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Mostbet Aviator 2022 & Live Casino

By Guest - September 30, 2022 - Last updated on Oct 11, 2022 09:55 PM
Mostbet Aviator 2022  & Live Casino

Mostbet is a big betting broker that also provides gambling services. Of these gambling services, there are plenty of classic slots, table games and such. But there is also the Aviator – a relatively new addition to the gambling world, which is essentially a simple, intuitive game that lets you bet on its outcome.

In Aviator, you bet before a round begins. When it does, a digital plane is ‘launched’ – it‘flies’ until flying away at some point. During its flight, the multiplicator is gradually increased at a random pace, and the flight also ends at a random moment. It means that you need to cash out before the round is over or risk losing the bet.

When you cash out, you win money in accordance with the current multiplicator. If you wait too long, and the plane flies away, you lose your entire bet. It’s a very curious gambling game.

Aviator Game Strategy

There must be a strategy to playing this game, right. There are always strategies to these games. And there are some precautions and decisions and can take to make Aviator a more profitable venture for you, but there is never a guarantee.

There is a common strategy many people stick to, although it, again, doesn’t guarantee an easier time:

  1. Start with low bets and try to cash out in the interval between 1x and 1.5x;
  2. After several consecutive wins, start gradually increasing both the amount of bets and its duration;
  3. If the bet fails, partially reduce your bets and start again;
  4. Make sure to save some money for future bets.

This makes sure your bets are less risky on average, while also bringing you the satisfaction of successful wagers. This way, you can preserve money and stay in the game for longer, although it lacks the individual satisfaction of a big win. That being said, because the ‘big win’ may actually never come, the disappointment is also reduced.

How to Win in the Aviator Game

To win, you need to cash out before the game stops. It doesn’t matter when, because the multiplicator will continue to rise until the very end. So, it’s really matter of perseverance. There’s no telling if the plane will continue to fly, but they often fly until 10x and even beyond.

If you wait thing long, you can get a juicy win. Sometimes, however, they fly away after only a second in the air. There’s no cue for that, which means it’s always dangerous to hold your bet, every moment of it. So, the only good way to win consistently and still get big wins is to make some small bets and then proceed to make a big one.

After a big win, you can either slow down again or continue to make a few more big bets. Just don’t forget to set a portion of your betting pool aside so that you could continue the betting even in the case of a huge loss. But there really isn’t a guaranteed way to win in these games.

Live Casino Mostbet

Live casino is another big section of Mostbet. It’s another type of gambling available on the website. It includes the many different table games, roulettes and other activities streamed live from various locations. The dealers are all real people, too. Unlike the usual casino entertainment, what you see on the screen isn’t digital.

You can still participate in the rounds by making bets. You need to react accordingly to everything that’s going on in the other side of the display, although they give plenty of time for you to do so. After each roll, they take a short pause so that everyone, even people with bad connection, could catch up.

Like Aviator, you can often chat with other participants of a specific session in the in-game chat. It’s not really a competition between users – they let many people in at the same time so that everyone could take part if they wanted. Some games have limits on how many consecutive players can participate, usually up to 7.

There are also limitations on what the bets can be – the borders are written on the icons of said games. The starting points can go as low as 0.1 USD, but they are usually at 1 USD. Some are more expensive. The high points also vary. Some games use jackpots instead – it’s also written on an icon if they do.

Popular Games

Live games, as well as other gambling sections of Mostbet, can be sorted in accordance with several category types. Live casino is no different. Here’s a rough rundown:


Popular games refer to the most-visited ones. Some broadcasts can be shared between several providers, and you might even find a stream that you liked on another platform. It’s most likely going to be under this category, along with many other game streams that people deemed enjoyable.

These are the categories you can use to navigate through the game roster at the Mostbetlive casino. It makes it seem relatively small, but the selection is actually very extensive compared to many casino and betting establishments. There are currently over a hundred games available for connecting.

New Games

The ‘new’ is another big category you can sort with on live casino. It doesn’t just sort the existing games by their order of admission onto the platform. Instead, you’re shown only the most recent additions, and there can be very few of them at any given moment. It’s a good category for people who want to try new things.

They add new stuff once in a while. If you want to be updated on new things, you can consider subscribing to their newsletter so that updates are sent directly to your email.

Bonus Mostbet Casino

There are two welcome bonuses on this platform – one for sports betting, and one for gambling. Both of them are extended to people when they make their first deposit on Mostbet. You can only pick one, however. If gambling seems like more of a priority to you, then should better pick the gambling bonus.

Both of them offer a 100% increase for your deposit, which means it’ll be doubled. The limit is 300 EUR or another currency’s equivalent. In addition, if you pick the casino bonus, you can count on the additional 250 free spins for a slot game of your choice. It’s a good way to practice your luck without wasting your own money.

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