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Rohit Sharma talks about his viral mic chatter with the umpire

By Akanksha - March 5, 2024 - Last updated on Mar 05, 2024 11:54 PM
Rohit Sharma talks about his viral mic chatter with the umpire

Right now, there aren't many love stories in world cricket greater than the one between Rohit Sharma and the stump mic. The captain of India has a habit of dishing out gold, which is usually captured on camera by the stump mic. In actuality, Rohit has struck more stump-mic jewels than sixes since assuming the role of full-time captain for India in all formats. Yes, it has grown to be such a big deal. During the World Cup in South Africa, against Afghanistan, and currently in the Test series against England, Rohit's range on the stump mic was on full display.

Given how funny the man is, it should be no surprise that Rohit's one-liners recorded on the stump mic are hilarious. It is therefore as difficult to choose one epic over another as it is for a bowler to stop him from playing the pull shot. However, if one had to look back and select one stump-mic moment that stands out above the others, it would be the one that happened on January 17 during India and Afghanistan's third Twenty20 International in Bengaluru.

The India captain clipped the ball off his pads for a four to avoid a hat-trick of zeros when Rohit took strike on the opening delivery of the session. Rohit had come off back-to-back ducks in the previous two Twenty20 Internationals. To Rohit's dismay, umpire Virender Sharma indicated leg-byes, therefore the runs went solely to India's total and not his. Unaware of the ruling, Rohit did not notice it until after the over, at which point he told the official that he was unhappy.

'Arey viru, kya pehla four thigh-pad diya? Bat laga tha! (Hey Viru, did you indicate the thigh pad on the first four? I hit that with my bat!' he said, sending shivers down everyone's spine.

'We understand how critical it is to score the first run when you're coming off two zeros. I hit a four right out of the bat, but the umpire probably missed it and called leg byes. When I'm hitting, I normally don't pay much attention to the scoreboard. My thoughts were focused on batting, but once the cover was gone, I looked up to see that Rohit Sharma was still at zero. 'I just scored a four,' I said. How come it is still zero? Thus, I asked him, 'Viru, did you give it off the thigh pad?' Rohit remarked at a Bilaspur event in advance of the England vs. India Test match, which gets underway in Dharamsala on Thursday.

Does Rohit Sharma prepare his lines in advance?

In India, memes have taken a liking to Rohit's one-liners. And, to be honest, why not? Rohit and his remarks are certainly worthy of the big screen. When it comes to being impromptu, Rohit is always going all out, whether it's in press conferences or on audio recordings. When asked which player he preferred out of the group, Rohit, the captain of India, said he didn't plan such things.

'You know, I don't have a favourite line, and I don't do it on purpose. Since I'm the captain now, I stand in the slips since the angle allows me to see the fielders and assess DRS more clearly. I so continue to speak with the fielders, and it's documented,' he remarked.

India vs England 4th Test

India defeated England to win the Test series at home for the 17th time in a row. Additionally, Rohit noted that he is not acting on purpose and that, in his capacity as captain, he keeps himself in a drawstring position to take the DRS stock. He converses with defensive players frequently for this reason, and these conversations unintentionally end up on camera.You see, I don't even intentionally choose a favourite line as such. I take stock of the DRS and stand in the slips because, as the captain, the angle from there allows me to see the fielders more clearly. I thus keep talking to the players on defence, and it gets captured,' he remarked.

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