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Top 10 cricket teams that are now lost or don't play cricket anymore

By Akanksha - December 16, 2023 - Last updated on Dec 16, 2023 10:04 PM
Top 10 cricket teams that are now lost or don't play cricket anymore

Within the dynamic realm of international cricket, there is a moving story of once-dominant cricket teams that have progressively vanished from the spotlight, either by being forgotten in the annals of time or by seldom appearing on the cricket field these days. These groups, which were once titans in their own right, added to the rich history of the game. But because of some factors, they are now marginalized, and their cricketing pursuits are reduced to historical relics.

Top 10 cricket teams that are now lost or don't play cricket anymore

10. East Africa

East Africa

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The story of the combined East African side is one of the most fascinating from the bygone days of cricket. This cricket squad, which included players from Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya, demonstrated the unification of nations via the game. But this cricketing coalition's destiny changed along with the socio-political climate, and now the squad is but a distant memory.

9. Zimbabwe


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When it came to cricket, Zimbabwe used to be a formidable opponent. They left their imprint on international cricket with players such as Heath Streak and Andy Flower. Zimbabwean cricket endured a crisis from 2003 to 2011, marked by player withdrawals (e.g., Andy Flower and Henry Olonga's "Black-armband protest") and a huge exodus of players in 2004 owing to a nationwide strike, which led to dreadful performances by the national side. However, due to internal conflict and administrative problems, performance declined, and Zimbabwean cricket—once a dominant sport—now has recognition challenges.

8. Netherlands


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The Netherlands' cricketing endeavours have declined, notwithstanding their reputation for passionate performances in international competitions. The Dutch squad, which was previously an underdog and shocked cricketing heavyweights, is currently struggling with little possibilities and must find a way to fan the flame that burned fiercely in the past. Because these guys won't know when they'll get to mingle with the best players in international cricket again, they will return to unknown surroundings for the foreseeable future. The 2020–23 cycle's ODI Super League, which allowed the Netherlands to play bilateral matches against South Africa, England, Pakistan, and New Zealand, has been discontinued.

7. Canada


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The Canadian cricket team, an emblem of perseverance and diversity, has struggled to remain a constant force on the global scene. Even though there have been flashes of greatness, the squad is now underappreciated and unable to compete with the dominant cricket teams. But in the early 1900s, cricket abruptly began to decrease. Americans' passion for sports began to permeate Canadian culture. For example, baseball began to supplant cricket in Hamilton, Ontario, about 1860 (Metcalfe 2000). Some members of the working class played baseball. In terms of game style, it was similar to cricket.

6. Kenya

kenya 2003

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The memorable 2003 World Cup performance, in which Kenya advanced to the semi-finals, served as a milestone in the country's cricket history. But in the years that followed, the team's success gradually faded and it became harder for them to retain it. Their victorious past's echoes now act as a moving reminder of times past. When Kenya failed to qualify for the 2015 Cricket World Cup and placed outside of the top 4 in the 2014 Cricket World Cup qualifier, they lost their ODI status after eighteen years.

Kenya was demoted to the new Challenge League after more setbacks in the World Cricket League prevented them from regaining their ODI standing.

5. Scotland


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Cricket Scotland was in a stable enough position in 2021 to consider applying to the ICC for Full Member (FM) membership. The application requirements have shifted, and playing multi-day cricket was no longer a requirement for the status. Scotland, home to an ardent cricket culture, has had to contend with a lack of resources and visibility. The Scottish cricket team is still struggling to establish a presence in the very competitive world of international cricket, despite its tenacity and occasional victories.

4. Ireland


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Ireland's cricket career has been marked by perseverance and intermittent victories. It has proven to be an uphill fight to regularly compete at the greatest level, though. The Irish squad, which was previously the fan favourite despite being the underdog, is currently struggling to maintain its high calibre. Particularly in the years following the land war, cricket's appeal in Ireland decreased as a result of its reputation as a "garrison game" for the British Army. The Anglo-Irish community, unionists, and Catholic and Protestant public schools were the only groups allowed to participate more and more.

3. Namibia


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The time Namibia spent playing international cricket was filled with pride and success. Nevertheless, there has been a silent retreat from the forefront of the cricketing globe due to a lack of chances and resources. Though not forgotten, the Namibian squad presently plays cricket on the fringes of the world stage. In their first World Cup, Namibia was humiliated by their more experienced rivals in 2003, but it appeared that Kenya would have an impact in the future. Regretfully, after 2003, both Kenya and Namibia were forgotten about. While Kenya's cricket team was in turmoil and hasn't been as successful as it once was, happily, Namibia's squad has been back at the top of the table in 2019 after doing well in the Intercontinental Cup.

2. The United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

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With its developing cricket scene, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) once dreamed of being a cricket superpower. However, while they work to rekindle the enthusiasm for cricket inside its boundaries, the squad has been reduced to a supporting role due to issues with facilities and exposure to competition. The oldest cricket council in the United Arab Emirates is located in the Garden City of Al Ain. After the nation gained independence in 1971, cricket's appeal waned; yet, as South Asian immigrants started to arrive, they brought with them a desire to play the game. Educated in Pakistan and India, the Arab community in the area established clubs and started holding domestic competitions in the 1980s.

1. Bangladesh

Bangladesh team

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Bangladesh had had trouble establishing themselves in international cricket before being granted Test status. The hardships and obstacles they faced in their early years remain an essential part of their cricketing story, even if they have subsequently developed into a strong test-playing nation.

Within cricket, these teams' narratives serve as a helpful reminder of the sport's fleeting nature. It is expected that as cricket develops, these teams who were forgotten over time could make a comeback, reclaim their places on the international scene, and add to the rich history of international cricket.

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