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IPL 2022: Retention process of IPL players today

By Akshay - November 30, 2021 - Last updated on Nov 30, 2021 11:32 AM IPL 2022: Retention process of IPL players today

Finally the time has come, which crores of cricket and IPL fans were waiting for a long time. Now you know that unofficially for the last several days there were reports that such a team has retained this player, then this particular team has retained this star players, but now today on Tuesday completely It will be clear from this that which players have been retained by the teams going to play in IPL 2022. The day of Tuesday (November 30) has been fixed by the BCCI for all the teams for their respective players. There must be many questions running in your mind regarding the retention process. Know all the special things related to it.

How many teams will participate in the IPL retention process?

The current eight IPL teams will submit their respective retained players list on Tuesday, while two new teams will take part in the retain process. These new teams are Lucknow and Ahmedabad

How many players can teams retain?

Older teams can retain four players (3 domestic, 1 foreign) players. These four players can be both capped (played for the country) and uncapped (not playing for the country). Whereas two new teams can retain three players (2 domestic, 1 foreign) players.

What is the maximum amount a franchise can spend to purchase players

This amount is 90 crores

At what cost can players be retained?

Suppose if a team wants to retain four players, then player no.1 16 crores, no.-2 12 crores, player no.-3 8 crores and player no.4 can spend a maximum of Rs.4 crores. Huh.

At the same time, if a team wants to take 3 players, then player number-1 can be bought for 15 crores, number-2 for 11 crores and number-3 for 7 crores.

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Apart from this, if a team wants to retain two players, then for this the player can be bought for a maximum of Rs 14 crores and 10 crores, then for 1 player Rs 14 crores will have to be spent from the purse. Meaning if a team wants to take four players, then Rs 42 crore will be deducted from its purse. 33 crores for three retentions, 24 crores for 2 players, while 14 crores will be deducted from the purse for one player.

How will the two new teams retain players?

When the current 8 teams announce the names of their retained players, then these two teams will be able to retain players from the remaining pool of players. These teams can retain a maximum of three players. It has two Indians and one foreigner

On which channel and at what time will the event be broadcast live

The retention process will be telecast live on Star Sports Network. Live streaming will be on Hotstar on Tuesday at 9:30 pm. In such a situation, stick to your TV set at 9:30 pm and see who has been retained.

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