sri Lanka. And finally 29 runs against Sri Lanka. This match also took place in Sri Lanka.

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