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Top 5 Teams Knocked Out of World Cup Qualifiers in History

By Bhavya - 2023-07-02 18:12:44
 Top 5 Teams Knocked Out of World Cup Qualifiers in History

The journey towards the ICC Cricket World Cup is a challenging and demanding one, even for the most established cricketing nations. Throughout history, we have witnessed the disappointment and heartbreak experienced by several teams as they were knocked out during the qualification stage. In this blog, we will explore the top five teams that faced such setbacks, similar to the West Indies in the World Cup 2023 qualifiers, and delve into the reasons behind their exits.

West Indies:

The West Indies cricket team, known for its dominance and flair in the past, faced a bitter disappointment in the World Cup 2023 qualifiers. The team failed to secure a spot in the tournament, unable to consistently perform and overcome challenges posed by other aspiring nations. Inconsistency in their performances, batting collapses, and a lack of cohesion were some of the factors contributing to their early exit.


Once considered a force to be reckoned with in international cricket, Zimbabwe faced a significant setback when they failed to qualify for the 2018 ICC Cricket World Cup. This disappointment shed light on the challenges faced by the nation in maintaining competitiveness. Internal issues, financial constraints, and a lack of exposure to top-level cricket played a role in their failure to secure a spot in the tournament.


Ireland, renowned for their giant-killing performances in previous World Cups, faced disappointment in the qualifiers for the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. The team, known for their fighting spirit and potential, found themselves on the wrong side of results in crucial matches. Limited opportunities to compete against top-ranked teams and the challenges faced by Associate nations contributed to their exit. The qualification process also raised questions about fairness and providing a platform for teams to showcase their abilities.


Scotland, a team with a passionate cricketing culture, came agonizingly close to qualifying for the 2019 World Cup. However, they fell short and faced the disappointment of being knocked out. Their near-miss highlighted the fine margins in cricket and the cruel nature of knockout tournaments. Despite their valiant efforts and spirited performances, they were unable to secure a place in the tournament, emphasizing the challenges faced by Associate nations in maintaining consistency.


The Netherlands, known for their heroics in previous World Cups, experienced heartbreak when they failed to qualify for the 2014 edition. This setback exposed the difficulties faced by Associate nations in maintaining consistency and competitiveness. Limited exposure to high-level cricket, resources, and the challenges of player development played a part in their exit from the qualification stage.


The World Cup qualifiers have been witness to the disappointment and heartbreak experienced by some of the most prominent cricketing nations. The failures of teams like the West Indies, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands serve as reminders that success in international cricket is not guaranteed. These setbacks prompt teams to reflect, reevaluate their strategies, and invest in talent development.The challenges faced by these teams highlight the need for a robust cricketing structure, talent identification programs, and support for Associate nations. It calls for fairer qualification processes that provide opportunities for teams to showcase their potential and promote a more inclusive and competitive cricketing landscape.While these teams may have faced disappointment in the World Cup qualifiers, their journeys continue. They must learn from their setbacks, address their weaknesses, and strive for improvement. Cricket, being a game of uncertainties, provides ample opportunities for redemption and resurgence. It is through determination, adaptability, and continuous growth that these teams can turn their fortunes around and aspire to qualify for future World Cups.

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