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Top 3 Popular Slots with Cricket Theme

By Guest - September 29, 2023 - Last updated on Sep 29, 2023 10:02 PM
Top 3 Popular Slots with Cricket Theme

Online slots are among the most enjoyed casino games, with millions worldwide playing them regularly.

They are simple to enjoy, while it is possible to find titles that are very different from each other despite still offering the basic mechanics which make them work. Many of the most popular online slot games in the market are readily available to enjoy at most casinos, with each of these having large collections available to peruse.

In fact, the various themes that are available are one of the reasons why there are thousands to choose from. There is something for everyone across the iGaming industry, including those who are fanatical about cricket.

The sport is one that can create divided opinions as some will class it as boring, whereas others will appreciate it for the skill that is required as well as the strategies that can be adopted. Unsurprisingly, cricket has a huge following in locations in the southern hemisphere, with India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa largely enjoying the game. In the north, it is mainly enjoyed by England, although its popularity continues to grow and expand across the region.

Slot games themed around Cricket

Given the popularity of the sport, the iGaming industry has looked to take advantage and create games themed around cricket. They will have done this as they would have identified a potential gap in the market in which they could try and attract new players who are passionate about the game to start playing theirs.

However, with numerous cricket titles now available, what are the three most popular slots to feature the bat and ball?

1. Cricket Mania Slot

Tom Horn Gaming might not have a reputation as big as Play’n GO, NetEnt, or Microgaming, but they are a reputable software provider that continually offers big titles. Their Cricket Mania Slot game is just one example of this.

Equipped with immersive graphics, the game features a number of eye-catching visuals in the form of its background and symbols. It is played on a cricket pitch, and the equivalent of hitting a six would be triggering the free spins bonus round. It has 40 paylines, although this does reduce to 27 in the bonus feature, while the RTP rate is 94.84%.

2. Cricket Star Online Slot

Microgaming’s Cricket Star Online Slot is another top option for those looking to enjoy a cricket-themed iGaming experience. The game provides players with the opportunity to win from 243 ways, and enjoy a variety of different features.

Among the features included are wilds that can expand, a bonus free spins round of up to 25 free spins and progressive multipliers, as well as the chance to increase wins through the Rolling Reels feature that automatically triggers after each winning spin.

3. Premier League Cricket

Provided by Caleta Gaming, Premier League Cricket is a title that has taken inspiration from the Indian Premier League and brought it to life as an iGaming slot that can provide some potentially lucrative rewards.

The title has become one of the most popular due to its basic gameplay experience, with 243 ways to win having been included across the 5-reel grid. Numerous aspects of the game are cricket-themed, thus enhancing its appeal while bonus features like the free spins game can also make it an interesting title to try out!


In the world of online slots, the convergence of cricket and casino gaming has sparked a thrilling innings. Cricket enthusiasts and slot aficionados alike can revel in the top three cricket-themed slots that have taken the iGaming industry by storm.

Whether you're smashing boundaries in Cricket Mania, experiencing the thrill of Microgaming's Cricket Star, or delving into Premier League Cricket, there's something for everyone at the crease. With immersive graphics, innovative features, and the allure of the cricketing world, these slots have become favorites among players worldwide. So, step up to the wicket and spin the reels for a truly cricketing adventure!

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