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Top 5 highest wicket takers in the Ashes

By Kaif - June 6, 2023 - Last updated on Jun 06, 2023 01:35 PM
Top 5 highest wicket takers in the Ashes

The Ashes Test played between England and Australia is famous all over the world. The Ashes 2023 between the two teams begins on 16 June. Both the teams will go on the field to make it their name. Let us tell you that Australia had won the last season of the Ashes. They beat England 4-0. At present, England's form is very good in Tests and they would like to give a crushing defeat to Australia at their home. With this, today we tell you about the 5 most wicket-taker bowlers in the Ashes.

Highest wicket takers in the Ashes

1. Shane Warne (AUS)36195
2. Glenn McGrath (AUS)30157
3. Hugh Trumble (AUS)31141
4. Stuart Broad (ENG)35131
5. Dennis Lillee (AUS)24128

Top 5 highest wicket-takers in the Ashes

1. Shane Warne - 195 Wicket

Shane Warne

Image Source: AUS Web

Highest wicket taker in the Ashes, Shane Warne is counted among the best bowlers in the world. He is also the highest wicket taker in the Ashes. Shane Warne has taken 195 wickets in 36 Ashes Tests at an average of 23.25. He has 11 five wicket hauls against England.

2. Glenn McGrath - 157 Wicket

Glenn McGrath

Image Source: AUS Web

Glenn McGrath is considered one of the best fast bowlers in the world. He has made many such records in bowling. Glenn McGrath has taken 157 wickets in 30 Ashes matches at an average of 20.92.

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3. Hugh Trumble - 141 Wicket

Hugh Trumble

Image Source: AUS Web

Former Australia spinner Hugh Trumbull is at number three in this list. The most surprising thing about Hugh Trumbull is that he has played 32 Tests in his cricketing career, out of which he has played 31 Tests against England in the Ashes. Hugh Trumble has taken 141 wickets against England at an average of 19.79.

4. Stuart Broad - 131 Wicket

Stuart Broad

Image Source: ENG Web

England's brilliant fast bowler Stuart Broad is at number four in this list. He is the only active bowler in this list. Broad played his first Ashes in 2009. So far, Broad has taken 131 wickets in 35 Tests against Australia at an average of 29.05.

5. Dennis Lillee - 128 Wicket

Dennis Lillee

Image Source: AUS Web

Dennis Lillee is regarded as one of the most successful fast bowlers in cricket. He has won Australia many matches with his explosive bowling. Dennis Lillee has taken 128 wickets in 24 Tests against England at an average of 22.32.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which bowler has taken the most wickets in the Ashes?

Shane Warne is also the highest wicket-taker in the Ashes. Shane Warne has taken 195 wickets in 36 Ashes Tests at an average of 23.25.

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