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Upsets in cricket: The five greatest Cinderella stories

By Guest - 2023-04-27 14:19:34
Upsets in cricket: The five greatest Cinderella stories

Cricket is a very unpredictable sport and all fans know that when they are watching a cricket game anything can happen. But there are some cases where what has happened has been beyond the imagination of viewers and has come as a big surprise to everyone including the sports’ fans and bettors.

The unpredictable nature of cricket is in fact being accurately reflected in the continuous changing and adjusting odds offered in cricket betting markets by all bookmakers including the best betting site with bkash. Everything is fluid and so both bettors and cricket fans are constantly alert, waiting for something unexpected to happen!

But in the history of the sport, there have been some turnarounds which have, beyond any doubt, amazed and shocked everyone! Let’s see the five biggest Cinderella stories in cricket.

5. Bangladesh wins Pakistan in a 1999 World Cup match

Pakistan was defending its title in the 1999 World Cup and they generally did a very good job up until the end - although Australia got to win the title in the end. But their campaign was “shocked” by a defeat from an outsider, an opponent over which they thought victory was easy. Bangladesh put together a stunning performance, took down Pakistan and changed the course of their cricket history since then.

4. Zimbabwe wins Australia in a 1983 World Cup match

Zimbabwe was making its debut in the 1983 World Cup, while Australia was regarded to be the top favorite to win the entire tournament. In Zimbabwe’s opening game with Australia, then, what happened was to change the course of cricket’s history. Zimbabwe was initially dwarfed but soon the team recovered and pulled off an astonishing performance which clearly showed that Australia was coming a bit short! And the rest is history!

3. Kenya wins West Indies in a 1996 World Cup match

Almost 13 years after the West Indies had been beaten by India in the 1983 World Cup final, the team was again stunned by Kenya this time in a match ending up in an upset in 1996. Everybody expected West Indies to win the match, particularly since they were having a remarkable performance, but Kenya came in like a tornado and changed everything. They eventually won against the West Indies in a match that everyone still remembers.

2. Kenya wins Sri Lanka in a 2003 World Cup match

Since 1996 when Kenya won against West Indies there was a relative drought and the team hadn’t experienced any big victory. But this was about to change seven years later when Kenya confronted Sri Lanka in Nairobi and leveraged the home advantage to the best and most efficient way possible. Nobody expected that Kenya would do such a good job - scoring 210/9 in 50 overs in the first innings and winning by 53 runs against their opponents.

1. India wins the 1983 World Cup

In the final between India and West Indies back in 1983 all eyes were set on the two times World Cup Champions West Indies that were in a very good shape and were showcasing amazing performances. India, was largely the underdog, having no title until then and managed to do something that placed them in the cricket world map: win the World Cup against all odds, beating the absolute favorite -West Indies.

These are the five most popular upsets in the world of cricket. The Cinderella stories illustrate how outsiders and underdogs can get to shine, stand out and catch fans’ attention all across the world. Some of these upsetting moments in cricket have actually changed the history of the sport, transforming cricket from a ‘liked’ sport to an absolute passion.

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