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Money is going to rain in Indian cricket How much will BCCI's earnings increase?

By Vipin - 2023-08-01 13:27:26
Money is going to rain in Indian cricket How much will BCCI's earnings increase?

Indian cricket may not have been able to overcome Australia in the final of the World Test Championship, but its claim regarding the World Cup is considered to be the strongest. There are still a few months left for the World Cup to be held, but in the meeting of the International Cricket Council held this month itself, it has been decided that in the days to come, the dominance of the Indian Cricket Board will remain worldwide.

After the meeting held in Durban this month, the Indian Cricket Board will get a share of 38.5 percent of the ICC's annual income. This amount is around $ 231 million, which will be around Rs 2,000 crore.


How big this amount is can be gauged from the fact that ten years ago, as the BCCI President, N. Srinivasan had demanded this share by combining all the three countries - India, Australia and England. Although this model was not implemented, but the effect of his demand was that BCCI got 22 percent share in ICC's income from 2015 to 2023.

In fact, when Shashank Manohar became the ICC chief in 2015, he had withdrawn the model that gave the highest income to three countries, saying that this would make the rich board richer and the poor board poorer.

The ICC's new change did not specify how the other member nations would get their share, but said that each member nation would receive more money than before. Now BCCI will get 38.5 percent stake. This is almost six times more than the $41 million the England and Wales Cricket Board receives.

The board of the team that plays exciting cricket in the Ashes is second in share from the ICC with 6.89 per cent. While the third-placed Australian board will get $37.53 million with 6.25 per cent. That is, the share of the Indian Cricket Board alone will be three times more than the amount that the second and third rung boards will get together.

The Pakistan Cricket Board will get 5.75 percent i.e. $34.5 million. Apart from this, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, South Africa, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, West Indies and Ireland will have to satisfy the amount of less than five percent. In such a situation, a question definitely arises that how BCCI is getting such a huge share, the answer to this is also well known. For a long time, 70 to 80 percent of the International Cricket Council's income comes from the Indian market.

Although the income of BCCI is looking very high in comparison to other boards, but in reality this much income will not be there. The biggest reason for this is that BCCI does not get any kind of tax concession from the government during the ICC tournament.

Will get more income from ICC but

At the time of the chairmanship of Sourav Ganguly, according to an estimate of the BCCI, if the Government of India did not give tax concession to the BCCI for organizing the 2023 World Cup, the board would suffer a loss of at least Rs 955 crore.

The government has decided to impose 21.84 percent tax on the income earned from broadcasting matches. According to tax related rules in India, there is no provision of any kind of exemption, due to this BCCI had to pay tax of Rs 193 crore even during the 2016 T20 World Cup.


Although it has been said by the BCCI that this matter is in the ICC Tribunal. However, the tenure of Sourav Ganguly and Jai Shah is criticized for the fact that both of them have not handled this whole matter in a proper manner.

However, last year both also met Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, in which the government clearly stated that BCCI will have to pay income tax on total income instead of net profit.

Although according to the provisions of the ICC, the host country can get tax concession from the government during the conduct of the ICC tournament, but there is no clarity in the BCCI regarding this matter.

However, everyone is hopeful that with Jai Shah as the BCCI secretary, some way will be found at the last moment and the BCCI will not be burdened with too much tax.

The number of T20 leagues will increase

Apart from this, there was also discussion in the ICC meeting about the T20 league to be held around the world. It has been decided not to impose any restrictions on the T20 cricket leagues whose proposal has been passed.

This includes tournaments like ILT 20, MLC and Canada Premier League. However, in view of the increasing number of T20 leagues, such provisions have been made so that a large number of expert cricketers of T20 cricket do not announce their retirement from their respective teams to participate in these tournaments.


Each team will have to field at least seven cricketers from domestic and associate member countries. These days Major Cricket League matches are being played in America while Saudi Arabia is also planning to start such a league in the coming days. In such a situation, the ICC is also trying to save and handle international cricket.

This is the reason that the board organizing the league will also have to pay a fixed amount to the domestic board of foreign players.

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