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The World's Top 10 Richest Sports Leagues of 2023

By Akanksha - October 26, 2023 - Last updated on Nov 05, 2023 04:35 PM
The World's Top 10 Richest Sports Leagues of 2023

Although sports are integral to life, physical exercise is becoming a lucrative industry. There are a lot of leagues that are unimaginably more profitable. Everyone enjoys sports, and the reasons for this are obvious: they are thrilling, enjoyable, healthful, and unexpected, giving us a sense of life. The lucrative sports league is undoubtedly of great value to those who view sports as a business. The sports sector has a $620 billion global revenue.

Without question, sports are now a significant portion of the entertainment sector, bringing in billions of dollars from various sources. In addition, sponsorship, ticket sales, transfers, stadium rents, media agreements, merchandising, and many more sources contribute to the sports league's earnings. Billionaires own sports teams and lavish enormous sums of money on new players, arena construction, and brand management.

The World's Top 10 Richest Sports Leagues:

Rank League Country Revenue
1 National Football League (NFL) USA/Canada $16 Billion
2 Indian Premier League (IPL) India $10 Billion
3 Major League Baseball (MLB) USA $10 Billion
4 National Basketball Association (NBA) USA $8 Billion
5 English Premier League (EPL) England $5.3 Billion
6 National Hockey League (NHL) USA/Canada $5.08 Billion
7 La Liga Santander Spain $4.5 Billion
8 Germany’s Bundesliga Germany $4.4 Billion
9 Serie A Italy $2.3 Billion
10 UEFA Champions League Europe $2 Billion

1. National Football League

Revenue: $16 Billion National Football League

Image Source: Twitter

Without question, one of the most well-known sports in the world is European football. Nonetheless, the most advantageous league is American football. Given that this NDL is only worth $13 billion, it is clear how much revenue it can produce annually. 29 of the 50 wealthiest teams, including the most valued team in the league, the Dallas Cowboys, are found in this league.

The most lucrative contracts are those for TV. The largest media organizations, including FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and others, purchase multiple broadcasting rights from this league for billions of dollars. The NFL mostly draws viewers from the United States and Canada. The minimum expenditure required to broadcast each NFL game is $36 billion.

2. Indian Premier League (IPL)

Revenue: $10 Billion Indian Premier League (IPL)

Image Source: Twitter

If you enjoy cricket, you should be aware of this league. It is one of the most profitable sports leagues in the world. The IPL is one of the world's fastest-growing leagues. The league makes a lot of sense given that India has 1.43309 billion inhabitants. According to sources, it was the most-watched TV broadcast in India ever. In this league, eight teams compete over 47 days. The league will have 10 clubs participating in 2022. The cost of broadcasting an IPL game is $15.1 million.

3. Major League Baseball

Revenue: $10 Billion Major League Baseball

Image Source: Twitter

Without a doubt, Major League Baseball is another lucrative sports league. The majority of this league's fan base resides in the US. As the most profitable league, it comes in second. With an annual revenue of $10 billion, each MLB franchise makes more than $300 million in profit. The Los Angeles Dodgers are among the well-known baseball teams in the league. Out of 50, it is said, originates from this sports league. The gross revenue was $1.2 billion at first.

4. National Basketball Association (NBA)

Revenue: $8 Billion National Basketball Association (NBA)

Image Source: Twitter

This league was also appreciated globally due to its fame and appeal. The NBA mostly covers North America and the rest of the globe. The league pushes in more than $2.6 billion annually and has a partnership with national TV broadcasters. The New York Knicks are the most valued team in the NBA, with a $3.6 billion valuation, followed by the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, and Golden State Warriors.

5. English Premier League (EPL)

Revenue: $5.3 Billion English Premier League (EPL)

Image Source: Twitter

The English Premier League is also one of the most notable in terms of global popularity. It has been dubbed the world's hardest league competition. Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, and Tottenham Hotspur are all members of this league. This league has a total of 38,181 spectators. Between 2022 and 2023, the Premier League broadcast costs $11.23 million per game.

6. National Hockey League (NHL)

Revenue: $5.08 Billion  National Hockey League (NHL)

Image Source: Twitter

According to revenue tanking, the National Hockey League came in sixth place among lucrative sports leagues. By the completion of the 2017–2018 season, the NHL had earned $4.43 billion. This League One team made it into the top 50 rankings of the world's most advantageous sports teams. The revenue has increased to $5.08 billion as a result.

7. La Liga Santander

Revenue: $4.5 BillionLa Liga Santander

Image Source: Twitter

From a benefits standpoint, La Liga is by far the largest football league in Spain, ranking seventh. Some of the most costly and well-known sports teams in the world are based in this league. Without a doubt, this league is the second most watched in the globe. It has historic teams that, like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, have dominated the league for years. The Los Blancos, who have won 34 games, appear to be the most well-liked team in league history. It appears that Atletico Madrid is receiving the competition's winners. The club has brought in $4.5 billion a year in income.

8. Germany’s Bundesliga

Revenue: $4.4 Billion  Germany’s Bundesliga

Image Source: Twitter

Based in Germany, the Bundesliga is a professional football league. The Bundesliga, which has eighteen teams and a promotion/relegation system, is divided into 18 groups. Statistics show that $4.3 billion in income is brought in each year. The audience's viewing hours are excessively long.

9. Serie A

Revenue: $2.3 Billion Serie A

Image Source: Twitter

This appears to be a far more well-liked and successful leader. There are several famous Italian language schools, including Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan. The average viewership of this league from the stadium is 234.7k. Cristiano Ronaldo is the most well-liked, gifted, and diligent football player in the tournament.

10. UEFA Champions League

Revenue: $2 Billion UEFA Champions League

Image Source: Twitter

UEFA stands for Union of European Football Association. It is a professional football association that was established in 1954. 32 teams participate each season, and some move on to the finals depending on their performance. The prestigious competition has produced 22 winning teams. The association disbursed yearly payouts exceeding 400 million pounds between 2021 and 2024.

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