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Mathews said- Shakib and Bangladesh actions are very shameful

By Vipin - 2023-11-07 14:16:36
Mathews said- Shakib and Bangladesh actions are very shameful

Controversy arose over the dismissal of Angelo Mathews during the Sri Lanka-Bangladesh match in the World Cup on Monday. He was given time out by the field umpires on the appeal of Bangladeshi captain Shakib Al Hasan, because Mathews was not ready to bat at the scheduled time. He became the first batsman in the world to be timed out in international cricket.

After the match, the opinions of Mathews and Shakib came forward on this matter. Let us know what he said.

I have no regrets: Shakib

Bangladeshi captain Shakib Al Hasan said- 'I felt like I was in a war. I did whatever I had to do in the interest of the team at that time. There will be debate on this. I have played against Mathews for a long time. They came to me to tell me what happened. I know him well and he also knows me. He asked me to withdraw my appeal. I told him I understand your situation. This is unfortunate, but as per the rules.


In the post match conference, Shakib said- 'I have no regrets about my decision, because it is as per the rules. Narrating the whole matter, he said- 'When the game was stopped, a fielder told me that we should appeal to the umpire, because it has been a long time. We did this and the umpire gave him out.

On sportsmanship, Shakib said- 'If it is so, then ICC should look into it and change the rule.' Put yourself in the shoes of Mathews and tell me how would you feel if this happened to you? In response to this question, Shakib said, 'I will be careful and this will not happen to me.

What Shakib did was shameful: Mathews

Sri Lankan all-rounder Angelo Mathews has refuted Shakib's statement and claimed, 'I was ready to play before the end of time. I had 2 minutes to reach the crease and prepare myself and I was ready. The incident that followed was a malfunction of cricket equipment. I don't know where common sense was going then, because what Shakib and Bangladesh did was disgraceful.


Mathews said- 'What Shakib did is shameful. Hardly any team will do this. The actions of Shakib and Bangladesh are extremely shameful. If they want to play cricket like this, it is very shameful. I don't think any other team would have done this. I also asked him to withdraw the appeal, but he refused.

Understand the whole matter in 3 points...

What happened..?

On the second ball of the 25th over of the Sri Lankan innings, Bangladeshi captain Shakib Al Hasan got Sadira Samarawickrama caught by Mahmudullah Riyad. After Samarawickrama was out, Angelo Mathews came out to bat, but Mathews took more than 2 minutes to get ready to bat. In such a situation, Bangladeshi captain Shakib Al Hasan appealed for time out on the advice of Nazmul Hasan Shanto and the field umpire declared Mathews out. There is a dispute on this.

How did Mathews get timed out?

Mathew was getting ready to bat when the strap of his helmet broke. He asked for another helmet from the dressing room without asking the umpire. By the time the helmet came from the dressing room and Mathews came out to play, 2 minutes had passed.

What are the rules?

Fourth umpire of the match, Adrian Holdstock said, 'When the strap of Mathews' helmet broke, the two-minute period had ended.' Angelo Mathews has posted a video in its defense.

time out

What does the rule say

Time out is a way of getting a batsman out in cricket, such as bowled, caught and runout. This is given when the batsman is not ready at the crease to play at the scheduled time. According to the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the rule-making body of cricket, if a batsman is not ready to play within 3 minutes of the fall of the last wicket, then he can be given out on the appeal of the opposition team. In ODI cricket this time is 2 minutes, whereas in T-20 it is 90 seconds.

Debate in the cricket world - Shakib right or wrong?

This time out has divided the cricket world. Some former veterans are calling Shakib's appeal against the spirit of the game, while some are justifying it as per the rules.

This is against the spirit of the game: Asalanka

Sri Lankan batsman Charith Asalanka called it bad for the spirit of the game. He said that the manner in which Mathews was out was not good for the spirit of the game.

This is against the spirit of the game: Waqar Younis

Former Pakistani bowler Waqar Younis has termed Shakib's appeal as contrary to the spirit of the game.

How can Mathews be given time out: Khawaja

Australia's legendary batsman Usman Khawaja has raised questions on Mathews' time out. He wrote in a social post - 'How can Mathews be given time out, when he was at the crease and the strap of his helmet was broken. How did this time out happen? If he had not come to the crease, I would have been in favor of time out, but this is stupid.

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