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Mens Hockey World Cup 2023: Full schedule, Squads, Time, And Venue

By Rohit - January 8, 2023 - Last updated on Jan 08, 2023 11:03 PM
Mens Hockey World Cup 2023: Full schedule, Squads, Time, And Venue

Hockey WORLD Cup 2023: The 2023 calendar year will begin on January 13 with the start of the mens FIH Hockey World Cup at the Birsa Munda Stadium in Rourkela and the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneshwar. A total of 44 games will be contested, with the championship game taking place on January 29. See below for details on the format, matches, tickets, and live streaming.

list of each FIH Mens Hockey World Cup host to date

The inaugural Mens Hockey World Cup was played in Barcelona, Spain in 1971. The World Cup has been staged every four years since that time. The 1986 World Cup was notable because it was the first time a significant hockey competition was played on artificial grass. However, a hockey game was played on artificial grass for the first time during the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. The quadrennial mega-event will be hosted by India for the fourth time, which is the most, followed by the Netherlands with three.

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Lets examine the cities that have hosted each FIH Mens Hockey World Cup so far:

Year Host Winner Runner-up
1971 Barcelona, Spain Pakistan Spain
1973 Amstelveen, Netherlands Netherlands India
1975 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia India Pakistan
1978 Buenos Aires, Argentina Pakistan Netherlands
1982 Bombay, India Pakistan West Germany
1986 London, England Australia England
1990 Lahore, Pakistan Netherlands Pakistan
1994 Sydney, Australia Pakistan Netherlands
1998 Utrecht, Netherlands Netherlands Spain
2002 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Germany Australia
2006 Monchengladbach, Germany Germany Australia
2010 New Delhi, India Australia Germany
2014 The Haque, Netherlands Australia Netherlands
2018 Bhubaneshwar, India Belgium Netherlands
2023 Bhubaneshwar-Rourkela, India

FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023: Pools and Groups

The competition is divided into 4 pools, with Australia, the CWG winners, joining Argentina, France, and South Africa in Pool A. Belgium, the defending champion, South Korea, Japan, the fourth-ranked German team, and Belgium are all in Pool B. The Netherlands, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Chile are included in Pool C. Pool D includes the host country, India, as well as England, Spain, and Wales.

  1. Pool A:- Australia, South Africa, France, Argentina
  2. Pool B:- Belgium, Japan, Korea, Germany
  3. Pool C:- Netherlands, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand
  4. Pool D:- India, Wales, Spain, England

Full Schedule of Hockey World Cup 2023

The 13th of January 2023 is set aside for the opening of the FIH Hockey World Cup 2023. The FIH Hockey World Cup 2023 has been planned by the International Hockey Federation. The competition will run until January 29th, 2023. By beating the Netherlands in the World Cups Final Match in 2018, Belgium claimed victory. India will host the FIH Hockey World Cup in 2023 this time. The games will take place in the Indian towns of Bhubneshwar and Rourkela.

Hockey World Cup Schedule 2023
Match Between Match Date Match Day Match Timings (Local)
Argentina v/s South Africa 13th January 2023 Friday 13:00
Australia v/s France 13th January 2023 Friday 15:00
England v/s Wales 13th January 2023 Friday 17:00
India v/s Spain 13th January 2023 Friday 19:00
New Zealand v/s Chile 14th January 2023 Saturday 13:00
Netherlands v/s Malaysia 14th January 2023 Saturday 15:00
Belgium v/s Korea 14th January 2023 Saturday 17:00
Germany v/s Japan 14th January 2023 Saturday 19:00
Spain v/s Wales 15th January 2023 Sunday 17:00
England v/s India 15th January 2023 Sunday 19:00
Malaysia v/s Chile 16th January 2023 Monday 13:00
New Zealand v/s Netherlands 16th January 2023 Monday 15:00
France v/s South Africa 16th January 2023 Monday 17:00
Argentina v/s Australia 16th January 2023 Monday 19:00
Korea v/s Japan 17th January 2023 Tuesday 17:00
Germany v/s Belgium 17th January 2023 Tuesday 19:00
Malaysia v/s New Zealand 19th January 2023 Thursday 13:00
Netherlands v/s Chile 19th January 2023 Thursday 15:00
Spain v/s England 19th January 2023 Thursday 17:00
India v/s Wales 19th January 2023 Thursday 19:00
Australia v/s South Africa 20th January 2023 Friday 13:00
France v/s Argentina 20th January 2023 Friday 15:00
Belgium v/s Japan 20th January 2023 Friday 17:00
Korea v/s Germany 20th January 2023 Friday 19:00
2nd Pool C v/s 3rd Pool D 22nd January 2023 Sunday 16:30
2nd Pool D v/s 3rd Pool C 22nd January 2023 Sunday 19:00
2nd Pool A v/s 3rd Pool B 23rd January 2023 Monday 16:30
2nd Pool B v/s 3rd Pool A 23rd January 2023 Monday 19:00
1st Pool A v/s Winner 25 24th January 2023 Tuesday 16:30
1st Pool B v/s Winner 26 24th January 2023 Tuesday 19:00
1st Pool C v/s Winner 27 25th January 2023 Wednesday 16:30
1st Pool D v/s Winner 28 25th January 2023 Wednesday 19:00
4th Pool A v/s Loser 25 26th January 2023 Thursday 11:30
4th Pool B v/s Loser 26 26th January 2023 Thursday 14:00
4th Pool C v/s Loser 27 26th January 2023 Thursday 16:30
4th Pool D v/s Loser 28 26th January 2023 Thursday 19:00
Winner 29 v/s Winner 32 27th January 2023 Friday 16:30
Winner 30 v/s Winner 31 27th January 2023 Friday 19:00
Loser 33 v/s Loser 34 28th January 2023 Saturday 11:30
Loser 33 v/s Loser 34 28th January 2023 Saturday 14:00
Winner 33 v/s Winner 34 28th January 2023 Saturday 16:30
Winner 33 v/s Winner 34 28th January 2023 Saturday 19:00
Loser 37 v/s Loser 38 29th January 2023 Sunday 16:30
Winner 37 v/s Winner 38 29th January 2023 Sunday 19:00

India matches in Hockey World Cup 2023

Match Between Match Date Match Day Match Timing
India v/s Spain 13th January 2023 Friday 19: 00
England v/s India 15th January 2023 Sunday 19:00
India v/s Wales 19th January 2023 Thursday 19:00

Men’s Hockey World Cup Venue 2023

2023 Hockey World Cup This competition will be held in India for the fourth time. The event has previously been held in Mumbai in 1982, New Delhi in 2010, and Bhubaneswar in 2018. And the fact that India will celebrate 75 years of independence in 2023 makes it much more important to host the Hockey World Cup in that year.

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This title was last won by India in 1975. The 2023 Hockey World Cup schedule is now being finalised in India after many years. The only other country to hold the Mens Hockey World Cup three times was India. Until now, India has only won the World Cup once. In the 1975 tournament final, he triumphed by beating Pakistan to claim the championship.

FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023: Tickets

Fans may purchase and redeem match tickets at the Kalinga Hockey Stadiums Box Office, which is located at the Reserve Police Line Ground and is situated close to Gate No. 8. Tickets may be purchased by spectators in Rourkela at Gates 2 and 6 of Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium, which are situated in the East and South Stands, respectively.

Matchday tickets for India are available and cost Rs. 500 for the West Stand, Rs. 400 for the East Stand, and Rs. 200 for the North and South Stands. On non-Indian match days, tickets cost Rs 500 for the West Stand, Rs 200 for the East Stand, and Rs 100 for the North and South Stand.

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