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Top 10 Cricket Academies in India, Best Cricket Academy

By Kaif - July 24, 2023 - Last updated on Jul 24, 2023 03:14 PM
Top 10 Cricket Academies in India, Best Cricket Academy

Top Cricket Academy, Cricket is not just a game in India. It is a part of life. Knowingly or unknowingly everyone follows this game. The craze of cricket in India is paramount. The tremendous growth of IPL has given a platform for youngsters to showcase their talent on a global platform. The number of cricket academies in India is also increasing. If you are looking for the best cricket academy in India, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we will talk about the Top 10 Cricket Academies in India. see the list below

Here is the list of Best Cricket Academies

1National Cricket AcademyBangalore
2Karnataka Institute of CricketBangalore
3Sehwag Cricket AcademyJhajjar
4Madan Lal Cricket AcademyDelhi
5Sonnet Cricket Club DelhiDelhi
6Mumbai Cricket Association Mumbai
7West Delhi Cricket AcademyDelhi
8Jaipur Cricket AcademyJaipur
9 VB Cricket AcademyChennai
10Vengsarkar Cricket Academy (VCA)Mumbai

Best Cricket Academies

1. National Cricket Academy

  • Location – Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Year of Establishment – 2000
  • Current Director – Rahul Dravid
  • Famous Cricketers trained in the academy – Robin Uthappa, Manoj Tiwary, Piyush Chawla, Rohit Sharma, Gautam Gambhir, Parthiv Patel

Best Cricket Academy in India, The National Cricket Academy, one of the most prestigious cricket academies in India, is located at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. It was established in 2000 as a training facility for the BCCI with the support of Kapil Dev, Anil Kumble and Ravi Shastri. The Academy provides top-notch world-class facilities. Its objective was to train young cricketers who are identified as having the potential to represent the Indian cricket team. Apart from this, expert cricketers and former players form the faculty here who train young cricketers for national and international cricket matches. Along with this the students are taught time management, stress management, and career guidance.

2. Karnataka Institute of Cricket

  • Location – Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Year of Establishment – 1986
  • Current Director – Irfan Sait
  • Famous Cricketers trained in the academy – Manish Pandey, Shreyas Iyer, Mayank Agarwal

Karnataka Institute of Cricket is one of the best cricket academies in India. It is located in Bangalore and provides training throughout the year. KIOC is known for its technical coaching expertise. Here the theory sessions throw light on the nuances of batting, bowling, and fielding techniques with a focus on individual player development and mental conditioning. It is the only cricket academy in India that operates 365 days a year and 15 hours a day. It has a team of more than 40 coaches

3. Sonnet Cricket Club Delhi

  • Location – New Delhi
  • Year of Establishment – 1969
  • Current Director/ Head Coach – Tarak Sinha
  • Famous Cricketers Trained in the academy – Shikhar Dhawan, Rishabh Pant, Ashish Nehra, Anjum Chopra

Sonnet Club was formed in 1969 by Mr. Tarak Sinha who was the founder and coach of the club. This cricket academy has produced some of the best cricketers in India. You will be surprised to know that this club has given training to the most famous names of Indian cricket Shikhar Dhawan, Virender Sehwag, Rishabh Pant, Manoj Prabhakar and Ashish Nehra. It has tailored programs for everyone, special coaching, and guidance for underachievers. In-depth technical analysis of talented young players.

4. Madan Lal Cricket Academy

  • Location – Delhi, Greater Noida
  • Year of Establishment – NA
  • Current Director – Madan Lal

Located in Delhi, Madan Lal Cricket Academy is the best government cricket academy named after former international Indian cricketer Madan Lal. The academy focuses on imparting the values of discipline, dedication, and hard work. Here the theory sessions often include discussions on technical aspects of the game as well as sharing of real-life experiences and inspirational stories. The academy has two head coaches, one from Australia, Andrew Dawson, and the other from Blake Moore, who is considered the top junior coaches in the world. The institution seeks to develop talented children into elite cricket players.

5. Sehwag Cricket Academy

  • Location – Jhajjar, Haryana
  • Year of Establishment – 2011
  • Current Director – Virender Sehwag

Founded by former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag in Jhajjar, Haryana, the academy emphasizes on aggressive and fearless cricket. This cricket academy was established by Virender Sehwag in 2011 and since then it has become one of the best cricket academies. The academy has highly experienced coaches and outstanding international cricketers also come as guest coaches. Ranji players often share useful tricks with the students. They conduct regular match analysis and other techniques to analyze the skills and talents of the players. SCA focuses on physical development through various international standard sports facilities including an indoor swimming pool.

6. Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) Academy

  • Location – Mumbai
  • Year of Establishment – 1930
  • Current Director – Amol Kale

Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) Academy - Located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, this academy has a rich cricketing heritage. Theoretical sessions at MCA often include discussions on the importance of temperament, decision-making, and adaptability in cricket, along with insights from experienced coaches and former cricketers.

7. West Delhi Cricket Academy

  • Location – Delhi
  • Year of Establishment – 1998
  • Current Director/ Head Coach – Mr. Raj Kumar Sharma
  • Famous Cricketer Trained in the Academy – Virat Kohli

Founded by Dronacharya Awardee and former Ranji Player Rajkumar Sharma, West Delhi Cricket Academy (WDCA) is one of the most famous cricket academies in India. The academy has all the modern equipment and facilities to train young cricketers. One of the main reasons why WDCA is famous is because the Former captain of the Indian Cricket Team Virat Kohli started his cricketing journey from this academy.

8. Jaipur Cricket Academy

  • Location – Jaipur
  • Year of Establishment – 2011
  • Current Director – Shamsher Singh

Jaipur Cricket Academy was founded by former Indian cricketer Shamsher Singh. Jaipur Cricket Academy provides young, aspiring cricketers with the skills they need to continually improve their game and become more confident. The head coach of Jaipur Cricket Academy is well-known cricketer Devender Pal Singh and the additional coach is Mohammad Habib.

9. VB Cricket Academy

  • Location – Chennai
  • Year of Establishment – 1997
  • Director – V. B. Chandrasekhar

VB Cricket Academy is an academy established in 1997 in Chennai. The academy offers a range of courses from basic to advanced for different age groups ranging from 6 to 19 years. The academy's coaching programs focus on all aspects of the game including fielding, batting and bowling. Along with summer camps and video training sessions, the academy also has modern sporting facilities like bowling machines, Snickometers, speed tracking devices, automatic rollers, and floodlights for night matches.

10. Vengsarkar Cricket Academy (VCA)

  • Location – Mahul, Chembur, Churchgate Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Year of Establishment – 1995
  • Current Director/ Head Coach – Mr. Dilip Vengsarkar
  • Famous Cricketer Trained in the Academy – Yuvraj Singh

Vengsarkar Cricket Academy is the last number on this list. Which was established in the year 1994. It has emerged as one of the foremost cricket academies in India with a global reach. It has become one of the most renowned cricket academies in India with a global presence. Former Indian cricketer and cricket administrator Dilip Vengsarkar founded the program in 2014 at the Cricket Club of India.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which cricket academy is No 1 in India?

The National Cricket Academy is the best cricket academy in India.located at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore.

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