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The Top 10 Best Cricket Catches in the World Till 2023

By Akanksha - June 10, 2023 - Last updated on Jun 11, 2023 01:20 PM
The Top 10 Best Cricket Catches in the World Till 2023

Image Source: Twitter

Cricket, a game celebrated for its exhilarating moments, showcases not only batting and bowling prowess but also extraordinary fielding skills. Every cricket enthusiast eagerly anticipates those jaw-dropping catches that leave spectators in awe.

In this article, we present the top 10 best catches in the world of cricket in 2023, each catch more astounding than the last. From superhuman efforts to gravity-defying leaps, these fielding masterpieces are etched in cricket history forever.

Catch Rank Player Match/Event Total Match Played
1 AB De Villiers 2018 IPL 752
2 Trent Boult IPL 2018 667
3 Steve Smith 2019 Oval Test 890
4 Joe Denly 2019 Lord's Test 708
5 Ravi Bishnoi IPL 2021 124
6 Evin Lewis IPL 2022 441
7 Sandeep Sharma IPL 2023 285
8 Rashid Khan IPL 2023 678
9 Ravindra Jadeja Clash against Mumbai Indians 956
10 Shubman Gill ICC World Test Championship final 284

1. AB De Villiers in 2018 - The Superhuman Effort:

AB De Villiers in 2018

Image Source: Twitter

We kick off our list with the legendary South African batsman, AB De Villiers. In the 2018 IPL, while playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore, De Villiers astounded the crowd with an incredible catch at the mid-wicket boundary to dismiss Alex Hales of Sunrisers Hyderabad.

With one hand, he plucked the ball out of thin air, executing an absolute blinder that left even his teammate, Virat Kohli, stunned. This catch tops our list of all-time best catches in IPL history.

2. Trent Boult's Backward Catch:

 Trent Boult Backward Catch

Image Source: Twitter

During IPL 2018, Trent Boult, representing Delhi, showcased athleticism at its finest. Facing a well-timed flick from Virat Kohli, Boult, stationed at deep square leg, leaped backward and snatched the ball out of the air, leaving both Kohli and Boult himself amazed.

This catch exemplified the power of anticipation and agility on the cricket field.

3. Starfish Smith and Echoes of Strauss:

Starfish Smith and Echoes of Strauss

Image Source: Twitter

The 2019 Oval Test witnessed a catch that echoed the great Andrew Strauss. Steve Smith, at second slip, displayed his brilliance as he flew to his right, arms and legs cartwheeling, to grab a one-handed corker off Chris Woakes' blade.

This catch imprinted everlasting images of Smith's suspended starfish pose, reminiscent of Strauss' diving effort, showcasing the essence of extraordinary slips fielding.

4. Denly Soars to Save the Day:

Denly Soars

Image Source: Twitter

Joe Denly's catch during the 2019 Lord's Test between England and Australia became a symbol of hope for the home fans. With Australia attempting to hold out for a draw, Tim Paine unleashed a powerful pull shot off Jofra Archer.

However, Denly produced a salmon-like leap to his left at mid-wicket, miraculously snaring the ball in his outstretched paw. Denly's catch injected a surge of adrenaline into the match, demonstrating the impact of athleticism and determination on the field.

5. Ravi Bishnoi's Blinder in IPL 2021:

Ravi Bishnoi Blinder in IPL 2021

Image Source: Twitter

Ravi Bishnoi, fielding for his team, took the catch of the 2021 IPL season. Positioned at deep square leg, Bishnoi sprinted from square leg to mid-wicket, covering an impressive distance.

Though the ball initially seemed beyond his reach, he executed a brilliant dive at the last moment, plucking out a blinder. Bishnoi rightly earned the IPL Catch of the Tournament award, securing his spot among the best catches of the year.

6. Evin Lewis' Stunning Effort in IPL 2022:

 Evin Lewis Stunning Effort in IPL 2022

Image Source: Twitter

Playing for Lucknow Super Giants (LSG), Evin Lewis set the stage alight with a one-handed running catch to dismiss the dangerous Rinku Singh. Lewis's catch earned him the coveted Best Catch of the IPL 2022 season award, emphasizing his exceptional fielding skills and contributing to the legacy of incredible catches.

7. Sandeep Sharma's Sheer Brilliance:

sandeep sharma beat catch

Image Source: Twitter

In a thrilling encounter, Sandeep Sharma etched his name in the annals of great catches with a spectacular diving effort to dismiss Suryakumar Yadav. Yadav, in scintillating form, attempted a boundary with a pull shot, but Sharma had other plans.

Sprinting backward, he timed his dive to perfection, securing the ball safely in his grip. Sharma's commitment and determination showcased the impact a fielder can have on the outcome of a match.

8. Rashid Khan's One-Handed Stunner:


Image Source: Twitter

Rashid Khan, the dynamic all-rounder, showcased his extraordinary skills during a match against Lucknow Super Giants. Sprinting an incredible 28 meters, Khan executed a magnificent diving catch while still in motion.

This catch left the crowd at the Narendra Modi Stadium and fans on social media in a state of disbelief. Khan's catch exemplified his superior athletic abilities, cementing his status as one of the finest all-round T20 players in the world.

9. Ravindra Jadeja's Lightning Reflexes:


Image Source: Twitter

Renowned for his exceptional fielding, Ravindra Jadeja continued to astound cricket enthusiasts with his lightning-fast responses. In a clash against the Mumbai Indians, Jadeja displayed exceptional hand-eye coordination as he trapped a thunderous shot from Cameron Green in his right hand.

This unexpected catch left everyone in awe, showcasing Jadeja's athleticism and establishing him as a force to be reckoned with.

10. Shubman Gill's Gravity-Defying Catch:

shubham gill

Image Source: Twitter

During the ICC World Test Championship final, Shubman Gill exhibited his brilliance in the slips with a gravity-defying catch to dismiss Cameron Green. As Mohammed Shami delivered a wide off-stump delivery, Green attempted to guide the ball towards the cover.

Gill defied gravity, soaring through the air, and plucked the ball mid-flight. This remarkable catch showcased Gill's exceptional catching skills and contributed to India's dominance in the game.


Cricket is not just about batting and bowling; it is an amalgamation of skill, precision, and athleticism. The top 10 best catches of 2023, as described in this article, stand as testament to the incredible talent and dedication of these exceptional fielders.

These catches will be remembered for generations, inspiring aspiring cricketers to push the boundaries of what is possible on the field. Cricket is truly a game of miracles, and these catches embody the magic that captivates fans worldwide.

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