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The Top 10 Double Centuries in ODI Cricket

By Bhavya - June 29, 2023 - Last updated on Jun 29, 2023 04:33 PM
The Top 10 Double Centuries in ODI Cricket

In the world of cricket, scoring a century is considered a remarkable achievement for any batsman. However, there are some extraordinary players who have surpassed this milestone and reached an even greater feat in One Day International (ODI) cricket: the elusive double century. In this blog, we delve into the realm of batting greatness and explore the top 10 batsmen who have etched their names in history by scoring the most double centuries in ODI cricket.

Who has the most double centuries in ODI cricket?

The batsman with the most double centuries in ODI cricket is Rohit Sharma of India. Sharma has scored a total of 3 double centuries in ODI cricket, which is more than any other batsman in the world.Sharma's first double century came against Australia in 2013. He scored 209 runs off 158 balls in that innings, which is the highest score by an Indian batsman in ODI cricket. Sharma's second double century came against Sri Lanka in 2014. He scored 264 runs off 173 balls in that innings, which is the highest score by any batsman in ODI cricket. Sharma's third double century came against Sri Lanka in 2017. He scored 208 runs off 153 balls in that innings.

Rank Batsman Country Number of Double Centuries
1 Rohit Sharma India 3
2 Martin Guptill New Zealand 1
3 Virender Sehwag India 1
4 Chris Gayle West Indies 1
5 Fakhar Zaman Pakistan 1
6 Sachin Tendulkar India 1
7 Virat Kohli India 1
8 Rohit Sharma India 1
9 David Warner Australia 1
10 Rohit Sharma India 1

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Rohit Sharma - The Hitman's Double Delight:

At the pinnacle of the list is the Indian batting maestro, Rohit Sharma. Known as the "Hitman," Sharma has carved his name in the record books by registering three double centuries in ODIs. His first double century came against Australia in 2013, followed by two more remarkable innings against Sri Lanka in 2014 and 2017. Sharma's sublime timing, audacious stroke play, and ability to accelerate the run rate have made him a formidable force in limited-overs cricket.

Martin Guptill - New Zealand's Dynamic Opener:

Securing the second spot is New Zealand's explosive opener, Martin Guptill. Renowned for his aggressive batting style, Guptill became the second player in history to score a double century in ODIs. He achieved this feat against the West Indies in 2015, where he amassed an unbeaten 237 runs. Guptill's power-hitting and ability to dominate the opposition make him a formidable force at the top of the order.

Virender Sehwag - The Sultan of Multan:

Third on the list is the flamboyant Indian opener, Virender Sehwag. Sehwag's audacious stroke play and fearless approach to batting made him a nightmare for bowlers. He recorded the first-ever double century in ODI cricket during an iconic innings against Pakistan in 2004. Sehwag's blistering knock of 219 runs showcased his ability to demolish any bowling attack.

Chris Gayle - The Universe Boss:

Known for his explosive batting and towering sixes, the West Indian powerhouse, Chris Gayle, occupies the fourth spot on our list. Gayle bludgeoned his way to a double century against Zimbabwe in 2015, scoring an unbeaten 215 runs. His brute strength, incredible hand-eye coordination, and ability to clear the boundaries with ease make him a true entertainer.

Fakhar Zaman - Pakistan's Rising Star:

Fifth on the list is Pakistan's Fakhar Zaman, who achieved a remarkable milestone in 2018. Zaman etched his name in cricketing history by becoming the first Pakistani batsman to score a double century in ODIs. His innings of 210 runs against Zimbabwe showcased his talent and potential as a dynamic opener for Pakistan.

Sachin Tendulkar - The Master:

Regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time, Sachin Tendulkar's name naturally features on this list. Tendulkar's illustrious career saw him score a magnificent double century against South Africa in 2010. His innings of 200 not out was a masterclass in shot selection, timing, and concentration, solidifying his status as a cricketing legend.

V. Kohli - The Run Machine:

Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket team's talismanic captain, is undoubtedly one of the modern greats. While he has notched up numerous centuries, his highest ODI score of 183 against Pakistan in 2012 showcases his ability to dominate any bowling attack. Though not a double centurion, Kohli's exceptional batting skills and sheer determination make him a force to be reckoned with.

Rohit Sharma - Consistency Personified:

Returning to Rohit Sharma, the Hitman secured his second appearance on the list with another stunning double century. In 2019, Sharma mesmerized cricket fans with an unbeaten 208 runs against Sri Lanka. This marked his third double century in ODI cricket, cementing his status as one of the greatest limited-overs batsmen of this era.

David Warner - The Dynamic Australian:

David Warner, the explosive Australian opener, takes the ninth spot on our list. In 2016, Warner unleashed his power-hitting abilities and crafted an impressive double century against New Zealand, scoring 207 runs. Known for his aggressive stroke play and ability to score quickly, Warner's knock was a testament to his batting prowess.

Rohit Sharma - A Hat-Trick of Double Centuries:

Completing the list is Rohit Sharma, who reaffirmed his supremacy by achieving a remarkable hat-trick of double centuries in ODI cricket. In 2020, Sharma etched his name in history once again by smashing an unbeaten 209 runs against Australia. This extraordinary feat showcased his consistency, adaptability, and ability to rise to the occasion.


The art of scoring a double century in ODI cricket requires immense skill, concentration, and a fearless approach to batting. The batsmen on this list have demonstrated exceptional talent and etched their names in the annals of cricketing history. From Rohit Sharma's hat-trick of double centuries to Virender Sehwag's audacious stroke play, these remarkable players have provided cricket fans with moments of pure exhilaration and awe.As the game continues to evolve, it will be intriguing to see if any new additions to this elite list emerge. The pursuit of double centuries in ODI cricket remains a rare and extraordinary feat, a testament to the prowess of these batsmen and the magic they bring to the sport.Cricket enthusiasts around the world eagerly await the next monumental innings that will captivate our imaginations and redefine the limits of batting excellence. Until then, we celebrate the legends who have graced the game with their remarkable achievements and forever left an indelible mark on the history of ODI cricket.

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