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Top 10 Players with the Most Sixes in T20 2023 Edition

By Akanksha - June 28, 2023 - Last updated on Jun 28, 2023 10:37 PM
 Top 10 Players with the Most Sixes in T20 2023 Edition

T20 cricket has always been known for its power-hitting and sixes that electrify the crowd. In the 2023 edition of T20 cricket, several players showcased their exceptional skills and entertained fans with their ability to clear the boundary ropes.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at the top 10 players who hit the most sixes during the tournament. We will analyze their performances, batting statistics, and their impact on the game.

Player Mat Inns Runs 6s
C Munro (BH/IU/NOTTS) 25 25 714 53
F du Plessis (JSK/PS/RCB) 27 26 1139 101
T Kohler-Cadmore (PZ/RR/SOM) 26 26 735 47
RR Rossouw (DC/MS/PC/SA/ST) 36 36 932 47
WG Jacks (PC/SURR) 19 19 738 46
Iftikhar Ahmed (BRSAL/PAK/QG) 27 25 700 46
JC Buttler (ENG/LANCS/PR/RR) 36 36 1175 46
SA Yadav (IND/MI) 22 22 872 44
TH David (HH/MI/MICT/MS) 33 32 676 44
H Klaasen (DSG/SA/SRH) 25 23 834 43

In the ever-evolving landscape of T20 cricket, the ability to hit sixes has become a crucial aspect of a player's repertoire. The T20 2023 edition witnessed an array of power-hitters who left spectators awestruck with their incredible six-hitting prowess.

We will delve into the performances of the top 10 players who enthralled fans with their long-range shots, setting new benchmarks in the tournament. So, let's explore the fascinating journey of these cricketers and relish their remarkable achievements.

  1. Colin Munro (BH/IU/NOTTS):

    Colin Munro

    Image Source: Twitter

    Colin Munro, known for his explosive batting, dominated the T20 2023 edition with his sensational hitting. Representing multiple teams, Munro showcased his prowess in 25 matches, scoring a staggering 714 runs. With a remarkable strike rate of 166.43, Munro consistently found the boundaries, dispatching 50 sixes in the process. His ability to score quick runs made him a valuable asset to any team.

  2. Faf du Plessis (JSK/PS/RCB):

    Faf du Plessis

    Image Source: Twitter

    Faf du Plessis, renowned for his elegance and consistency, demonstrated his adaptability in the T20 2023 edition. The South African maestro accumulated 1139 runs in 27 matches, including 50 sixes. With an impressive average of 47.45, du Plessis played several match-winning innings. His unbeaten century further solidified his reputation as a dependable batsman.

  3. Tom Kohler-Cadmore (PZ/RR/SOM):

    Tom Kohler Cadmore

    Image Source: Twitter

    Tom Kohler-Cadmore's batting fireworks lit up the T20 2023 edition. With a blend of power and finesse, he amassed 735 runs in 26 matches, striking at a remarkable rate of 163.69. His innings comprised 47 sixes, proving his ability to clear the ropes with ease. Kohler-Cadmore's explosive batting made him a crucial asset for his respective teams.

  4. Rilee Rossouw (DC/MS/PC/SA/ST):

    Rilee Rossouw

    Image Source: Twitter

    Rilee Rossouw showcased his hard-hitting skills throughout the T20 2023 edition, leaving spectators spellbound. Playing in 36 matches, he compiled 932 runs, including 47 sixes. Rossouw's batting prowess, coupled with his consistency, helped him maintain an impressive strike rate of 160.96. His ability to convert starts into substantial innings was a key factor behind his success.

  5. Will Jacks (PC/SURR):

    Will Jacks

    Image Source: Twitter

    Will Jacks, the young Englishman, made a significant impact in the T20 2023 edition. With his fearless stroke play, Jacks accumulated 738 runs in 19 matches, striking at an astonishing rate of 173.23. His ability to find the boundaries consistently resulted in 46 sixes. Jacks' performances showcased his potential as a future star in the world of T20 cricket.

  6. Iftikhar Ahmed (BRSAL/PAK/QG):

    Iftikhar Ahmed

    Image Source: Twitter

    Iftikhar Ahmed's T20 2023 campaign was filled with sensational batting displays. His aggressive approach yielded 700 runs in 27 matches, including 46 sixes. Ahmed's knack for playing impactful innings at crucial junctures earned him accolades. With an average of 38.88 and a strike rate of 151.18, he proved to be a game-changer for his teams.

  7. Jos Buttler (ENG/LANCS/PR/RR):

    Jos Buttler

    Image Source: Twitter

    Jos Buttler, a household name in T20 cricket, continued to mesmerize fans with his explosive batting. In the T20 2023 edition, Buttler scored 1175 runs in 36 matches, launching 46 sixes along the way. His ability to take on any bowling attack and deliver under pressure made him one of the most feared batsmen in the tournament. Buttler's breathtaking stroke play left a lasting impression.

  8. Suryakumar Yadav (IND/MI):

    Suryakumar Yadav

    Image Source: Twitter

    Suryakumar Yadav's meteoric rise in T20 cricket reached new heights in the T20 2023 edition. Displaying remarkable consistency, Yadav amassed 872 runs in 22 matches, including 44 sixes. With two centuries to his name, Yadav showcased his ability to dominate the opposition. His strike rate of 171.31 reflected his aggressive intent and made him a key contributor for his team.

  9. Tim David (HH/MI/MICT/MS):

    Tim David Played For Singapore

    Image Source: Twitter

    Tim David, a name synonymous with clean hitting, displayed his power-hitting skills in the T20 2023 edition. Accumulating 676 runs in 33 matches, David struck 44 sixes at a formidable strike rate of 164.47. Despite missing out on a century, David's ability to score quick runs in the middle overs proved vital for his team's success.

  10. Heinrich Klaasen (DSG/SA/SRH):

    Heinrich Klaasen

    Image Source: Twitter

    Heinrich Klaasen's explosive batting propelled him into the list of the top 10 six-hitters of the T20 2023 edition. Scoring 834 runs in 25 matches, Klaasen blasted 43 sixes at a staggering strike rate of 171.95. With two centuries and five fifties, Klaasen played pivotal roles in his team's victories.


The T20 2023 edition witnessed an array of extraordinary batting performances, with these ten players emerging as the top six-hitters. Their ability to clear the ropes with consistency and precision provided fans with countless moments of excitement and thrill. As T20 cricket continues to evolve, the art of hitting sixes remains a crucial aspect of the game. The exploits of these players in the T20 2023 edition will be remembered for years to come, inspiring future generations of power-hitters.

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