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The Top 10 Most Hated Cricketers in The World

By Akanksha - 2023-08-01 00:13:19
The Top 10 Most Hated Cricketers in The World

Cricket, a sport loved and cherished by millions, also brings forth a realm of emotions, attachment, and passion. Within this domain of love and support, there lies another facet of the sport – hatred. Over the years, numerous cricketers have garnered massive fan followings, but some have also attracted an overwhelming number of haters worldwide. It is essential to respect all sportsmen, but in this blog, we'll explore the 10 cricketers who have found themselves on the receiving end of significant animosity.

Gautam Gambhir (India)

Gautam Gambhir

Image Source: Twitter

Gautam Gambhir, the former Indian cricketer and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) skipper, is no stranger to controversies and heated arguments. Known for his intense demeanor, Gambhir has often involved himself in on-field banters, leading to conflicts with fellow players. One notable incident involved a heated argument with Rahul Dravid, which earned him a considerable number of haters in his own country. While his competitive spirit is commendable, the lack of respect for the spirit of the game has drawn criticism from fans.

Michael Clarke (Australia)

Michael Clarke

Image Source: Twitter

As a talented cricketer and former Australian skipper, Michael Clarke's aggressive playing style was admired by many. However, his on-field behavior, involving abuse and sledging, has also garnered a host of critics. Notably, his clash with Sachin Tendulkar in 2003 left a sour taste in the cricketing community. Clarke's penchant for pushing the boundaries and questionable sportsmanship has fueled animosity among cricket fans worldwide.

Russell Arnold (Sri Lanka)

Russell Arnold

Image Source: Twitter

Russell Arnold, the former Sri Lankan left-handed batsman, was known for his combative attitude and lack of decency on the field. During the 2002 ICC Champions Trophy, Arnold was caught deliberately walking down the pitch, leading to a confrontation with Sourav Ganguly, the Indian captain at the time. His repeated instances of unsportsmanlike conduct and unexpected behavior earned him a spot on this list.

Ricky Ponting (Australia)

Ricky Ponting

Image Source: Twitter

Ricky Ponting, one of the most successful cricket captains in history, was driven by an unyielding desire to secure victories for Australia. While his leadership and batting skills were celebrated, his tactics on the field often crossed ethical boundaries. Ponting and his team resorted to verbal intimidation and fake appeals against opposition batsmen, further fueling the flames of hatred from cricket fans around the world.

Ollie Robinson (England)

Ollie Robinson

Image Source: Twitter

In the recent Ashes rivalry, English pacer Ollie Robinson came under scrutiny for his controversial behavior on the field. During the first Ashes 2023 Test series at Edgbaston, Robinson engaged in sledging after dismissing Usman Khawaja, drawing criticism from fans and experts alike. His actions irked former Australian captain Ricky Ponting, who publicly labeled Robinson as "frustrated" and "lacking skill." Such incidents have contributed to Robinson's growing list of haters.

Misbah-ul-Haq (Pakistan)


Image Source: Twitter

Misbah-ul-Haq, the former captain of the Pakistani cricket team, was a highly respected batsman and leader. However, his defensive approach in ODI cricket drew criticism from Pakistani fans, who held him responsible for team defeats. Misbah's infamous shot in the final over of the ICC World T20 2007, leading to Pakistan's loss against India, further fueled resentment towards him among cricket enthusiasts.

Herschelle Gibbs (South Africa)

Herschelle Gibbs

Image Source: Twitter

Herschelle Gibbs, a talented South African batsman, faced his share of controversies during his cricketing career. His involvement in match-fixing scandals tarnished South Africa's reputation in international cricket, causing a significant loss of respect. Additionally, Gibbs' aggressive batting style and numerous sledging incidents contributed to his unpopularity among opposition fans.

Salman Butt (Pakistan)

Salman Butt

Image Source: Twitter

Salman Butt, a Pakistani opening batsman, stooped to the lowest depths by actively participating in match-fixing scandals, betraying the game of cricket and his nation's trust. His actions not only disrespected the sport but also brought disgrace to Pakistan's cricketing standing. As a result, Butt has garnered an extensive global following of haters who will likely never forgive his betrayal.

Lou Vincent (New Zealand)

Lou Vincent

Image Source: Twitter

The former New Zealand batsman, Lou Vincent, found himself embroiled in match-fixing scandals that brought shame to New Zealand cricket. His involvement in such unsavory activities, including the Bangladesh Premier League match-fixing scandal, led to widespread disdain from cricket fans worldwide.

Virat Kohli (India)

Virat Kohli 18

Image Source: Twitter

Virat Kohli, India's star batsman and captain, is a highly divisive figure in the cricketing world. While adored by Indian fans, he faces significant backlash from fans of other countries. Kohli's aggressive on-field persona often results in heated exchanges with opponents, leading some to view his behavior as unsportsmanlike. His controversial statements and altercations with other players have also contributed to the polarizing opinions surrounding him.

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Love him or hate him, each of these cricketers has left a significant impact on the game and the cricketing community. While some are admired for their skills, others have found themselves surrounded by a host of haters due to their on-field conduct and controversial actions. Cricket, like any other sport, invokes strong emotions, and these players are a testament to the depth of feelings it can evoke. As the game continues to evolve, we are likely to witness new players rise to fame and perhaps even become the subject of polarizing opinions in the future.

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