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The Understanding of Casino Loyalty Programs on Lucky Jet Example

By Guest - June 6, 2024 - Last updated on Jun 06, 2024 06:28 PM
The Understanding of Casino Loyalty Programs on Lucky Jet Example

The Importance of Casino Loyalty and VIP Programs With Lucky Jet As An Example

Online gambling is one of the most highly competitive industries nowadays. Thousands of online casinos develop techniques to attract new clients and retain regular xones. Loyalty programs span a variety of games, from Lucky Jet and jackpot slots to card and live dealer entertainment.

Thanks to them, players receive special points that can then be exchanged for various rewards. For example, Pin Up has implemented a great system of Pincoins you can use to get Free Spins, Free Bets, or even real cash. Scroll down to get an insight into the mechanics behind loyalty programs and their main advantages.

The Mechanics of Loyalty Programs

Numerous studies and significant financial spending precede the launching of a loyalty program. All this is aimed at studying the market of a particular region, the preferences of the majority of players, cultural traditions, and so on. It's not surprising that loyalty programs can significantly increase casino profits due to stable income from regular customers. 

One of the confirmations is the LaneTerraLevel research that was held in 2022. It shows that about 87% of surveyed gamblers were satisfied (or even very satisfied) with the loyalty program of their favorite casino. Loyalty programs consider much information collected from users:

  • The number of games played;
  • Total amount of money wagered;
  • The number of stakes placed.

Players often confuse a loyalty program with a VIP program. The main feature of the latter is that it is aimed at high rollers and those who spend a lot of money playing/betting. Often, they work on invitations and offer personalized service with individual rewards. Scroll down to learn about three key loyalty program mechanics.

loyalty program mechanics

Tiered System 

The loyalty program implies player advancement through special tiers. The higher tier you reach, the better bonuses you get. These may include higher cashback percentages, lower wagering requirements, a bigger number of free spins, and more. For instance, you may receive 10 FB for advancement to the next loyalty program level.


Loyalty programs often provide personalized perks based on the player’s preferences or behavior. For instance, tailored bonuses, access to new games, unlock features, and more may be available. 

Points System

While wagering, players get points that can be further redeemed for bonuses. Each tier has a specific set of rewards. Along with free spins/bets, there may be higher betting limits or access to exclusive games or features. Some casinos limit the range of games you can play and get points. For instance, there may be only specific slots or crash games, such as Lucky Jet. 

The Advantages of Online Casino Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program is a mutually beneficial solution for both the casino and its customers. It enhances the gambling experience and provides the following benefits:

  • Gives cashback offers, FS, deposit bonuses, FB, and other rewards;
  • Boosts the brand awareness;
  • Enhances the gambling experiences with exclusive offers and personalized support;
  • Boosts customer retention and profits.

What’s more, these programs encourage customer loyalty and make them feel valued. In this way, players become a kind of casino advocate and create the best advertising the platform can ever get.

Loyalty programs are one of the most characteristic features of online (or land-based) casinos. They use various mechanisms, including gamification, points, a tier system, etc. By pushing certain levers of the player's personality (desire to get unique bonuses, to be valued, and so on), they get a base of loyal fans who are ready to keep playing much longer compared to other gamblers.

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