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MS Dhoni: Deepak Chahar is like a drug

By Akanksha - 2023-07-11 02:17:52
MS Dhoni: Deepak Chahar is like a drug

Image Source: Twitter

Deepak Chahar has established himself as a vital component of MS Dhoni's Chennai Super Kings (CSK) squad in the Indian Premier League (IPL). His exceptional performances during CSK's title-winning campaign showcased his prowess as a talented bowler. Dhoni's influence and guidance have played a significant role in Chahar's success, shaping him into the bowler he is today. Although Chahar missed the 15th season of the IPL due to an injury, he made a triumphant return in the recently concluded edition.

Chahar's absence from the team due to injury was a setback, but MS Dhoni patiently awaited his comeback. Once Chahar recovered, he made an impactful return, consistently taking crucial wickets for his franchise. His contributions on the field helped CSK maintain their dominance and competitiveness throughout the tournament.

Interestingly, MS Dhoni has compared his talented teammate to a drug, emphasizing the impact Chahar has on the team's dynamics. Dhoni stated, "Deepak Chahar is like a drug. If he is not there, you would think, where is he, and if he is around, you would think, why he is here." Dhoni further acknowledged Chahar's maturation as a player, although he also acknowledged that Chahar takes time to reach his full potential. In Dhoni's lighthearted remark, he mentioned, "He will not mature in my lifetime."

“Deepak Chahar is like a drug, if he is not there, you would think, where is he – if he is around, you would think, why he is here – good part is that he is maturing but he takes time & that is the problem, in my lifetime, I won’t see him matured (smiles),” MS Dhoni said.

According to MS Dhoni, Chennai holds a special place in his heart as it has been witness to numerous significant moments in his life.

“My Test debut was in Chennai, My highest Test score was in Chennai, now my first production movie in Tamil – Chennai is more special to me, I was adopted here long back,” Dhoni said.

Chahar's ability to swing the ball and his intelligent variations have made him a formidable force in the IPL. His performances have earned him recognition among fans and fellow cricketers alike. With MS Dhoni's continuous support and guidance, Chahar's growth as a player shows immense promise for future seasons.

As the IPL continues to evolve, Deepak Chahar's contributions to the Chennai Super Kings franchise will undoubtedly be instrumental in their pursuit of further success. With his skill, determination, and the mentorship of MS Dhoni, Chahar has the potential to leave a lasting impact on the league and cement his position as one of the most valuable players in the IPL.

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