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Watch England cricketer gets out in bizarre fashion in County Game

By Akanksha - 2023-07-28 23:18:23
Watch England cricketer gets out in bizarre fashion in County Game

In a recent County Championship match between Middlesex and Warwickshire at the Edgbaston cricket ground, England cricketer Toby Roland-Jones faced a rather unusual and embarrassing dismissal. The Middlesex skipper, known for his impressive all-round skills, was caught out in a comical yet unfortunate manner during his team's first innings.

It all happened when Toby Roland-Jones confidently smashed a delivery from bowler Ed Barnard for a maximum through long-on. The crowd cheered as the ball soared over the boundary, seemingly destined for a spectacular six. Little did anyone expect what was about to unfold.

In a moment of carelessness, Toby Roland-Jones continued his follow-through nonchalantly. To his dismay, he ended up colliding with the stumps, dislodging the bails in the process. The umpire, without hesitation, raised his finger, signaling an "out" decision for a hit wicket.

The unusual dismissal caught the attention of cricket enthusiasts worldwide, and County Championship couldn't resist sharing the peculiar moment on social media. The organization posted the video and captioned it with a touch of humor, stating, "Out hit wicket?! Toby Roland-Jones thinks he has planted the ball for six but knocks the bails off in his follow-through."

This rare incident came amidst a game where Middlesex put up a commendable first-innings total of 199 runs on the board. In contrast, the hosts, Warwickshire, struggled and were bundled out for a mere 60 runs. As a result, Middlesex enjoyed a substantial first-innings lead of 139 runs.

Despite this unfortunate dismissal, Toby Roland-Jones has an impressive track record as an international cricketer. Having represented England in four Test matches, he has proven his worth with 17 wickets at an outstanding average of 19.64. His standout performances during the English summer of 2017, especially against South Africa, significantly contributed to England's 3-1 series win.

Over time, injuries have hindered Toby Roland-Jones' progress, allowing other players to climb higher in the pecking order for England. Nevertheless, he remains a valuable asset with his skills both with the ball and as a handy lower-order batsman.

As the County Championship progresses, Middlesex finds themselves positioned at the 9th spot on the table, while Warwickshire holds a respectable 4th position.

Cricket is a sport known for its unpredictability, and Toby Roland-Jones' bizarre dismissal is a testament to that. Such moments add to the charm of the game, and while it might have been a bit embarrassing for the cricketer, it will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most unusual dismissals in County Championship history.

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