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The Top 5 Best Finishers in Cricket History

By Akanksha - June 21, 2023 - Last updated on Jun 23, 2023 06:23 PM
The Top 5 Best Finishers in Cricket History

Cricket, a sport known for its unpredictability and nail-biting finishes, has seen some exceptional talents who excel in the art of finishing matches. These finishers possess the ability to steer their teams to victory under immense pressure and have left an indelible mark on the history of the game. In this blog, we will delve into the profiles of the top five best finishers in cricket history, analyzing their skills, achievements, and impact on the sport.

Player Nationality Matches Innings Runs Average Strike Rate Notable Achievements
AB de Villiers South Africa 228 218 9,577 53.50 101.09 Fastest ODI century in 31 balls
MS Dhoni India 350 297 10,773 50.57 87.56 Led Chennai Super Kings to four Indian T20 League titles
Michael Bevan Australia 232 196 6,912 53.58 74.16 Played key role in Australia's 1999 and 2003 ODI World Cup wins
Sir Vivian Richards West Indies 308 295 15,519 47.00 90.20 Dominant batting during an era of unprecedented success
Shahid Afridi Pakistan 398 369 8,064 23.57 117.00 Explosive hitter with a high number of international sixes

1. AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers

Image Source: Twitter

AB de Villiers, popularly known as Mr. 360, is widely regarded as the best finisher in the history of cricket. With his remarkable ability to smash the ball to all corners of the stadium, de Villiers has consistently chased down targets for both South Africa and various T20 league franchises. He boasts a strike rate of over 100 and an average above 50 in ODIs, a testament to his consistency and effectiveness. One of his most memorable feats includes scoring the fastest ODI century off just 31 balls against West Indies.

2. MS Dhoni

 MS Dhoni

Image Source: Twitter

Considered one of the greatest finishers of all time, MS Dhoni revolutionized the art of closing an innings in limited-overs cricket. Dhoni's ability to take matches deep and win them off the last over was unparalleled. Leading the Chennai Super Kings to numerous Indian T20 League titles, Dhoni showcased his finishing prowess on multiple occasions. His unbeaten 91 off 79 balls in the 2011 ODI World Cup final, culminating with a winning six, will forever be etched in the memory of cricket fans.

3. Michael Bevan


Image Source: Twitter

Michael Bevan can be considered a pioneer in the art of finishing in limited-overs cricket. Though he never played in T20Is, Bevan's ability to assess the situation under pressure and adapt his gameplay accordingly set him apart. He played a crucial role in Australia's victories in the 1999 and 2003 ODI World Cups. Bevan's impressive career average of 53.58 demonstrates his consistency and ability to finish innings with aplomb.

4. Sir Vivian Richards

Sir Vivian Richards

Image Source: Twitter

Regarded as one of the first superstars in cricket history, Sir Vivian Richards was a dominant force during his career. Known for his belligerent batting style, Richards amassed over 15,000 international runs and boasted a strike rate of 90.20 when such numbers were unheard of. Apart from his explosive starts, Richards showcased his versatility by finishing innings in style for his team, earning him a place among the best finishers in cricket.

5. Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi

Image Source: Twitter

Shahid Afridi, the former Pakistan all-rounder, was renowned for his explosive batting and aggressive approach. With more than 8,000 runs in the 50-over format and a stunning strike rate of 117, Afridi transitioned into an excellent finisher later in his career. His ability to hit sixes at will made him a formidable force in international cricket, leaving a lasting impact on the game.


The art of finishing matches in cricket requires a unique set of skills, composure, and the ability to handle pressure. The top five finishers discussed in this blog, namely AB de Villiers, MS Dhoni, Michael Bevan, Sir Vivian Richards, and Shahid Afridi, have showcased their exceptional talents and left an indelible mark on the game. With Jos Buttler still in the prime of his career, he has the potential to surpass these legends and become the greatest finisher of all time. The legacy of these exceptional cricketers will continue to inspire future generations, and their contributions will be remembered as some of the most thrilling moments in cricket history.

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