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'It's their problem, not mine..': Bumrah Reacted before Ind vs Ire

By Akanksha - 2023-08-18 00:02:47
'It's their problem, not mine..': Bumrah Reacted before Ind vs Ire

In the world of cricket, resilience and determination are often celebrated just as much as boundary-hitting prowess and wicket-taking skills. Jasprit Bumrah, the dynamic Indian fast bowler, embodies this spirit to the core. After a grueling journey filled with setbacks, Bumrah is ready to reenter the international cricket scene with renewed vigor, facing the challenges head-on and carrying a sense of cautious optimism. As he prepares to lead India's pace attack against Ireland in the upcoming T20I series, Bumrah's journey from injury-induced absence to resuming his role as a formidable force on the pitch is a story that commands attention.

The Long Road Back

The return of Jasprit Bumrah to international cricket is a testament to his unwavering commitment and the dedicated efforts he put into his recovery. After an 11-month hiatus due to a stress fracture on his back, Bumrah's journey back to peak fitness was marked by determination and countless hours of hard work at the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru. His commitment to healing, coupled with his innate hunger to perform, brought him back to the cusp of action.

No Restrictions, No Holding Back

As Bumrah gears up to showcase his prowess on the international stage once again, he makes it clear that there will be no holding back. The right-arm pacer expresses his eagerness to bowl at full-throttle, treating the T20I series against Ireland as a preparation for the upcoming Asia Cup and World Cup. Bumrah's recent net sessions have been nothing short of rigorous, both at the NCA and with his domestic team, Gujarat. The absence of restrictions and a positive assessment of his body's condition have emboldened Bumrah to face the challenges ahead with confidence.

The Mental Battle

Injuries not only test the physical limits of athletes but also challenge their mental fortitude. Bumrah's journey was no different. He candidly admits that during the period of injury-induced frustration, he maintained a resolute focus on the path to recovery rather than succumbing to self-doubt. His unwavering positivity and dedication to the process allowed him to keep the flame of his passion for the game alive, dispelling any notions that his career might be nearing its end.

Impact of Bumrah's Absence

The void left by Bumrah's absence was felt across various formats of the game. India's campaign in the Asia Cup and T20 World Cup suffered due to his unavailability. In the World Test Championship final against Australia, the Indian pace attack appeared less potent in his absence. The absence of Bumrah's unique skill set was a topic of discussion on numerous occasions, with captain Rohit Sharma and head coach Rahul Dravid openly acknowledging the impact.

Bumrah's Approach to Expectations

In his first press conference after his return, Bumrah displayed a refreshing attitude towards the weight of expectations that come with his reputation. He openly stated that he respects the opinions of others but doesn't allow them to put undue pressure on him. Bumrah's focus is on enjoying the game he loves and making a gradual impact rather than shouldering the burden of changing everything single-handedly. This perspective speaks volumes about his self-assuredness and mental strength.

Embracing the Challenge

As Bumrah steps back onto the international stage, his determination and perseverance shine brightly. In his recent practice sessions, he has already demonstrated his undeniable talent, troubling every batter that faced him. Despite a prolonged hiatus, Bumrah's self-belief remains unwavering. He acknowledges the need to pace himself, build his form, and incrementally improve his performance with each match.


Jasprit Bumrah's triumphant return to international cricket is a narrative of resilience, dedication, and the unwavering passion for the game. From the shadows of injury to the bright lights of the pitch, Bumrah's journey epitomizes the essence of sportsmanship. As he leads India's pace attack against Ireland, his story serves as a reminder that setbacks are but stepping stones to greatness, and a determined spirit can overcome any challenge that comes its way.

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