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ODI Cricket World Cup Winners List From 1975 to 2023

By Akanksha - 2023-07-01 23:20:41
 ODI Cricket World Cup Winners List From 1975 to 2023

The Cricket World Cup, a premier international cricket tournament, has captivated fans worldwide since its inception in 1975. Over the years, it has witnessed moments of pure skill, intense competition, and unforgettable matches. In this article, we present a comprehensive list of the ODI Cricket World Cup winners from 1975 to 2022, highlighting the host countries, final scores, and captivating moments that defined each tournament.

ODI Cricket World Cup Winners List:

The ODI Cricket World Cup winners' list is a testament to the enduring spirit and talent of cricketing nations around the world. Let's delve into the history of this prestigious tournament and explore the winners, runner-ups, host countries, total scores, and final results for each edition.

Year Host Winner Score Runner-up Score Result
1975 England West Indies 291–8 Australia 274 West Indies won by 17 runs
1979 England West Indies 286–9 England 194 West Indies won by 92 runs
1983 England India 183 West Indies 140 India won by 43 runs
1987 India and Pakistan Australia 253–5 England 246–8 Australia won by 7 runs
1992 Australia and New Zealand Pakistan 249–6 England 227 Pakistan won by 22 runs
1996 Pakistan and India Sri Lanka 245–3 Australia 241 Sri Lanka won by 7 wickets
1999 England Australia 133–2 Pakistan 132 Australia won by 8 wickets
2003 South Africa Australia 359–2 India 234 Australia won by 125 runs
2007 West Indies Australia 281–4 Sri Lanka 215–8 Australia won by 53 runs
2011 India and Bangladesh India 277–4 Sri Lanka 274–6 India won by 6 wickets
2015 Australia and New Zealand Australia 186–3 New Zealand 183 Australia won by 7 wickets
2019 England and Wales England 241 New Zealand 241–8 Match tied after regular play and super over; England won on boundary count

1975 - England:

The inaugural Cricket World Cup in 1975 was hosted by England. The West Indies emerged victorious, showcasing their dominance by setting a target of 292 runs. Australia fought valiantly but fell short by 17 runs, crowning the West Indies as the first-ever ODI Cricket World Cup winners.

1979 - England:

England once again played host in 1979, witnessing the West Indies lift the trophy for the second consecutive time. Scoring 286 runs, the West Indies overwhelmed England, who managed only 194 runs. With a victory margin of 92 runs, the West Indies firmly established themselves as a cricketing powerhouse.

1983 - England:

India's stunning triumph in 1983 remains one of the most remarkable chapters in World Cup history. Facing the mighty West Indies in the final, India set a modest target of 184 runs. The Indian team, led by the iconic Kapil Dev, defied all odds and bowled out the West Indies for 140 runs, clinching a memorable 43-run victory.

1987 - India and Pakistan:

The 1987 edition marked a significant milestone as the tournament ventured beyond England's shores, co-hosted by India and Pakistan. Australia, with a score of 253 runs, triumphed over England, who managed 246 runs. Australia secured a hard-fought victory by a margin of 7 runs, earning their first Cricket World Cup title.

1992 - Australia and New Zealand:

The 1992 World Cup, jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand, witnessed Pakistan's rise to glory. In a thrilling encounter, Pakistan posted a score of 249 runs. England fought hard but fell short by 22 runs, granting Pakistan their first-ever World Cup victory.

1996 - Pakistan and India:


The 1996 tournament, co-hosted by Pakistan and India, saw Sri Lanka triumph over Australia in the final. Sri Lanka chased down Australia's target of 241 runs with ease, winning by 7 wickets and etching their name in the history books.

1999 - England:

Australia once again reigned supreme in the 1999 World Cup held in England. In a one-sided final, Australia restricted Pakistan to a meager 132 runs and chased it down with 8 wickets in hand, securing their second World Cup title.

2003 - South Africa:

South Africa played host to the 2003 World Cup, which witnessed Australia's dominance throughout the tournament. Facing India in the final, Australia posted an imposing total of 359 runs. India succumbed to the pressure, managing only 234 runs, resulting in a comprehensive 125-run victory for Australia.

2007 - West Indies:

The West Indies hosted the 2007 edition, where Australia continued their World Cup dominance. In the final against Sri Lanka, Australia set a target of 282 runs. Sri Lanka could only muster 215 runs, leading to a 53-run victory for the Australians.

2011 - India and Bangladesh:

India world cup winner 2011

India's fervent cricket-loving nations, India and Bangladesh, co-hosted the 2011 World Cup. In an emotionally charged final against Sri Lanka, India chased down a target of 275 runs with 10 balls to spare, securing their second World Cup title and igniting nationwide celebrations.

2015 - Australia and New Zealand:

odi world cup 2015

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Australia and New Zealand jointly hosted the 2015 World Cup, where Australia triumphed over New Zealand in the final. Restricting New Zealand to a modest 183 runs, Australia cruised to victory, winning by 7 wickets and securing their fifth World Cup trophy.

2019 - England and Wales:

england world cup winner 2019

The most recent edition of the World Cup in 2019 was hosted by England and Wales, culminating in a historic final between England and New Zealand. Both teams tied with a score of 241 runs, even after the super over. However, England was declared the winner based on the boundary count rule.


The Cricket World Cup has witnessed numerous captivating moments and has showcased the talent of cricketing nations from around the globe. Australia stands tall as the most successful team, with five World Cup triumphs, followed by India and the West Indies, each with two titles. This prestigious tournament continues to captivate cricket enthusiasts worldwide, and fans eagerly anticipate the next edition for more thrilling encounters, stunning performances, and unforgettable moments.

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