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Top 10 Highest T20 Run Chases: Incredible Cricket Moments

By Akanksha - June 13, 2023 - Last updated on Jun 13, 2023 03:35 PM
Top 10 Highest T20 Run Chases: Incredible Cricket Moments

Piling massive totals in Twenty20 or T20 cricket has become a norm in recent years. Batsmen are going berserk from the first ball, setting huge targets for teams batting second. While chasing lofty totals can be daunting due to the pressure, there have been instances when teams successfully chased down massive scores.

India's 211-run chase against Sri Lanka in 2009 remains the team's highest successful run chase in T20 cricket, a record that has stood the test of time.

In this blog, we will explore the top 10 highest run chases in T20 cricket, showcasing incredible displays of batting prowess, remarkable partnerships, and record-breaking performances.

Rank Team Opposition Date Score
1 South Africa West Indies March 26, 2023 259/4
2 Bulgaria Serbia June 26, 2022 246/4
3 Australia New Zealand February 16, 2018 245/5
4 St Kitts and Nevis Jamaica Tallawahs September 10, 2019 242/6
5 West Indies South Africa January 11, 2015 236/6
6 England South Africa March 18, 2016 230/8
7 Puducherry Andhra January 15, 2021 228/6
8 Wellington Central Districts January 8, 2022 228/8
9 Middlesex Somerset August 30, 2019 227/4
10 Rajasthan Royals Kings XI Punjab September 27, 2020 226/6

1. South Africa's Heroics against West Indies - 259/4 (March 26, 2023):

south africa run chase

Image Source: Twitter

The South African men's cricket team holds the record for the highest run chase in T20 cricket. In a thrilling match at SuperSport Park, the West Indies amassed an imposing 258/5. However, South Africa put up an extraordinary batting display, reaching the target of 259/4 in just 18.5 overs. Quinton de Kock led the charge with a scintillating century off 44 balls, and Reeza Hendricks contributed a blistering 68 off 28, forming a remarkable opening partnership of 152 runs.

2. Bulgaria's Historic Chase against Serbia - 246/4 (June 26, 2022):

Bulgaria etched their name in the record books with an extraordinary run chase against Serbia. Chasing a formidable total of 246 set by Serbia, the Bulgarian team showcased exceptional batting skills to reach the target with ease. The batsmen displayed excellent shot selection and executed their strokes perfectly, guiding their team to a memorable victory.

3. Australia's Remarkable Pursuit against New Zealand - 245/5 (February 16, 2018):

In a thrilling encounter, Australia showcased their power-hitting abilities against New Zealand. Chasing a challenging total of 245, the Australian batsmen unleashed an onslaught, scoring at a staggering run rate. Their relentless aggression propelled them to a historic victory, leaving the cricketing world in awe.

4. St Kitts and Nevis Patriots Overcome Jamaica Tallawahs - 242/6 (September 10, 2019):

A high-scoring encounter between St Kitts and Nevis Patriots and Jamaica Tallawahs witnessed a mesmerizing run chase. The Patriots' batsmen exhibited remarkable composure and resilience, mounting a successful pursuit of the mammoth target of 242. Their incredible display of strokeplay and strategic batting secured a memorable victory.

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5. West Indies' Sensational Chase against South Africa - 236/6 (January 11, 2015):

West Indies

Image Source: Twitter

The West Indies have long been known for their power-hitting prowess, and they showcased it in a breathtaking chase against South Africa. Chasing 236, the West Indian batsmen attacked from the start, unfurling a barrage of boundaries and sixes. Their fearless approach and unwavering confidence enabled them to surpass the challenging target.

6. England's Thrilling Triumph over South Africa - 230/8 (March 18, 2016):

In a nail-biting encounter, England displayed tremendous grit and determination to chase down a daunting total of 230 set by South Africa. The English batsmen played with controlled aggression and strategic shot selection, ultimately clinching victory with sheer perseverance and skill.

7. Puducherry's Memorable Chase against Andhra - 228/6 (January 15, 2021):

Puducherry scripted a memorable run chase against Andhra, showcasing their batting prowess and resilience. With a target of 228 in front of them, the Puducherry batsmen played sensibly, constructing partnerships and maintaining a steady run rate. Their collective efforts culminated in a remarkable victory etched in cricketing history.

8. Wellington's Thrilling Chase against Central Districts - 228/8 (January 8, 2022):

In a thrilling encounter, Wellington chased down a formidable target of 228 against Central Districts. The batsmen orchestrated a calculated pursuit, pacing their innings expertly and launching calculated assaults when required. Their remarkable chase left fans on the edge of their seats and secured a memorable victory.

9. Middlesex's High-Scoring Triumph over Somerset - 227/4 (August 30, 2019):


Image Source: Twitter

Middlesex delivered an enthralling performance in a high-scoring encounter against Somerset. Chasing a challenging target of 227, the Middlesex batsmen exhibited exceptional shot-making skills and remarkable resilience. Their remarkable display of power hitting and tactical strokeplay led them to an exhilarating victory.

10. Rajasthan Royals' Record-Breaking Chase in the IPL - 226/6 (September 27, 2020):

Rajasthan Royals etched their name in the record books during a league stage game in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Chasing a monumental total of 223 set by Kings XI Punjab, Rajasthan Royals scripted an unforgettable run chase. Led by Sanju Samson's scintillating knock of 84 and Rahul Tewatia's incredible assault, they achieved the target with three balls to spare, creating history in the IPL.


The highest run chases in T20 cricket have produced enthralling contests, showcasing the sheer excitement and unpredictability of the format. From South Africa's historic chase against the West Indies to Rajasthan Royals' record-breaking pursuit in the IPL, these matches have witnessed exceptional performances, breathtaking partnerships, and an abundance of cricketing brilliance.

These monumental run chases serve as a testament to the never-ending thrill and spectacle that T20 cricket brings to the fans worldwide.

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