Uganda Mens Kabaddi League 2022 Schedule, Points Table

By Arjit - November 6, 2022 - Last updated on Nov 26, 2022 12:20 PM
Uganda Mens Kabaddi League 2022 Schedule, Points Table

Here you can see Uganda Mens Kabaddi League 2022 Schedule, Points Table, Match Prediction, Dream11 team, and fantasy tips.

All the matches of this league are to be held at the same venue i.e. Fast Fusion Indium Stadium.

Uganda Mens Kabaddi League 2022 Schedule, Time Table, Points Table

Match No. Date Match Result
1 4-Nov-2022 JSB vs SHA SHA Beat JSB (48-26)
2 4-Nov-2022 STP vs RAF STP beat RAF (63-27)
3 4-Nov-2022 WAJ vs COL WAJ beat COL (53-26)
4 5-Nov-2022 SC vs STP STP beat SC 71-22)
5 5-Nov-2022 TWI vs SHA SKG beeat TWI (52-53)
6 5-Nov-2022 RAF vs JSB RAF beat JSB (48-46)
7 6-Nov-2022 TWI va WAJ TWI beat WAJ (42-41)
8 6-Nov-2022 SC vs RAF RAF beat SC (56-34)
9 6-Nov-2022 JSB vs STP STP beat JSB (50-24)
10 7-Nov-2022 TWI vs STP STP beat TWI (78-30)
11 7-Nov-2022 WAJ vs SC SC beat WAJ (54-40)
12 7-Nov-2022 SHA vs RAF RAF beat SHA(54-45)
13 8-Nov-2022 RAF vs WAJ RAF beat WAJ (54-51)
14 8-Nov-2022 TWI vs JSB JSB beat TWI (48-44)
15 8-Nov-2022 SHA vs COL SHA beat COL (59-54)
16 9-Nov-2022 STP vs SHA STP beat SHA (91-22)
17 9-Nov-2022 COL vs TWI TWI beat COL (58-36)
18 9-Nov-2022 JSB vs WAJ JSB beat WAJ(58-36)
19 10-Nov-2022 WAJ vs SHA WAJ beat SHA(72-47)
20 10-Nov-2022 COL vs RAF RAF beat COL (57-56)
21 10-Nov-2022 SC vs TWI TWI beat SC (59-58)
22 11-Nov-2022 COL vs SC SC beat COL (62-55)
23 11-Nov-2022 JSB vs SHA JSB beat SHA (65-29)
24 11-Nov-2022 WAJ vs STP STP beat WAJ (69-32)
25 12-Nov-2022 RAF vs STP STP beat RAF (63-44)
26 12-Nov-2022 SHA vs SC SC beat SHA(71-49)
27 12-Nov-2022 COL vs JSB JSB beat COL(54-39)
28 13-Nov-2022 SC vs JSB JSB beat SC(44-41)
29 13-Nov-2022 COL vs WAJ COL beat WAJ(72-51)
30 13-Nov-2022 SHA vs TWI SHA beat TWI(66-32)
31 14-Nov-2022 STP vs SC STP beat SC (76-33)
32 14-Nov-2022 WAJ vs TWI WAJ beat TWI (70-33)
33 14-Nov-2022 JSB vs RAF RAF beat JSB (64-47)
34 15-Nov-2022 STP vs COL STP beat COL (81-32)
35 15-Nov-2022 SC vs WAJ WAJ beat SC (81-32)
36 15-Nov-2022 RAF vs SHA RAF beat SHA (55-50)
37 16-Nov-2022 WAJ vs RAF RAF beat WAJ (65-33)
38 16-Nov-2022 TWI vs SC SC beat TWI (61-52)
39 16-Nov-2022 STP vs JSB STP beat JSB (83-26)
40 17-Nov-2022 SHA vs STP STP beat SHA (77-21)
41 17-Nov-2022 JSB vs TWI JSB beat TWI (92-25)
42 17-Nov-2022 RAF vs COL RAF beat COL (65-50)
43 18-Nov-2022 STP vs WAJ STP beat WAJ (74-29)
44 18-Nov-2022 TWI vs COL COL beat TWI (72-36)
45 18-Nov-2022 SC vs JSB JSB beat SC (55-49)
46 19-Nov-2022 RAF vs TWI RAF beat TWI (50-43)
47 19-Nov-2022 SC vs COL SC beat COL(60-40)
48 19-Nov-2022 WAJ vs JSB JSB beat WAJ(59-53)
49 20-Nov-2022 COL vs STP Match Tied
50 20-Nov-2022 SHA vs SC SHA beat SC (64-39)
51 20-Nov-2022 TWI vs RAF RAF beat TWI (64-45)
52 21-Nov-2022 JSC vs COL JSC beat COL(64-45)
53 21-Nov-2022 SHA vs WAJ SHA beat WAJ (62-43)
54 21-Nov-2022 SC vs RAF RAF beat SC (66 -64)
55 22-Nov-2022 COL vs SHA SHA beat COL (77-55)
56 22-Nov-2022 STP vs TWI STP beat TWI (89-15)
57 22-Nov-2022 STP vs SHA STP beat SHA (73-22)
58 23-Nov-2022 RAF vs JSB JSB beat RAF (67-61)
59 23-Nov-2022 SHA vs RAF SHA beat RAF (54-53)
60 23-Nov-2022 STP vs JSB STP beat JSB (77-27)

Uganda Mens Kabaddi League Points Table


#TeamPlayedWonLostTieNRNRRPointsRecent Forms
1Star Pirates12120055960
2Random Fighters119205245
3Jakana Super Bullets127501136
5War Jaguars124802823
6Superior Club11470-10423
Recent Forms: W = Won, L = Lost, T = Tie, D = Draw, NR = No Result

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