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Transgender players banned from women cricket

By Vipin - 2023-11-22 13:13:51
Transgender players banned from women cricket

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has banned transgender players from participating in international women's cricket. ICC held its quarterly meeting in Ahmedabad on Tuesday, in which many decisions were taken.

The bowling team will now get 60 seconds time to start the next over, if it is delayed 3 times then the batting team will get 5 runs. Along with this, ICC has also snatched the hosting of the Under-19 World Cup to be held in January-February next year from Sri Lanka and given it to South Africa.

Transgender players banned at international level

ICC approved the new rules by taking decisions in the meeting. According to them, players who convert from male to female will no longer be able to play cricket with the international women's team. Players who convert from male to female by using surgery or any kind of medical treatment will also not be able to be a part of women's cricket.

However, the International Cricket Board has not implemented this rule in the domestic cricket of the countries. If the board wishes, they can include transgender players in the domestic women's cricket of their country.

Danielle McGaey is the first international transgender player

Danielle McGaey

In the same year, Danielle McGuey became the first transgender player to play cricket for the International Women's Team. Then he played cricket from Canada as per ICC rules. 29-year-old batsman Danielle started playing cricket in Australia but after shifting to Canada in 2020, she got her gender changed.

After successful surgery in 2021, Danielle made his debut for Canada in September 2023. Till now he had scored 118 runs in 6 T-20s at a strike rate of 95.93. But due to new rules she will no longer be able to play international cricket.

Time of 60 seconds between overs, if there is a delay, there will be a penalty of 5 runs.

60 second

Now in international cricket, after the end of one over, there will be 60 seconds (one minute) time to start the next one. If the bowling team is unable to do this then they will get 2 warnings. By doing this for the third time, 5 runs will be added to the batting team's score. If this happens every third time in the match, a penalty of 5 runs will be imposed on the bowling team.

Let us understand this with an example. Suppose India did not start the next within 60 seconds 6 times in a T20 against Australia. So in this condition, Team India will be penalized twice and 10 runs will be added to Australia's score. One penalty will add 5 runs, in this case 2 penalties will add 10 runs and the same will happen every time.

Will trial 60 second rule for 5 months

The ICC said that a clock will be used between overs to monitor time. If the bowling team is not ready to bowl the next over within 60 seconds, they will be penalized for every third mistake.

From December next month to April in 2024, the 60 second rule will be adopted in ODI and T-20 international cricket. After April, a decision will be taken whether this rule should be made permanent or not.

International status of ground will be removed on 6 demerit points

ICC also implemented new rules for rating the pitch and outfield of the ground. Now, if a ground gets 6 demerit points within 5 years, its international status will be taken away. Earlier the status was removed only after 5 demerit points.

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