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Top five Indian cricketers who were allegedly involved in match-fixing

By Aditya - October 29, 2023 - Last updated on Oct 29, 2023 01:28 AM
Top five Indian cricketers who were allegedly involved in match-fixing

Cricket is a game that is enjoyed widely and has been dubbed a “gentleman’s sport” because of the way that is played. It is usually played with fairness and spirit that other sports often find the ability to be unmatched while also being as highly competitive as those that can often be more physical.

With millions watching around the world, it is a game that can provide plenty of excitement and can produce plenty of entertainment regardless of the classification of the game that is being played. While T20 competitions offer a quicker pace, Test series still attract significant viewership, as well as numerous betting eyes. Those who check out this review of Rabona casino app may find something that they like if they are in the market to enhance their cricket viewing experiences with a spot of sports betting.

However, given how popular an activity the game is and how so many worldwide like to positively wager on it, it has led to some ill-advised decisions by players in the past. Corruption can be ugly, especially when it comes to players from one of the most passionate about cricket.

Five Indians accused of match-fixing

Indians are arguably the most passionate about the sport of cricket, with most of the country’s population playing at some point as well as watching. The nation’s Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament is one of the biggest in the world, as it continues to draw in millions in terms of viewers and physical attendance.

Therefore, the fact that there are individuals who have fallen foul to corruption and have been accused and alleged to have fixed matches for their own gain is one that has been truly upsetting for the nation. To make things worse, some of the country’s biggest heroes and best up-and-coming players have all been said to be involved.

1. Mohammad Azharuddin

A former Indian captain and one of the most successful ever, Mohammed Azharuddin, was found guilty of being involved in a match-fixing scandal. Despite having won three ICC Cricket World Cups (1992, 1996, and 1999), his 15-year reputation was tarnished as he was alleged to be providing information to bookies. He received a lifetime ban, but that was uplifted in 2012.

2. Sreesanth

Perhaps one of the more upsetting stories, S Sreesanth was one of the most promising Indian quick bowlers of his generation, but it all came crashing to a halt as quickly as he could bowl. His India national career was only between 2005 and 2011 when he blitzed the wicket with his pace and helped the country to victory at the 2007 ICC World T20 and 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup. However, in 2013, he was arrested on spot-fixing charges and was handed a ban for life, which would be reduced to seven years. He failed to make a return but did end up appearing in a few films.

3. Ajay Sharma

One of the best domestically, Ajay Sharma tarnished his career with Indians when he was found to have a role in match-fixing as he had associations with the bookies. He did eventually have the life ban and charges dropped from 2000 some fourteen years later in 2014, but many may remember him for this instead of scoring 10,120 runs in 129 matches with an incredible average of 67.46 domestically.

4. Manoj Prabhakar

Another player with a top national career as a fine all-rounder, Manoj Prabhakar fell on his own sword as he accused former captain Kapil Dev of offering him money to underperform while on tour of Sri Lanka in 2000. He was later charged, himself, with his involvement in fixing and received a five-year ban.

5. Ajay Jadeja

In 2000, Ajay Jadeja was another Indian cricketer to be found guilty because of his connection with the bookies. He was suspended for five years but after serving three years, he was allowed to return in 2003 to the domestic game and continued for a decade to play. He was a specialist in the ODI game, as he managed to score 8,100 runs across 111 matches domestically, averaging 54.00. He scored 5,359 ODI runs at an average of 37.47 for the national team across almost 200 matches (196 played).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Indian match-fixing scandal?

A match-fixing scandal refers to a situation in sports, including cricket, where individuals or groups or bookie conspire to manipulate the outcome of a game for their own gain, Spot-Fixing, Result-Fixing, Betting Scandals, typically financial.

Who was the Indian cricketer involved in match-fixing?

There were so many cricketers involved in match fixing. One of the most notable Indian cricketers involved in a match-fixing scandal was Mohammad Azharuddin, Sreesanth, Ajay Jadeja etc.

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