Is t20i cricket killing test cricket

By Vipin - 2024-01-07 13:09:45
Is t20i cricket killing test cricket

The shortest of the game’s three main formats (there are also the Hundred and T10, but they have barely spread from their places of origin) has done much to promote cricket beyond its traditional support bases in the countries in which it has a long history and in new markets outside the old British Empire. But there is a risk that the benefits of T20 to the wider game are on the way to being outpaced by the disadvantages.

AB de Villiers is unhappy with there being only a two-Test series between India and South Africa. He also does not consider it right to play only two Tests on the New Zealand tour of Africa. The former African batsman believes that there is pressure on Test cricket because of T-20. It is because of T-20 that Test cricket is under threat. In such a situation, there is a need to make changes to save Test cricket.

De Villiers said on his YouTube channel that I am not happy that there will not be a third Test between India and Africa. For this, T-20 cricket going on across the world has to be blamed. However, I don't know who is responsible for this situation. But I definitely understand that something is wrong.


Pressure on ODI along with Test

Now there is pressure not only on Test cricket but also on ODI cricket. The whole system revolves around T-20 cricket. Players, board and coaches will all shift to where the money is. If you want to see competition in Test cricket, then the rules of the two-Test series will have to be changed. There should be more than 2 tests in the series between the teams.

Cape Town pitch described as fine

De Villiers described the pitch of the second match between South Africa and India in Cape Town as fine. He said, 'In my opinion it (Cape Town) was a very standard wicket. I remember the first day he was acting up. It becomes easier if you play the entire first session on the first day. Also look at the players who were playing their shots. He was not putting in much effort, just playing with focus.


He further said, 'I remember Ben Stokes scored a double century there. I myself have scored a few centuries there. On such a pitch you need to put pressure on the bowlers. You cannot allow bowlers like Philander, Bumrah, Siraj, Rabada to bowl as per their wish.

The second Test played between India and South Africa in Cape Town was over in one and a half days. Team India had leveled the series by winning this match. The batsmen of both the teams had to face problems here. Whereas fast bowlers got 32 out of 33 wickets.

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